Talking Baseball Memorabilia on Local TV - Our Own Ben Marks!

By Dave

November 3rd, 2010

Collectors Weekly Senior Editor Ben Marks went on TV yesterday… to talk about San Francisco Giants memorabilia for local ABC affiliate KGO (click here to watch the four-minute video). As usual, Ben was both informative and entertaining… he’s a diehard SF Giants fan and it really came across. After showing off a couple great vintage Giants items, Ben delivered the punchline: Don’t collect baseball memorabilia for the money, do it for the fun and memories!  Click the image below to watch Ben in action.

Collectors Weekly's Ben Marks on ABC-TV Discussing Baseball Memorabilia

3 comments so far

  1. Phil Freo Says:

    Congrats Ben… you did great!

  2. Marty Marks Says:


    You are a star!!!!!


  3. Dean Says:

    rock on, ben!

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