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Minty condition 1898-99 Weller Aurelian Trumpet flowers Signed Artist?by kamdetail
Weller Matte Green Umbrella Stand, Part 2by FiestaFan
Weller Matte Green Umbrella Standby FiestaFan
Studio Pottery Woman Lady Bell Shape And Owl Artwork Sculpture MCMby vintagePair
Weller jarniniere, two piece, small ship in top rimby gigi_75
Unknown Weller Vaseby upstate…
Weller Pottery/ Blue "Cameo Rose" Hanging Planter/ Circa 1930'sby mikelv85
weller glendale hester pillsburyby cjdinero
Unusual  12" Weller Forest Jardeniere. by Badcatitudes
Calling All Weller Experts! Klyro Vaseby upstate…
Weller Glendale Vaseby heyemili
Weller Ware marked with  Hby melissa…
Weller Vase Black with Blue Birdsby jbarrett
"Zona" Weller Planter/Jardiniereby Stillwa…
Weller Blue Baldin Nice Conditionby greely1
Weller Meets Royal Haeger / Royal Haeger Matte Green R- 111 Pedestal Bowl/Weller 6 1/2" Matte Green"Wild Rose" Vase Circa 1930by mikelv85
Weller Baldwin Appleby nldionne
Just discovered this vase in parents' belongingsby Painiu
Weller Cameoby nldionne
Weller Coppertone Frog - 1920'sby nldionne
Weller Planterby nldionne
Weller Etna Mugby nldionne
Weller Cameo - 1930'sby nldionne
Weller Wildroseby nldionne
Weller Octogonby nldionne
Weller Zona Compoteby nldionne
Weller Bowl - rareby nldionne
My Favorite Weller Vase marked TS and 7" pyoder128
Weller swan and wallpocketby nldionne
Weller piecesby nldionne
Weller Velva vase 1930-1940by nldionne
Weller piecesby nldionne
A WELLER VASEby antique…
Weller Flemish? Jardiniereby Seaking67
Early Pottery vaseby spriteb…
Weller Fakes???by AmberRose
Weller Sicard Vaseby Amphora…
WEller Pottery ?????by Inthebag97
Weller Teakwood Jardinierreby newatit
Weller Ware Green Vaseby razzdog
Weller green vaseby TLS
Weller ewers  by patceyzyk
Weller Art Pottery Silvertone Flower Frogby EvRuss
My Forgotten Treasure by scooter62
Weller L'Art Nouveau Ewerby greely1
Old Weller Humidor (The Turk) And rare Weller Forest Lampby greely1
Weller Jewel By Rudolph Lorberby greely1
weller silverstone jardinièreby missdj
Weller Umbrella Stand?by Sir_Drake
Weller Sabrinian the books have the spelling wrongby twojohns
Weller Basketby upstate…
Weller Woodcraft vaseby upstate…
Weller Ware XIIby las
Weller by jjmj1234
Weller double vaseby klcamp
Weller unique covered  vase - acorn patternby Gnye
My Attic Weller Findby Marylou
Weller Pottery Vase Velva Pattern 1928by mark
Weller vintage…
Weller candlesticksby ohmirose68
Weller Ware Fox and Appleby JAYNELEITER
Unusual Weller Birdimal Vaseby Leo
Is Weller, but what?by kbiega
Weller glendale console bowlby Della49
Weller "Perfecto" Potteryby Daniel
Weller Vaseby Chrisnor
Weller Elephantby kmgboston