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Asian/Chinese garden stoolby Clclemente
Antique Japanese Myochin Meiji Okimono Copper Articulated Lobster/Crawfish With Signatureby djsvintages…
Smiling Blue Cat Porcelain noodle bowlby melaniej
Little asian vasesby Retrospektiv
Chawanby ho2cult…
Japanese samourai statue?by Soepster
Yellow Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Inherited from my Great Aunt need help identifying what they areby bambambaby
antique pottery by MVP
Inside Painted Mongolian Style Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Vintage Chinese Green Celadon Red Girl Wine Bottle Round/ Never openedby JudyP
Thrift store findby Labfreak7
Mystery Chinese hand painted Jug by Alexuma
Large Lucky beckoning cat sculpture by SaulsoG…
Chinese vaseby Rmackay1961
Help me identify. Been in family 80 plus yearsby Weimerfamily
Miniature Calligraphy Ivory Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Royal Couple Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Grape Flash Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Robin's Egg Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Something in my heartby fleafin…
found this what kind of boxis this?by pitboss808
Large Soapstone Dragon Carvingby chananrubin
my newest find by kellygoo72
An imperial baggageby fleafin…
The Big Bowl by ropnwidow
My Unknown Monkey Vaseby ropnwidow
Etched ivory cup with crane sceneby chananrubin
?Cloissone Chinese Plateby Christy111
Japenese Vaseby Janiebee
Asian plattetby ERICBOSS8
A malachite snuff bottleby doodiewiz
Antique Asian water? merchandise subi450
china vaseby sanjay_mak
Asian Teapot from my momby actual
Famille Rose Molded Porcelain Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Mystery Ginger Jars by Caln1
Make  guess what is this?by fleafin…
Chinese Mudman figurinesby MeliG
Vintage Chinese Ox Horn Carved Foo Dog Snuff Bottleby Dizzydave
Chinese inlaid tea table - 1940's or earlierby grilled
Carved Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
 Vajrabhairava Ekaviraby Airavata
Asian cupby ERICBOSS8
Footed Jarby Cheymount
unidentical twins of lost originby fleafin…
4 Part Table Screen - Chineseby ho2cult…
Large Famille Rose Shallow Bowlby ho2cult…
Shi/Pinyin/Foo Dog Horn Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Carved Chinese Table 1954by Raeliv
Lemon Yellow Cymophane Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Signed paintingby Alph
Yellowish Orange Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Inside Painted Snuff Bottle - Dark Cloudsby cshapiro
Inside Painted Snuff Bottle - Landscape 2by cshapiro
Inside Painted Snuff Bottle Landscapeby cshapiro
Inside Painted Snuff Bottle - Scholarsby cshapiro
Japanese figurine by Ginapao
Asian lightby ERICBOSS8
Ceramic Garden Stool - Chinaby ho2cult…
Unknown Asian pottery by Haircou…
Lucky finds from my new house. Chinese clay potby Luxuryreplay
Henry Hitt Puzzling Snuff Bottle?by cshapiro
Hua Ping Tang Zhiby elwelsh
The mark for my Nippon teaset posted Shassy
Chinese foo dogs , dragons , lions by jonhin
Please tell me about this statue. I do not know anything about this Limoon
From Mainland China 1950's or 1960'sby occali
Nippon teaset given to me by my Grandma many years Shassy
Vintage Cloisonne Hand Enameled Brass Egg Trinket Box with Standby jeneric
Cloissone Pill Boxby jeneric
Paper Weightby dazzler
Decorative Lidby dazzler
Qianlong Cloisonne Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Qianlong Cloisonne Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Kutani Porcelain by TeriAAdams
Sake cup with writing all over itby ho2cult…
4 pictureby were
Asian vase?by guada_P
chinese ivory carvingby getthat…
Vintage Feng Shui Wisemen Fu Lu Sao Exception Quality Custom Madeby jbingha…
