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Fenton Milk Glass Basketby nutsabo…
A Strange Little Glass Object ?by PileOfJ…
Green Vaseline glass with black bottom by corndog
A Depression Glass Piece ?by PileOfJ…
2 coastersby mluna99
Large vase or VERY VERY large drinking glassby mluna99
Fishbowl or canister?by mluna99
Lancaster Petal footed bowlby mluna99
Custard glass shakerby mluna99
Fenton Stag and Holly bowlby mluna99
American Brilliant Glass (ABP) Pitcher  ?by PileOfJ…
Orange vaseby mluna99
Awesome vaseby mluna99
unidentified pattern and makerby Hawaii808
milk glass plateby msnaomi
Eapg?  Eagle glassby robin56
Can anyone identify this EAPG pattern?by bluepeony
Cranberry Vaseline glass vaseby Vintage…
Can't narrow this one downby Good-will-h…
Rare cerimonial wine glassesby BlueGirl
Custard glass lamp with bird paintingby mluna99
Mid-Century Crystal Bowlsby Emme
Pitcher by Gegeshuler
Bohemian/Chez Stemwareby BrendaH
Hoya Crystal neodymium glass vaseby racer4f…
1886? Hobbs brockner pink eapg tumblerby robin56
Westmoreland Glass Piece w/ four candle holdersby Neeson3702
Orange cut/pressed bowlby gmscollector
Glass jar decorated with swirls and flowersby martika
Northwood Carnival Glass Footed Vintage…
American brilliant cut glassby lindakp…
Green depression vaseline dishes?by robin56
Depression Glass by Gillian
"Davidson" Chevron 8" Vaseby Gillian
Does anyone know anything about this Fenton vaseby Lily
Antique satin uranium glass Ewer Vintage…
Clear Crystal Two Headed Swan Handle Candy Dish w/Frosted Glass Bowl w/Wing Designby utterly…
What do I have here?! (Glassware)by Thomas.Kemper
leif tier cake plate fenton???by genegordon
Antique decanter setby Djmroadking
Little Brand & Co. Collect…
Hand cut lead crystal dishby martika
Small uranium glass jugby martika
Vintage Footed Citrine Etched  Glassesby sbiss
Depression Glass Bowlby Midnight1208
Vintage Milk Glass Bottlesby Midnight1208
Heavy Cut Glass Vaseby Midnight1208
10inches Depress Glass Vaseby Midnight1208
Depression Glass Vasesby Midnight1208
Depression Glass Vaseby Midnight1208
Antique cut glass with engraving by AuntMolly
Fenton 6913ML Teardrop cake stand c1955by TallCakes
'Sensation' cake stands, Adams & Co. c130 c1885by TallCakes
William Brewster 1566-1643 Glass Pin dish "Scooby" Modern vintage GeodeJem
unknown itemby sizerzman
dugan?by vickidavies
Wineglass Saara Hopeaby Blake69
yellow hand painted rose bowlby genegordon
Pink Bowl with Painted Flowersby Rockysr…
burmese cruet unknown makerby genegordon
Silver Plated Wine Cooler With Ice Tube / Marked "Made In Western Germany" / Circa 1949-50'sby mikelv85
Amber Glass 2 piece, Pretty.  I don't know what it's called? Anyone know! I love it for decoration!by txgeorgeann
Is it new or old glassby sarahoff
Cristal Muranoby Genset
Antique Ruby Red Decanterby Midnight1208
Jeanette dessert cupsby Collect…
Mid century atomicby Yowdml
Bubble Bead Pattern (Candlewick or Boopie) Snack Tray Sets and More /Various Makers/Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
3 compartment ashtrayby Collect…
Looking for more of theseby kariboo22
Small Vaseline, hobnail glass Vintage…
Vaseline Glass Toothpick Holderby fortapa…
mystery pattern on cake standby grandmatrish
Bowl or vase with indentsby katheri…
Depression Glass??by Missy1975
Pink Pitcherby GregGreen
Georges Briard Glassware History and Pattern Recognition Informationby January…
Jeannette Glass Eagle Candle Holderby MyFavor…
Anchor Hocking Oatmeal Glass Dessert Bowlsby MyFavor…
Indiana Glass Harvest Vasesby MyFavor…
70's Drinking glassesby Iras
Eagle and Stars Candy Dishby nutsabo…
Green glass vases with gold bands like OneGoodFind's pink vaseby katheri…
westmoreland by vickidavies
Cherry Blossom Depression Glassby rad313
Mini Glassesby Iras
Rose coloured glassesby Iras
Glassesby Iras
Glass Ornament Jarby Iras
Mini wine glassby Iras
Blue Glasses with etched flower/bowby Iras
Red-Orange Glass_Help ID Pleaseby AnnaB
Aqua Blue KIG Indonesia "Fleur De Lis" Bowlby AnnaB
Jeanette Glass Pedestal Compoteby nutsabo…
This bowl I have shown before by Gruff
