Show and Tell at 10K

By Ben

February 11th, 2011

When we launched Show & Tell a little over eight months ago, we weren’t exactly sure what was going to happen. Our founder and publisher, Dave Margulius, posted the first Show & Tell, a pair of porcelain signs and the paperboard cover to a Hoodsie ice cream cup. Floridian Phil Freo, our ace engineer, followed with several photos of the Florida House in Washington, D.C. I contributed the third Show & Tell, a Fillmore West postcard from 1971 advertising two concerts, including one by Aretha Franklin—I’ve had it since I was a kid.

Today, as we cross the 10,000 mark, more than 6,000 of you have posted Show & Tells on furniture and glassware, clocks and lamps, costume and fine jewelry, and vinyl records and radios (see the snapshot of one collector’s page, above), to name but a very few. Savoychina1 has posted the most Show & Tells, which is fitting since he was also the first person to hit 100. VikingFan82, who just wrote his first Guest Blog for us, is close on his heels.

Mostly, we just want to say thank you to everyone who has uploaded their photos and taken the time to share their knowledge and expertise with the Collectors Weekly community. Here’s to the next 10k!

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  1. Dean Says:


  2. Jim Linderman Says:

    And thank YOU. The Show and Tell posts are fascinating and a brilliant idea. I have received positive feedback from the images I have shared, and it has been fun to see the series grow. The entire site is useful, entertaining and in many cases (as with decophobia’s photographs above) beautiful. I have always felt collectors do the real work, while galleries and museums try to catch-up years later. Additionally, the writers, both staff and “guest” are fascinating, the auction tips are useful and all in all this has become one of my favorite sites. Thanks. Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb the Blog

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