Chinese Roof Tile Piece?by ho2cult…
Foo Dog Ginger jarby tammiestrea…
Blue, yellow and white porcelain Asian plateby marge26
Tea cup and sauser. Japanby ERICBOSS8
Today's Estate Sale Findby Junkman60
Vintage 70 year old metal boxby Sandy1
Asian style dragon boatby neo82172
Vintage Tribal Bracelet  / Hinged Bracelet from India  - silver or silver plated?by lentilka11
Oil on Silk?  Mughal Dynasty Painting - India - 1800-1900??by BHock45
Set of Six cups made in Japanby Recordm…
Asian bowl by ERICBOSS8
Unknown wood carved boyby Llorens
Vintage Japanese Cloisonné bottom of my pieces by Dallibone
Vintage Japenese Cloisonné by Dallibone
Vintage Japanese Cloisonné by Dallibone
Twin vasesby Ozmam
Chinese Creamer - Unknown Makerby JohnR
Beautiful Blue & White marked Japanese Porcelain -- What is it??by herbgrower
Medal in need of identificationby Windrift
My China Doll Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
18th century ge ware vaseby getthat…
Watermelon Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Russet Bats on White Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Large hand painted dog statues by Karolina
Vintage Chinese Mudmen by Dallibone
Totally lost asking for help. With this oneby Claudia1969
1930's Brass Elephant purse by Liz40
Two lovely Japanese Oribe / Momoyama (?) dishesby Tutebulles
Can anyone help identify the country of origin on this piece? by rhunt44
Chinese Censor Bowlby DDm2bs1g
Bee House Sugar Bowl, small sugar bowl, made in Amatoor…
Vintage Chinese Bangle braceletby lentilka11
Unknown Chinese Lion Face? by kryscio…
Another man fishing under a tree snuff bottleby cshapiro
Hexagon K'ang Hsi? Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Dark Blue Man fishing Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Shun Chih Flower Vase Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Tall Woman Small Man Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Green Dragon K'ang Hsi Reign Mark Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Red Underglaze Dragon Reign Mark Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Unmarked Imari??? Plateby GumbyDammet
Asian Carved wooden male figure Please help me ID this southje…
Meiping vase marked Ming but I doubt itby Offcenter
Red and White Glaze Mystery Mark Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Chocolate Glaze Chien Lung Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Blue and White Porcelain Yung Cheng? Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Amber Dragonflys Over Green Snowflake Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
La Cage aux Folles Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Glass Coral Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Nephrite Jade Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Strawberry Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Old perfume bottlesby Paradmom
Chinese vaseby Savers123
19th Century? Chinese vaseby mplatt6253
Japanese vaseby ERICBOSS8
Any information anyone can offer about this?by Toria
Eight Immortals Vase by LovelyPat
Chinese Carved MOP Gaming Chip Brooch w/Silver Mount Thrift Shop Findby Efesgirl
very large mudmanby PiggysR…
Beautiful 3 star gods feng shuiby Profess…
Japanese Porcelain Bowl?  Chawan?by ho2cult…
Chinese (?) Foo Dogby Rameedm
 Carved Wooden SHOULAO (one of the Three Star Gods, representing Canopus, God of Longevity) Thrift Shop Find $3.00by Efesgirl
Blue and white tea cup Possible Flow Blueby Zunique…
Antique Japanese Tea setby Colversan
Miniature Buddah by Busterdog
Chinese Rice Bowlby fourad
Very old Chinese Jugby Zealandia1928
the drunken poet  possibly brush pot??by jimboglass
Souvenir Item?  Talisman?by BHock45
Mid century by lisagrace
Help me identify the history of this pleaseby MLS79