We would call this a pickle dish when I was growing Gruff
Almost big enough for gravyby Gruff
Another single glassby Gruff
I love this little crystal glassby Gruff
Juicer or reamer by Gruff
Lead Crystal Candy Dishby nutsabo…
Fenton carnival glass grapes dishby billypi…
Carnival glass bowls by billypi…
Vintage jugby AuntMolly
Antique / vintage bowlby AuntMolly
14" Tall Sawtooth Edge Flared Trumpet Vaseby Wonderwoman
Japanese trinket dishby Collect…
Blue Candlestick that Glows Greenby angelina1825
#3 toothpick holder has eapg patternby robin56
#2 of my toothpick holders eapg? Or repro?by robin56
Eapg? Daisy toothpick or candle holderby robin56
Parris Island south Carolina military cupby robin56
Victorian Glass Berry or Butter?by Glassnutt
Milk glass nappy? Green painted bowlby robin56
Fenton? Hand blown ribbed pitcherby robin56
Japanese bedside carafesby racer4f…
Beautiful unusual bohemian vase? Italian art glass?by robin56
Beautiful small blue covered candy dish?by robin56
Viking Glass Compoteby nutsabo…
Thrift Store Find - depression?by sjakimiec
L.E. Smith - Eagle and Stars Ashtrayby nutsabo…
What is this? Etched glass with metal baseby robin56
Moon and stars ashtrayby robin56
Stretch Glass Northwood Topaz /Vaseline Cracker Plateby AnnaB
Amethyst Dugan "WindFlower" Pattern Nappy Dish - Carnival Glass - Iridescent Glassby AnnaB
Imperial Carnival Glass 'Smooth Rays' Sherbet (Marigold color) -c1920sby AnnaB
EAPG Tankardby Sasha
Ned Smith Cocktail Glassesby MyFavor…
Depression?by gj0421
Sasaki hawthorne? Set of 2 amethyst cordialsby robin56
Anchor hocking? Glassby robin56
Eapg? Repro? Open sugar bowlby robin56
Carnival glass nightmaresby zoomer71
Garage sale found lamps, updated hardwareby deedee914
Eapg? Pedestal glassby robin56
Eapg? Small pitcher with crusaders cross handlesby robin56
Eapg?1800s? Spoonerby robin56
Pink vintage 4" depression glass vase with gold rings. ????????by OneGood…
Love this estate sale find!by Docjolly
Hobnail?  Experts please look, either old or poor quality. by Ontheve…
boule à repriser en cristal taillé overlay - vosges du nord vers 1900by museede…
Carnival glass defects/flaws?by ashleypetro
Green depression? Strawberry lidby robin56
Pressed glass gobletby Anniemo
Set of 2 depression? wine glassesby robin56
Laurel leaf depression glass? by robin56
1920's Art Deco Painted Purple & Metallic Silver Cream & Sugarby americandig…
Footed Eagle Bowl by Jeannette Glassby MyFavor…
2x Frilly Vaseline glass vasesby Vintage…
Glass stirer and everything comes with 4 glassesby Gruff
can you tell me what depression glass pattern this is?by bridgecc
Davidson Vaseline Glass, rd 212684by AdeleC
Can anybody identify the maker of this vintage coloured glass mixing bowl with what looks like a pixie elf impression by oneness
A majestic Sasakiby racer4f…
Indiana Glass "Diamond point" by AnnaB
waffle pattern bells? unknown makerby robin56
EAPG Bottle...unknown pattern?by douglovesgl…
bleikristall bell?by robin56
Bohemian or Murano??by pumpkin…
green glass vase or pitcher with flower or wheel design blenko?by robin56
Anyone Know? by SpiritB…
Vintage polish glassby AuntMolly
Blue Fenton Carnival Glass Santa Clausby PinkDog…
Please Help Identify-Depression Glass Vaseby Roxymay55
Crystal Bowlby Christo
French Art Deco mint condition Crystal knife rests by Baccarat (?)by Weeebsy
George Duncan Sons & Co. - Adams Co. Ruby Stained Toothpick Holderby nutsabo…
Antique bowlsby AuntMolly
VIP glasses from the 60s I thinkby Gruff
Glass Bootby brownk
Wales thru the Glass or rather Rhossilli from the Best Pub in the world! by GeodeJem
Victorian glass jug with pewter topby martika
Vase which was previously a pair, unknown originby robrmon
Looks like Depression glass but cannot figure out what it was forby mdbrown
Yellow Glass Hollow Candlestick Holders (Venetian?)by vintage…
Westmoreland pitcher with corkby brisbycat
Pink Jug by meplumbley
my only example of depression glass, if that isc wjat it is!by kenneth…
Art glass goblet .by kenneth…
Glass container with cork lidby billypi…
What is in Pink Glass that makes it Glow like this??by angelina1825
