Will you link to my site?

We link to many great sites from our category pages, and will certainly consider linking to yours if it meets our criteria.

Please note, however, that:

  • We do not link to online stores or for-sale sites.
  • We do not do link exchanges.
  • We are not trying to build a comprehensive directory of collecting sites.

The sites we link to are primarily collecting clubs and sites with great informational content in a specific area of collecting.

Please email us if you know of a really great site we’re missing.


“Hall of Fame” and reference site criteria:

  • (for complete Hall of Fame criteria, see this page).
  • Is the site deeply focused on a specific collecting area?
  • Does it offer collectors comprehensive text content and/or a photographic database of items that can be used to learn about the collecting Category?
  • Does the site offer something collectors cannot find anywhere else? For example, PDFs of old catalogs; correspondence from someone associated with a particular collectible; a timeline tracking the evolution of a given collectible; etc.


Club website criteria:

  • Is the club a non-profit organization with a consistent track record over the years?
  • Does the club make its publications available online to non-members?
  • Does the club promote learning by offering members and non-members alike detailed online reference information about a given collecting Category?
  • Does the club invite members and non-members to events, seminars, and workshops?

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