Kokeshi souvenir doll - Memory of Ikaho Hot katheri…
Firecracker labels for INDEPENDENCE DAY!!by akrodog
Chinese ? Wooden figurinesby andreaelston
Experts appraisers help please Chinese or japaneseby Vlaag
Asian Signed Print of Children Playingby ArtNouveauC…
Tiny Chinese Bottleby MaiaLuna
Vase from China, blue and whiteby Pebz13
Just Went For The brunswick
Bamboo Armoire ?? by Kellyjo71
Sitting Happy Buddha Covered Dish by ophelia…
Ivory Woman, Carved Wood Head~Moveable arm~Isn't She Lovely?by Budek
Japanese or Chinese figure, carved, cast. hand painted scholar/noble~Beautifulby Budek
Black and gold vaseby Sha515
Overlay Bubble-Suffused Colorless Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Samurai head or Chinnamastaby DeniseB
Japanese Vaseby ho2cult…
Celadon ? Plate?by ho2cult…
Very Old Chinese Plateby ho2cult…
Japanese Tansu Tea cabinet by Leglisson
Unusual Porcelain Stand - Chinaby ho2cult…
Large statue of Oriental man stood n a koi carpby JanB
Asian plateby ERICBOSS8
Peking Glass Golden Rooster Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Peking Glass Butterfly Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Peking Glass Overlay Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
W. Moorcroft Ginger Jarby jeneric
Chinese vase with onion neckby planetx64
Japanese Carved Ivory Vegetableby Junkman60
Vietnamese Signed Silk Painting 1960s/1970by vintage…
Help please on this vase I got from a garage sale thank you in advance by Brett198119
Can someone tell me what these symbols meanby Jenlorraine
Beautiful Buddha who knows anything about it?!?!by Alibabes
My Geisha wall hangingby Burra
Porcelain figurine "Japanese woman with basket of flowers"by Oksana
oriental style knife by kamikaz…
Cloisonne Elephantsby jeneric
Japanese Vase and tea cupby Saltlife
Kittens Reverse Painted Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Pair of Peacocks Reverse Painted Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Reverse Painted Gold Ground Snuff Bottle with Agate Topby cshapiro
Reverse Painted Panda and Dog with Butterfly Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Reverse Painted Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Is this an antique vase?by Batata20
Wood carved Buddhaby guss
Chinese brush potby guss
2ft tall & heavy Oriental floor vase.. Any idea who makes it?by Geni5301
Vintage Japanese Double Dragon Tea Potby Saltlife
Some sort of tray? What is it?by Dbsnare07
 Blue and white porcelain vase of Qing Shunzhi reign period?by Nia
I have not clue by cabbarker
Whimsical Vintage Ceramic Bowl with Lid. "Handpainted. Made in Japan" Child Themeby sunnyna…
Large Raku Pottery Signed Artist-  Identify name? by sunnyna…
My new possibly old ganeshaby VictoriaRam…
Beautiful Old Potby Amiar
Coffee set japanese help in idetifying please handpaintedby clairelouu
Question on this Ring??by antique…
Chinese Wall Hangingby cardinal1947
Fu lion ?by missyc1
Antique Vase with pictures and writingby coffee10
Chinese Crazed Blue and White Porcelain Jar by cshapiro
help with artist and date informationby Zunique…
Amazing new find! Beautiful Antique Dragon (export?) Chinese pot with lidby rburr1982
does anyone know what these are?by Austin8708
My Chinese Lion find:by Lucyfan
Asian Art with Italian Originsby wexval
Vintage Asian Brass Opium Pipe by CES
Antique Chinese Chest with Artworkby ajltaha…
How fake is my katanaby Thoughtbuilds
Inherited Vaseby itsjustmama
Unknown Name On Teapot With Raised Design Need Help With Who Made Itby jbingha…
Chinese Emperor/Empress Figuresby wexval
KOKESHI DOLLSby antique…
chinese floral lidded dishby getthat…
Porcelain Chinese 23 inches vase hand paintedby Faaz27
Old Japanese Ukiyo-eby lentilka11
Chinese or Japanese stone statue by Tgordon