Marigold Carnival Glass Scalloped Edge Bowlby Wonderwoman
Textured glass vase with cobalt blue handlesby martika
Just inherited this beautiful Mayonnaise Bowlby Scodi143
What is this?by Sidde1234
Amberina?  Pitcherby angelina1825
Amberina?  Candy Dishby angelina1825
Pyramid Yellow Pitcher with Glasses Indiana Art Deco Depression Glassby KathyKay
Japenseby Cristy
RARE Amberina Castor Setby antique…
civil war era glass?by wilbeforce
Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Bowlby nutsabo…
Cut Glass Planter/Potby tskram
Bohemian Master saltby Perfumer
Lovely vase, not Fry glass?by Perfumer
Can anyone identify BLUE uranium "custard" glass?by vintagegard…
Unknown pattern, pair "jade" green saganguy
Vintage Children's Glassware Set with Small Spikes / Hobnailsby Hunter
Mikasa plate by Kurataby racer4f…
Amber Glass Decanter - Cambridge Glass by BellaStartz
Antique Glasswareby anabe
Just a few of my favorite Lynnmcc49
Wine stems Blown Uranium with hand painted stained glass grapes ?by kamdetail
Set of Cocktail Glasses with Riverboat Theme - George Briard?by ho2cult…
Russel Wright  by MCRobert
Still looking to find out who, when, where, etc..??by rewall49
Diamond Point Blue Glassby Caperkid
Rudolf Schrötter Pollax Patternby getthat…
Imperial NUCUT?by katheri…
What is it? HELPby FredB
New to collecting,  Love these pieces! by Intrigued-b…
unique red, peach, clear glass shot glassesby Keeslover
Edo Kiriko Glasses at Goodwill??!by ho2cult…
Bud Vasesby Caperkid
central park casino lidded water pitcher by international silver coby robin56
Large whitefriars style gobletby hatchbackha…
Hoya Kiriko glassesby racer4f…
I can't figure out what bowl this is maybe Fostoria Please helpby lkjhasdf7
Jack In The Pulpit Vase Vaseline Glass by fortapa…
3 Green Glass & 2/3rds of an Amber Set- Who Made Themby Katestlouis
Sugar and creamer setby corndog
Candlestick holdersby corndog
Bohemehian style vaseby Rhondalstet…
Beautiful iridescent camdy dish eith 3 leaf clover like mark on bottomby Rhondalstet…
Cut glass star pattern swirl by billypi…
Art Deco Intaglio Glass Ashtraysby BellaStartz
square ladle with applied handledby robin56
Yellow depression glassby…
Ruffled milk glass ashtray with pink edgeby oktreed…
Fostoria Crystal - "American" Square Pedestal Cake Slaverby BellaStartz
glass scalloped candy dish on silver plate baseby mazz
Favorite Pair Of Molded Lead Crystal Vases, 1940s or 1950s...?by Efesgirl
Antique glass pitcher with Sterling Silver lidby Catwoman
German Beer Setby janetplanet
Stunning Corning Trumpet Vaseby troutfishin…
Glass No Spill Ink Wellby AzTom
Beautiful Extra Large Clear Glass Sugarby Wonderwoman
my best art glass  pieces. And I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about either one. by kenneth…
Tall and heavy candlesticksby BrokenA…
What is it exactly? Some sort of Vanity set. by BrokenA…
gold rimmed wine/water glassesby Gwinnie
Glass tray by billypi…
Old soul, old bowl ?by eye4bea…
Any idea this glasses intended use?by Sklsheets
20cm tall petal footed bud (?) vaseby Sharyn
More crystal and glass from ladyby billypi…
Old Glass Cruetby TreasureHun…
Love this shapeby Gruff
Cut glass, crystal pieces from old ladyby billypi…
Teal Glass Bowlby Caperkid
Ruba Rombic Dark Brown Glass Candlestickby scruples
Four Green Sherbet Bowlsby angelina1825
Green Vase or Candle Holder or Bowlby angelina1825
McKee & Bros. 'Deer and Pine Tree' c1886by TallCakes
I need info on this piece , have been searching for a long Rainy
Looking for infoby Vince2015
Vintage Glass HUGE ... Orrefors or --- ???by JoeyC
Vintage pressed glass tray of two french bulldogsby Alvisod…
Scallope shaped yellow uranium glass dishby Vintage…
My Favorite Zippered Heart Piece - The Water Pitcherby TreasureHun…
Imperial Glass Zippered Heart Double Handle Sugarby TreasureHun…
Zippered Heart Vase - Owl Faceby TreasureHun…
Vintage EAPG 1908 Slewed Horseshoe Punchbowl baseby TreasureHun…
Crystal Cruetby TreasureHun…
Unknown Waterford collectionby Newuser77
Three Glowing Jarsby angelina1825
Large Green Octagon Glass Bowl with Gold Trimby angelina1825