Total Mystery to Meby Mrsbillvi
Japanese carved side tableby jdstjkincaid
Rose Medallion - Famille Rose Dessert Plate - Republic?by ho2cult…
Small Brass Casket - Handwrought from Indiaby ho2cult…
Does anyone know what this is?by GeoFie
Book in Chinese or Japanese WWII ?by shadowonthe…
Chinese Porcelain Vase by lswallis
Old Chinese Jade Zodiac (Temple)by schmizvit
Bronze ram ritual vessel by kchenry2
Unknown Japanese Vaseby universityp…
Satsuma Pottery Bowl Lamp Base Circa 1890by vintage…
Carved pink Marble Floor vaseby iveynhector
Please help identify!!!!by BillingsAcc…
Chinese bronze ritual vesselby kchenry2
Double gourd vase. OneGood…
Smaller Chinese Triangular Bowlby Gigi1228
Chinese Triangular bowlby Gigi1228
Antique Jpanese Rick-Shaw Fire Apparautsby Firechief
Antique satsuma vaseby Krause1705
Very beautiful Chinese Blanc de Chine porcelain Foo Porcela…
Chinese baluster porcelain Porcela…
Large Antique Chinese Cinnabar Lamp by vintage…
Thick Glass Vases etched birds and treesby jaggedq
Asian wooden Japanese Crane Statuteby lilminks2
Japanese woman statute made of woodby lilminks2
Antique Chinese Wooden Tigerby lilminks2
Silk tapestry by Emnie3
Beautiful Satsuma porcelain vase. Meiji Period?by Porcela…
truely my most favorite of all!!by brenno888
Japanese Famille rose vase beautifully Porcela…
Chineese candle holderby Stelly
Help please, Chinese peach decorated rice bowl and matching lidby lee120275
Japanese twin dragon handle dragon finial 1000 faces satsuma pot liddedby lee120275
Chinese Woman Figurine with one handby Guangxi
Japanese pair Meji 1000 faces vases 1850-1900 with bases by lee120275
Chinese man with no handby Guangxi
Japanese small & sweet pair of Satsuma vases 1000 faces with bases by lee120275
Meji Chinese 1000 faces plate scalloped edge by lee120275
Lamp, Late Meiji period 1880-1900by Guangxi
*BIZARRE* Art Deco Chinese Cloisone Boxby Stillwa…
japanese vaseby maxemilia1
Antique Oriental Floor Lampby PianoTo…
Asain vase  but not sureby bobee
Vase asian not sureby bobee
Chinese Famille Rose porcelain vase early 19th century Porcela…
Chinese Ming Stoneware? What is t?by Porcela…
18/19th century Famille Verte brush pot. What is it?by Porcela…
Famille Rose Vase Republic Period 1912-49 HONGXIAN NIAN ZHIby Porcela…
Old Chinese Meiping  Bronze Vase with Foo Dog Lid. What century is Porcela…
Chinese or Japanese pottery? What is it ?by Porcela…
Japanese or Chinese stoneware?  What is it?by Porcela…
Chinese porcelain calligraphy vase by aehudsons
Chinese Tripod Ritual Bronze Vesselby Porcela…
Old Japanese sake jug by andyman
Chinese Ceramic Mirrored Lid???by jeneric
dragon chair bought at yard saleby pickupman
Very Large Double Happiness Wedding Jar - Kang-xi Styleby ho2cult…
Large Shiwan Sculpture ofa a Priestby ho2cult…
carved ivory winepot? we saw a similar one that said 17th century. were just wondering if anyone can give us any more infoby whitebearda…
17th Century Chinese Blanc de Chine Dehua Porcela…
17th Century Chinese Blanc de Chine Dehua porcelain Porcela…
Chinese blue and white cylindrical mug circa Porcela…
Antique Chinese Jade Baby Porcela…
18/19th century Chinese flambé Porcela…
Antique Chinese porcelain heads on a metal standby Porcela…
Japanese Geisha Dancing Panelsby cshapiro
Chinese Terracotta Horse by cshapiro
18/19th century Chinese pottery Flambé Porcela…
Jade and Ivory Chinese Calligraphy horse hair Porcela…
Old carved Jade whatever they areby Rjacklong
18/19th century Chinese Rouge Flambé porcelain vase with elephant handles Qingby Porcela…
How old is this Asian painted vase?by Gabydesign
Chinese Miniature Gourd Paintingby cshapiro
Tiny little Sake Cupby ho2cult…
Brass Bowl with Buddhist Symbolismby ho2cult…