Large Green Bowl with Gold Trimby angelina1825
Crystal Glass ID Pleaseby AnnaB
Small Green Bowlby angelina1825
Rooster Glasswareby Hannahg…
glass tray bowl ashtray found at goodwillby liventr…
Pretty Pink Glass Candle Holdersby angelina1825
Cut Glass Three Footed Plate w/Etchingby Parascheva1…
Glass Cup that glows blue even though it is greenby liventr…
Glass Plate Found at Goodwillby liventr…
Oma's crystal - what is it?by WriterCat81
etched glassware with amber baseby Sadies_…
Fostoria Coin Glass Wedding Dishby nutsabo…
Rubina Bellby antique…
need help with id on patternby robin56
Heavy etched crystal bowlby troydoug
world map embossed globe jarby Tonya2987
Green depression glasswareby CherylLovely
Red Ruby Cut Crystal Vase Russianby DecoVoo
What do I have here? by MusicSm…
German Cut  Crystal Vaseby DecoVoo
Vintage Amber woven glass vaseby DecoVoo
Murano glass paper weightby DecoVoo
Czechoslovakian crystal stemwareby bonnholo
Creamer by Jellyfish
Hand Painted Vase Unknown?by Jellyfish
Glass Cruet by Jellyfish
Glass bowl by Jellyfish
Cake Plate by Jellyfish
Very Interesting Shaker!by antique…
Single flower Vintage…
Hazel Atlas Pitcherby MyVinta…
Unknown stem vaseby Vintage…
Cut Glass Holder with Silver Baseby bonnema
Unidentified.... ??? GLOWing Jack in the Pulpit, 10 petals, help solarly…
fenton or le smith? amber ashtrayby robin56
Decanter?by corndog
Chip And Dip Setby Caperkid
Another BOOPIE Ashtray ---- 2 / of 2by antique…
Boopie Glass Ashtray ( Retro ) -- Maker, not sure?? --- 1 / of 2by antique…
yellow peking glass vase and red painted window vaseby jenconvery
Glasswareby Flyaway
Champagne Saucers?by AuntieA
mystery Blown Glass vase blue green and textured heavily with clear handleby liventr…
Gorgeous Fenton Bowls!by LucysGlass
EAPG cake stand?by LucysGlass
Mystery etching-Colonial couple by fountain & tree-by BumbleBeeHiny
pumpkin carnival swan butter dishby jceileen
Here is one more.I know there are some smart people hereby Gruff
Here is Gruff
Milk glass and Perhaps Slag?Glass brass Necklaceby Jesscheekah
4 Uranium Tea Cupsby Deano
Antique?  Green Glass Plate / Dishby OddsAnd…
Antique?  Green Glass Dishby OddsAnd…
Antique ? Vintage Panelled Etched Gold Rim Glassby JoyceC.
Sherbert dish 2by Caperkid
Sherbert dish ?by Caperkid
This one turns almost green in the sun light by Gruff
Glassworks Neimen Collect…
Northwood Singing Birds Blue Master Berry Bowlby serenitykn
eapg pineapple covered sugar bowl?by robin56
glass pedestal bowlby igbruce
Vintage Green Gobletsby mreardanz
Cut glass trinket dishby AuntMolly
clear glass snack plateby robin56
Bartlett Collins ~ Green Glass ~ Mushroom Cookie Jar ~ 70'sby Deano
Cut glass candlestickby AuntMolly
Blue and clear dish. Looks like Anchor Hocking Milano? Misfire?by OneGood…
Beautiful amber colored old glass vase with a very tiny OneGood…
Kentuckyby codasmama
heart pattern compoteby rfreed
Love this Pieceby mskitty…
Gardner "Always In Good Taste" 5 cents side loader jarby robin56
Ornate Blue Glass and Silver/Pewter Chalice Cupby sophdemat
Crystal Ice Bucketby melaniej
Sugar and Creamer Setby melaniej
A Glass !by Lise
Blue Glass !by Lise
"Fostoria" Satin Glass "Art Deco"  8" Horse Bookend / Circa 1940'sby mikelv85
Unknown -- Art Glass Bowl ( Viking maybe ??? )by antique…
unusual punch bowlby robin56
Green Covered Dishby spnflaro
Steuben Clear Bowl with etched circlesby maytwins23
Pink Bowlby Flowerg…
Who makes these?by deann
Fostoria American Pattern Milk Glassby nutsabo…
Vintage Coastersby corndog
Some candle bobeches that need baabaamason…
Glass and Silverplate Condimentby melaniej
Westmoreland Glass Oddityby FirstBuzz
Imperial Glass Pansies Ruffled Bowl in Greenby Deano
Pink Glassby Flowerg…
Mystery (Cracker?) Dishby Sianmaire
Vintage Candlestick Holdersby corndog
Glass in leather carry Vintage…
Milk Glass Bowl I cannot identify. Appreciate help. by Jubalie2
EAPG Bowl ~ 8 1/2"by Deano
JEANNETTE COVER DISH / Trinket Dish -- DEERby antique…
JEANNETTE Covered Powder Dish / Trinket Dish -- SCOTTIE DOGby antique…
(((( Shakers That Glow )))) Part 2by antique…