lacqurware possibly and possibly paper mache oriental sake set nicely GeodeJem
Pair of Cinnabar Vasesby cshapiro
What is this exactly?by Rwalker123
Small Asian bowlby Cazzap
Small Asian Vasesby Cazzap
Foot Dragon Bowlby BHock45
Tea cupsby philr
Vase Asian? One of a kind??by mluna99
Japanese Antique Vaseby Victoire
Han Dynasty Terracotta Soldierby cshapiro
Han Dynasty Dancing Lady Potteryby cshapiro
chinese vaseby guillermoeder
Large Chinese Sealby cshapiro
Yixing Teapotby cshapiro
Antique Oriental Teacupby ChinaFinds
Antique Bronze Serving tray by ChinaFinds
Unknown Lidded Bowl by mikerad1963
My massive, very heavy fruit bowlby Groovyjelly…
Just bought by Gretaread44
Cloisonne??by jeneric
Japanese twin vases, fluted mer
Wood Block Print Asianby Pat_Fun
Blue & White Porcelain Sake Cupby ho2cult…
Betel Nut Box I brought back from Thailand Many Years Agoby ho2cult…
My large Asian Urn?by Lollipopdunce
Grandparents brought back from Japan before ww2 by Skunz
Dud Collectionby Gillian
Mystery Vases and Container (It looks like egg shell finish or something)by jeneric
Small Satsuma  Vase by ho2cult…
Canton Enamel Plate of Wise Men Walkingby ho2cult…
Japanese plateby zachydeez
Small Temple Bell? - Dragon?  Serpent? Country? Perfectly pitched Celiene
Vintage Chinese Yixing ZiSha (Purple Clay) HIGHLY Detailed Madarin Lucky Duck - Marked 21??by Celiene
Qianlong set of vases markings. Replica?by ITgeek2
What is this ?by ArtOnTh…
Old brass statueby ShellRock
Foo Dogs, any info is helpful by prplgldfish
Unknown mystery vase by pulforda
asian figurine statueby Burra
Black Enamel and MOP Inlay from Koreaby ho2cult…
Chinese Garden Stoolby Cbill
Antique Chinese Carved Ivory Beauty with flowersby Agram.m
Mid Century Blue + White Porcelain Emporor Dragon Tea Potby citizen…
asian carved small statue by Burra
Vintage Chinese mini woven basket salt and pepper shakers with TGWSIGMON
Small Solid Brass Container With Asian Face, what is it?by Avatar1
Anybody know anything about these? by MelGonzales
Tiny Little Wheel-thrown Porcelain Sake Cup in a Light Blue Glazeby ho2cult…
Thrift store treasureby topiary
Porcelain oriental lampby Lulujonesie
Antique Korean liquor cabinetby Katp73
Smaller Cloisonne Vase with Floral Designsby ho2cult…
Cloissone Dragon Vaseby ho2cult…
Large Japanese Tokoname Vase with Dragons in Cloudsby ho2cult…
Original asian on silkby Coolstu…
My Gofun meiji period dollby flak88
Brass Dragon Bell Gongby mluna99
Chinese porcelain vaseby dingooo75
Beautiful Painted Enamel Plate - Cantonby ho2cult…
Kutani [?] Bowl with Western Figures and a Galleonby ho2cult…
Ceramic Nippon Samisen Used by Triangle Pictures I'm at a Dead End!by joyswhatnots
Old Asian fan collectionby Berthas…
Old Oil Painting of Iris on Canvas.  Mysterious "Gift"  to Esso Standard by sunnyna…
Asian Cat figurines by Crystal…
Porcelain foo fu dogby PJR1
GIESHA GIRL Cobalt Blue Oriental Plateby Shellyr…
Old Wood Carvings  by Shellyr…
Amazing old Chinese green ceramic vase by aehudsons
Oriental Art -Unsure of Artistby Spiryt
Beautiful Japanese Cupby ho2cult…
Japanese artby Crystal…
Asian Oil Bottleby fionabl…
Very nice Japanese Vaseby fionabl…
Chinese Bakelite?by ho2cult…
Chinese ginger jarby Mcelwain30
Bowl markingsby Attyphoenix
Foo Dog? Qilin? Anybody know? Very unique!by Lmoirkie
Last of the 4 Nippon itemsby FredRyerson
4 more odd Nippon items looking for namesby FredRyerson
Strange shaped Nippon piece. by FredRyerson
Large 12" vase.  Is it a rare one, or nothing special?by FredRyerson
Snuff Jarby MamaT
Antique Nippon Vase 1891 / 1921by Alex395
Mysteryby Attyphoenix
All I know is that this is a vase (!) - could anyone help with identification?by cactus367
Antique porcelain Chinese water dropper by aehudsons
Trying to identify this Japanese serving bowl and who the artist krazeekatt