(((( Shakers That Glow )))) Part 1by antique…
ABP cut glass but what is the pattrern?by ValGal53
peek a boo glassesby Cleaningout
macbeth evans opalescent glassby robin56
Mt Washington Burmeseby antique…
Clam shell style candle holderby redds13
Glass Flower Frog ~ 16 Hole ~ Vaseline Glassby Deano
Oyster and Pearl Diveded Dish Depression Glass Hocking Glassby fortapa…
Tiffin Dessert Compote ~ Madeira Pattern Citron Green ~ Uraniumby Deano
Highly Iridescent Amethyst Glass Vase. Can anyone help identify please?by decotor…
My oldest piece of Japanese glassby racer4f…
vintage Insist on Lance's crackerby robin56
Scandinavian glass double taper holderby lizzycbw
Indiana Glass Pitcher & Tumbler Setby MyFavor…
blue candy dishby Catchamb
pale blue iridescent flower vaseby Catchamb
Fenton iridescent pale green bowlby Catchamb
Blue Fenton bowl with three feetby Catchamb
Indiana Glass Punch Bowl with Pedestalby MyFavor…
My Oatmeal Glassby MyFavor…
Tiffin Crystal Stemwareby MyFavor…
Crystal Stemwareby MyFavor…
Memere's hutchby MemeresStuff
Victorian Vaseline bud vaseby Vintage…
Is this vaseline glass?by Hamish
Vintage glass candy containers of the 1940s and 50sby Signaho…
Amber Wedgwood Art Glass Center Piece.20 Centuryby Alan2310
Help meby Brendana22
Unable to find any information on this pieceby Lollie
large punch bowlby robin56
blue glass candy dish?by robin56
Large trophy style goblet unknown makerby itmidce…
brass and green glass (very heavy)by olenatigirl
"Foreign" hyacinth Vintage…
Manhattan Boopie aka Candlewick berry bowls?by robin56
Blue Water / Tea Glass by likeoldchin
Glass and Clear Cut Glass Dish with Cover by lmaxson
my de "light: fulby christi…
A Pair of Bohemian Decorative Wine Gobletsby Luckylexy102
Creased Neck Shakersby antique…
uranium glass---by christi…
Bloomsburg Fair 1913 Souvenir Creamerby Ted_Str…
Candy dish?by were
Heisey Crystolite Preserve Dishby MyFavor…
ROSENTHAL -- Glass Compote ( Marked and Label )by antique…
Houze "Twelve Days of Christmas" Tumblersby knutte1
McKee & Brothers 'Solid Stem Salver' c1882by TallCakes
Isaac Jacobs of Bristol, Blue Gilt Finger Bowlby lovedec…
Waterford Crystal Shamrock Pen Holderby melaniej
My first piece of Fenton glassby Lizzietish43
Precious Puppiesby B004306
Vintage glassesby Miamacken
6 Lovely Green depression glass tumblers paneled & gold encrusted rimsby KathyJ
More Sugar Shakersby antique…
Pressed Hobnail Glass Candle Holders (Various Countries), 1930’s and Onwardsby jensen
Large vintage glass vaseby AuntMolly
Large cut glass centrepiece by AuntMolly
Nebraska Junk Jaunt Find Antique Vaseline Glass Pen Holder by NATHANby daytrad…
Bohemian pickle jar?by tigerch…
Unusual brandy glassby alison64
Blue glass gobletby Mikeworrell
Hazel Atlas condiment setby oldprofessor
Victorian Small Castor/Condiment  Setsby antique…
My blind chickby claiborne
Grandma's cookie jarby Caperkid
Clevenger Diamond Milk Glass Syrup Bottle 1935-1940by Deano
gemini the twins glassby robin56
Help me id these goblets by robin56
"I Think" Fenton Orange Tree Carnival Glassby Silk65
Milk Glass? refrigderator dishby robin56
Westmoreland Doric Lace Bowlby Deano
Cambridge #3400 Green Bowlby fortapa…
Compoteby OhioCatter
Blue Hobnailby OhioCatter
Jeanette Poinsetta Pattern Casserole w/ Lid ~ Uraniumby Deano
carnival glass,?by lundy
Jefferson Glass Co. Leaf and Diamonds blue opalescent bowlby…
Can you tell me about this piece?by joas377
Cut Glass Bowlby riczacdex
"Cut Glass" .... Lead Crystal ?by riczacdex
Westmoreland Glass Bowlby nutsabo…
Westmoreland Satin Mist Glass Basket in Dark Blueby Deano
Brierley Crystal Glass Gobletsby RosemarySpain
My favorite cruets!by riczacdex
Ruby Red Glass Bowlby riczacdex
Sunflower Glass Dishby superso…
Tiara glassby robin56
Sandwich glass? Unsure of patternby robin56
My mom's crystal glassesby Lrnmsgirl
large amber tube with collar maybe vase?by blackbi…
amber centerpiece/console bowl with frogby robin56
Glassware found in the attic. Hoping you all can help!by Jmac01760
mystery vaseby blackbi…
Fenton Vintage pattern 9" crimped nappy c1911by…
Fenton carnival glass rose bowl - Two Flowers c1915by…
Lead crystal bowl and vaseby Colette…
Fenton or Bryce Brosby OneGood…
Please help identify pink depression glass bowlby JulieS
Can you help me? by tbryon
Help ID Knotty Vaseby roger67
3 piece pink rooster pyrex setby zoomer71
23cm x 8cm glass bowlby AuntMolly
19 1/2cm x 6cm vintage green bowlby AuntMolly
11cm x 3cm cut glass bowlby AuntMolly
Cut glass rose bowlby AuntMolly
Vintage glassby AuntMolly
Vintage / antique glassby AuntMolly
JEANNETTE GLASS - Cover Trinket Dish - Swan - 1940'sby antique…
Dime Store Milk Glass Candy Dish w/ Lidby Deano
Cool glass bottleby options330
L.E. Smith Glass - Eagle and Stars Ashtrayby nutsabo…
Rose colored bowlby Kenmiles
Northwood Glass Bowlby nutsabo…
Green Depression Glass Refrigerator Dish - Hazel Atlasby ho2cult…
Any info on this canister setby jjshadow68
3 oz Etched Green Tumblersby Deano
Indiana Glass Diamond Pointby nutsabo…
Blue and white glass decanter style item by joanm
Blown Glass Cut to Clear Vase by NativeJ…
Goofus Glass Bowl - like peacock feathers!by ho2cult…
Depression Glass Salt & Pepper Glassby Deano
Blue Iridescent Imperial Glass Shape 319 Candle Stickby NativeJ…
Sklo Union Libochovice vaseby tigerch…
Rudolf Jurnikl Osaka vase by tigerch…
Rosice Sklo Union vaseby tigerch…
Rosice Sklo Union vaseby tigerch…
Unknown glassware by Delwyn
A friends inheritance by Edwardolivier
Green ribbed vase, Belgium?by tigerch…
Lenox? colored gobletsby robin56
Vase with square pattern I use it all the time and love itby Lizzietish43
Very unusable vase  clear and the base I square . No makers marksby Lizzietish43
Smoking set crystal or cut glass the gold colored baseby Lizzietish43
Two cut glass bowlsby tigerch…
Cut glass pickle jar, claret jug, and jugby tigerch…
beautiful painted vaseby troydoug
Glass bowl/sering dish with lidby plumble1984
Vintage Vaseline Jar with Contents Circa 1960sby fortapa…
Butter dish??by kpgreg73
Does anybody recognize this glass patternby Sidde1234
Does anybody know this pattern or who makes it?by Sidde1234
does anybody know this cut star pattern on glass or where it comes fromby Sidde1234
heavy crystal glass vase by billypi…
MILK GLASS - Salt & Pepper Shakers  ( TIPP USA )by antique…
Need Nworley
Again I am baffled please helpby Sidde1234
Please help me identify this pattern and who makes itby Sidde1234
I'm sure this is easy but can anybody tell me what this pattern is and who is it made byby Sidde1234
Very tall stemmed vase/bowlby tigerch…
Incredibly Rare! Fenton Aqua Crest Creamerby htappell64
green glass bonanzaby robin56
Glowing With Mystery Delightby Hoipolloi
syrup pitcherby genegordon
Mystery BLOWN GLASS FOLDED RIM Pontil scarby JoeyC
Some of my favorite pieces of Coin Glassby CoinGla…
Pink Milk Glass Candle Holdersby reemar1
Signed Hawkes Crystal Pattern Nameby cbella
Cut glass itemsby AuntMolly
"Gipsy" Cake Stand by Adams and Company c1891by TallCakes
Murano Salviati Comportby lovedec…
Vintners tool, travelers' tipple or stirrup cup? by himothra
Idaho  by L.WRIGHT
Antique /vintage cut glassby AuntMolly
Grand bocal de confiseur en verre soufflé XIXème - large antique candy blow glass jar  late 19th museede…
18 piece Depression Glass Tea/Coffee Setby Regam
Libbey Rock Sharpe  Champagne Glasses set of 9by Regam
Riverside nr 575, Beaded Wave,  ca 1903by pmesserla
Blue bowlby Caperkid
Fenton Milk Glassby nutsabo…
fire king blue daisy/cornflower covered bowlby robin56
federal glass co "red gingham" covered bowlby robin56
Liberty works relish Collect…
Depression Glass Sugar Bowl Hocking Glass Princess Patternby fortapa…
Pair of covered URN-shaped cut crystal jars on square basesby amstspan
Unknown Amber Glass Bowlby antique…
Vintage sylvain…
My favorite findsby Turner0401
Hand Stem Cake Stand by Atterbury and Co. c1881 by TallCakes
Juice glass mystery by belmargirl
crystal items unsigned etcby nikkilou
Ice Cream/Parfait/Compote???by canningjar
Pasabahce ASHTRAYby Georgy
Is this penny line depression glass or not?by Sidde1234
Scalloped flower shaped plate with small cup. Bottom of cup has a 6 and Lby Kiger
Vintage cut glass by AuntMolly