What are these curious Japanese cards and how old are they?by llvanina
Identify age Japanese Vaseby sparra
My favourite lampby JayeMoran
Unidentified Chinese Bronze Vaseby Mdskyhawks
Beautiful Asian Unbrella's from the Berthas…
What language is this?by katheri…
More Asian items from the Berthas…
small Chinese potby surfdub66
Asian treasures from the Berthas…
Wood Hand Carved Bali Artwork Rama & Sinta by elforbo…
famillle noirby cjoe
Hakata Urasaki Samurai Doll by ho2cult…
Japanese Satsuma Bowl - Signed (but cannot make out the marks)by BHock45
Matched Hand-Painted Japan Vases - Need Info on Mark, Pleaseby Pencil-neck…
Satsuma pinch bowl Thousand flower design by madann
Very old Chinese Scroll painting Scroll, immortals, wise men, monks? Signed marked by aehudsons
replica 3 pc samari sword setby whyatt
lamp or tea pot?by cjoe
Antique Chinese Carved lion Foo Dog Figurine by aehudsons
inside painted snuff bottle China (2006)by SheGeek
Painted Carved Wood Buddhaby ho2cult…
Little Japanese Vase with Hare's Fur Glazeby ho2cult…
Stainless from brunswick
Chinese or Japanese porcelainby fun2fun
The Backside of the 6 Panel Dragon Coromandel Screenby ho2cult…
Tibetan bronze stamp seal by markalan702
 Yung Cheng (Ceremonial Bell) by Jtw1313
My ships come inby guss
Antique Asian bracelet by Berthas…
Tabletop Screen with MOP Inlayby ho2cult…
Chinese Laquer Screen - Art Deco Dragons - found in the trashby ho2cult…
New bottles from my collectionby Berthas…
Asian Statueby aljohanks
Seven Lucky Gods plateby katheri…
Japanese bowl, floral center and butterflies DATE?by JoeyC
Amazing antique Chinese Carved Brush Waterer Signed by aehudsons
Ivy Ring Vaseby Jjdees
Large Asian Style Cloisonne Floor Vase in brass by Summer72
Two 7 inch brass vases newly acquired!by Mikeandjoy
Necklace?? Talisman?? by Peytonleath…
Asian ceramic lamp by billypi…
Asian Unbrella Urn/Vaseby Berthas…
Snuff Bottles - Ivory by Berthas…
Birdhouse made in chinaby Aloofne…
trying to learn  more about this. by bridgewater…
small oriental asian bowl/white w/blueby ksk
Asian Dragon Bosun whistleby Whistle…
Very old Asian vaseby Alamico
trinket /powder boxby shelley70
Chinese (Asian) Potteryby fredy
Antique brass or bronze vaseby Mrstyndall
Antique Asian Jewelry chestby PeteLangford
Chinese porcelain figures dog and pig? by Jtw1313
small teal bowl with designsby marvro
Striped blue & white bowlby marvro
Japanese Vase mystery???by Canniboli
chinese vaseby viceversae
Beautiful old Chinese watercolor painting set screen different birds by aehudsons
Small resin "vase"?by PeteLangford
Turquoise Green Porcelain AsianTea Cup - Help Identifyby sunnyna…
Puppet Doll from Indiaby Star-Mud
 Early Japanese glazed Vaseby bbproco
From brunswick
Bowl of flowersby Aynat-trenna
India-Islamic Engraved Metal "Hooka" Base / Circa Late 19th Centuryby mikelv85
Brass Teapot with Elephant head feet with coloured decoration on  outer surface and GeodeJem
My Korean War Era Vaseby Irism425
Chinese pear bowl / boxby Sandraa334
Anyone know what these dolls are by Jtw1313
Help with Identifying Asian Ginger Jar Lampby AmyLouWho
Woman selling fish & musclesby oceangurl911
Japanese Pottery by TedB
Japanese Lady?by johnk1
Virginiaby Mans4
Blue and white cannister/caddy ... I love blue and white and I love oriental/Asian... this combines bothby Trashnt…
Incredible 15th century Chinese porcelain water dropper form of peachby aehudsons
Silver Japanese OMAMORI  sold as Pendantby LOUMANAL
Chinese water dropper form of peach by aehudsons
Amazing old glazed brown black Chinese stoneware vaseby aehudsons
Large Chinese Laquer Box with Gold Bat Decorationby ho2cult…
Anyone know what this is?by marysch
Mudman - probably Shiwan - and fairly new, maybe?by ho2cult…