What are these and what are they used for?by robin56
green glass bowlby robin56
lovely hobnail amberinaby genegordon
Signed glass dishby pennygary2004
18 x 14 1/2 cm vintage glass jugby AuntMolly
Cut glass bowl by AuntMolly
Vintage glass bowlsby AuntMolly
Vintage glassby AuntMolly
Vintage 8 1/2" x 1 3/4" bowl by AuntMolly
Vintage 5"x5" footed bowl by AuntMolly
9" high large glass barrel shaped jarby AuntMolly
Amber glass pitcherby Theresa_Run…
8 1/2" dia 5 1/2" high vintage bowlby AuntMolly
Reims French vintage bowlsby AuntMolly
Vintage engraved glassby AuntMolly
Vintage bowl  7" x 3 1/4" by AuntMolly
Stunning  Vintage bowl by AuntMolly
Antique/vintage bowl 7" x 2 1/2" by AuntMolly
Vintage handled cut glass bowlby AuntMolly
Antique glass footed bowlsby AuntMolly
Vintage 7 1/2" glass with twisted stemby AuntMolly
Vintage French bowls by AuntMolly
Federal Glass Madrid Pattern Salt and Pepper Shakersby fortapa…
Federal Glass Madrid Pattern Bowls Depression Glassby fortapa…
Hanging glass bulbsby mandiiverson
Real or repro blue depression glassby robin56
Bowl-Unknown Patternby Cpackjr
Cut Glass 3 Footed Bowl (weighs almost 2-1/2 lbs)by JoyB
I have kept these little gems for the longest gettinit
Blue juice glassesby robin56
Stunning bowlby AuntMolly
What is this Bottle Cap Green Glass Bottle?by Bottle357
What kind of glass is this please?by Desktopgrass
Waterford Decanter Limited Edition No.28by VeroHance
Glass made in charmso…
Wine Decanter/Coffeeby KallyK
Murano Cocktail Glassesby KallyK
Depression Glass? Fenton Hobnail? Wine KallyK
Small crystal douglovesgl…
Imperial Glass 10 oz. tumblerby douglovesgl…
Nice set of vintage Culver Glass Old Fashioned Glassesby douglovesgl…
Red glass bonzana!!by robin56
jadite lotus bowl?by robin56
amberina pitcherby robin56
(unknown) Yellow glass bowl with silver overlay (Persian style) by Hansel
Richardsons Shot Ice Jugby lovedec…
English Arts & Crafts Pendantby JohannB
help identifying, please!  scottish thistle commemorative plate?by apple
Japanese hineri art glass vase by omarswelding
car mugs by hazel atlas?by robin56
Royal Daulton"Germany" Crystal Table Clock, 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Glass Pitcher? by ssruff
Sears, Roebuck and Co Ovenware New/Unused with Original Tag by edsnm
amber canister by interstate glass co or indiana glass co?by robin56
Vaseline/Uranium glass platesby grandys…
Cut glass ashtrayby lndrozd…
Cake plate ???by lndrozd…
Basement finds by Beck74
Pink Depression Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers Sierra (Pinwheel) Patternby fortapa…
Pink Glass Bird Bowl circa 1925 Dugan/Diamondby fortapa…
Northwood Grape & Cable Large Stippled Biscuit/Cracker/Cookie Jarby Zamboni
Pretty Unusual Glass Serving Platterby Scodi143
Westmoreland salt and pepper shakerby BBhappy
Unknown wine glassesby benlowlew
Need help identifyingby madlat
eapg sugar creamerby robin56
Unknown Clear Glass Candy Dishby Goodoody
Pretty thingsby eye4bea…
Fenton Hobnob Glass Vases just bought at Estate sale by grandmasglass
Murano Mandruzzatto fixitjmc
Villeroy and Boch Art Deco style vaseby fixitjmc
star of bethlehem eapg glass dish?by robin56
Found in the loftby tjwingchun
my bed side pitcherby mandiol…
Dessert glass?by Collect…
trophy style candleholderby robin56
purple gobletsby robin56
aqua pitcher applied handle depression?by robin56
children cut glass dishesby mabellock
Beautiful Pink Pedestal Dessert Dishesby parealtor313
Pressed glass gobletby Anniemo
Antique olive oil cruet bought in Greeceby aissia
red dishby mandiol…
Just a cool looking glassby eye4bea…
Pink glassesby Maryf41
Flint (?) Glass Separating Cake Standby TallCakes
glass with orange decalsby robin56
clear etched water gobletsby robin56
This metal-caged glass jar can't be that himothra
atomic era glassesby robin56
Opalescent Art Nouveau Shade with Moorcroft Florianware Monte et Baisseby schreib…
Art Nouveau Opalescent Oil Lamp with Alabaster/Spelter Base 1907by schreib…
This one my newest finesby Beck74
A Few Items from Our Collectionby rhonig
Crystal Glass Pedestal Round Candy Bowl with Lid and  Etched Designby Alex395