Two Small Ballaster Vases and a Ginger Jarby ho2cult…
Monterey Jade Buddha?!!by ho2cult…
Chinese blue and white vase "Ming?"by aehudsons
Malachite Glass Green Buddhaby Nouveau…
Tea Set Nagoya Nippon SNB by Lfutch
Small male and female bone statuesby otakuphill
Deco snuff bottleby cairo1
Foo Dogby Paulie
satsuma style vase?by snafu0571
cinnabar vase?by snafu0571
tea setby snafu0571
Nice Blue and White  Canton (?) Decanterby AuntieM
Foo Dogs?  I think?by EFP14
Ancient Chinese Statue 2000 years oldby PartCol…
The bottom of the vaseby jtrawick
24" Nishi Kabuki Lion Man Dollby Star-Mud
decorated vase from Hong Kongby jtrawick
24 inch Japanese  Vase?  unknown image on bottom by Trashnt…
Antique Thewa work Victorian kyratango
pair of chinese wooden figurinesby danerpat
Chinese or Far east children ceramic characters boxed unhappy souls with expressive facial featuresby GeodeJem
Japanese Dragon Cupsby quietcool777
My favorite Streiffe
Chinese Manchu shoe paperweight, Luili limited edition, 2002by Vintage…
Chinese cobalt blue little potby aldo78
1968 Air India Calendar by jennfox78
Vintage Japanese Urnby shantae
Blanc de Chines Foo Dogby Jean123
Chinese Jar with Lid --  UNKNOWN -- ID help?by AlaPicker
Chinese Vase --  UNKNOWN  -- Identify?by AlaPicker
Foo Dog -- UNKNOWN -- Can you help ID?by AlaPicker
Chinese Vase -- UNKNOWN -- Please help IDby AlaPicker
Need Help Identifying this vaseby SueZQ68
Asian Vase - Need Help with Identifyingby endeegee
"Vintage" pocket ashtrayby Irisheyes682
sword...made in indiaby Joeyhabsfan
Mystery Asian Potteryby EZa
carved wood Gongby Flicker
Asian Vintage Porcelain Lamp? Can someone help identify by Anthonytyy
Kitschy Mao vase tourist purchaseby valenti…
unique plateby Destiny…
pair of asian cupsby snafu0571
Carved Jadeby TinyT
Celadon Pottery Vase with Stamp Mark on baseby retrosideshow
What is this ? Some type of Asian water vessel?by Patdaniel4
Chinese Sideboardby carrieOhara
Japanese Tea Setby Jean123
Siam Celadon Signed Bud Vase, Thrift Shop Find $1.50by Efesgirl
tea or saki setby snafu0571
teapot ?by Destiny…
Ming Wanli Porcelain?by Oreko
Second of the shibayama antique jade kyratango
Shibayama antique jade box, part kyratango
Shibayama insects on antique jade box, part kyratango
Blue enamel Asian language pin backby Minkheel
Pair of vasesby Antsb88
Antique pitchersby antique…
Korean lampby Nonasushi
this is one i really likeby bluepbr
Solo object burried 2ft under ground in Omahaby tealeef
Dehua 18 hands guanyin statueby Annielou
mistery unmarked ginger jar, chinees? european?by rec
A Beautiful Geisha Girlby CaitlinKins…
Incense Holderby ERICBOSS8
my china menby Destiny…
my little tea kettleby Destiny…
Japanese Tea Bowl, Chawanby Amatoor…
Asian Lotus Rose Medallion Bowlby Wonderw…
Asian Vaseby Wonderw…
Interesting Small Asian Folding Screenby Wonderw…
Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Teapot / Ewer Yongzheng Mark 1723-1735by CristinaW
Thrift store alliececile
Asian cupsby ERICBOSS8
Vintage Chubu China "Cherry Exclusive" leaf dish with flowersby Gmanso51
Japanese alliececile
A Japanese Wood block print?by alliececile
Asian bowl by billypi…
Wooden Indian Bed Slats? Weaving tools? by Jean123
Hot drink scenery Thermo "Need your help ID"  by bratjdd
Chinese Dynasty Chess Setby DerBayz
Asian bowlby ERICBOSS8
Handpainted Japanese Tea Setby forever
Unknown Japanese vase by maloney1963
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Please help to Indyyyyyy
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What is itby Kanga
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Your advice Vaughan44
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Snuff bottlesby Elizabeth5
Snuff bottlesby Elizabeth5
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