Mystery Patternby Ilovefinger…
green handpainted depression glass? vaseby robin56
Beautiful Brandy Snifters - But Who Made Them?by Lady-Je…
Depression Glass Vase ???by Water303
Vaseline Glass Reamer H. C. Fry Glassby fortapa…
Art Nouveau Candlesticksby FirstBuzz
etched flower cruet updated photosby robin56
Fabulous Bohemian Centerpiece Cut Clear Gilt Bronze Marble Baseby MagniVi…
Monogrammed double bowled crystal stemwareby redsheri
Stunning vase mystery! by EmsGemmery
lion trinket boxby robin56
my nappyby robin56
Mom's Vaseby Oldnovice
Ruffled cased glass Vintage…
Purple gobletsby Caperkid
Indiana Glass Covered Candy Dish Spoonerby fortapa…
Thrifting with my step daughterby MeliG
Sherbet dishes by L.E Smithby MeliG
Optic sherbet dishesby MeliG
Small Black Forest bear holding Vaseline glass epergneby Vintage…
Fancy green relish dish - I think?!?!by lndrozd…
Clear cut glass vaseby lndrozd…
Green relish dish?by lndrozd…
Purple vaseby lndrozd…
Gold candy dishby lndrozd…
Awesome Bride's Basketby cncc2
Unique Footed cut glass bowl with 7 round drilled out holes in glass designby Alex395
Vaseline Uranium Glass Set by JodyLee
1920's Fostoria Glass?by Goodoody
rainbow bowlby cncc2
Rose bowl is what I call it?!?!by lndrozd…
6 shot shooter Collect…
Creme de Menthe stemware?by grubbs.dan
Green glass decanter  possibly MargaretB
Antique glassware by AuntMolly
Two Art Deco (Showa era)  Japanese uranium green perfume bottlesby Vintage…
Mary Gregory baseball lemonade setby baseballrelic
Lovely set of vases.Maker unknown.Need your genegordon
Bohemian Welz Sugar Bowl and Creamerby sklo42
Baccarat dessert wine glass question by Creativewiz23
Bohemian Welz Sugar Bowl and Creamerby sklo42
Vintage decantersby Jaroy
Pressed glass gobletby Anniemo
whirling pinwheel? eapg dishby robin56
I'm not sure what these are..but I like them!by CRMaguire
Depression glass pedestal bowlby Taramonster24
Antique Pink Venetian Hand Blown Gold Flecks Stemware-Murano Salviati Glass Company Circa 1850by bradscollec…
Vintage Hazel Atlas Moderntone Pink Shotglassby Deano
WWF Drinking Glassesby MrRemy1…
1920 green vaseby Wallywo…
Hoya crystal glassesby Riitta
Is This Fenton Carnival Glass?  I've Never Seen It PostCar…
heisey? etched cruetby robin56
Great heavy glass bowl any ideas?by Elirods
divided patterned dishby robin56
eapg? flint glass? repro? childs creamer and sugar set? help!by robin56
Fancy little Pitcher with a Swirl designby l.a.lady
Recent finds :)by MeliG
Weekend Market findby bear6389
glass cruet? crystal?by robin56
Ashtray?by MEP57
Indiana glass Loganberry pattern Carnival glass bowlby surfdub66
eapg glass powder box?by robin56
Hollow Stem Glasses with Gold Encrusted Decorationsby davesmall
Bowl on Stand circa.1820by lovedec…
"Nellie" Cake Stand by McKee & Bros. Glass Works c1892by TallCakes
"Crystal Wedding" Cake Stand by O'Hara Glass Co. c1875by TallCakes
Blue glasses by Caperkid
Eisler's Patent floatby suebrown
Vintage Hans Agne Jakobsson  AB  Markaryd Brass and Glass Candlestick Holders set of 2by EricandAlisa
Green Depression Glass Tumblersby Goodoody
Cambridge Green Caprice Bowlby AuntieM
Hazel Atlas Opel non screw top ointment/cold cream jarby Bigboiebott…
Is this a Fenton?by FunFindsFab
Little glass vase with white topby Goodoody
Can you identify this maker's mark?by HalcyonDays
Solve my mystery ... Depression Era Tea Cupby Mccartyl
National patternby cmh1wi
Polar Bear EAPG Gobletby rfreed
A beauty,but don't know who made it r when.Please help.Thank you      Geneby genegordon
pasabahçe tall footed punch bowl by wardlaw01
Antique Milk Glassby vickisandovwl
Inscribed flaskby dc991
Antique/ vintage Tortoise shell art glass, lidded Vintage…
Fenton Carnival Glass Vase by freiheit
MacBeth Evans American Sweetheart Tumblers Set of Fourby fortapa…
Candy Jar - Made in Sweden (still with the sticker)by Miranda79
Fenton vase Blueby maxtiger45
Depression Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers Doric Pattern by Jeanette Glassby fortapa…
Small Nesting Chicken… Ted_Str…
Old Fitzgerald Whiskey Pitcherby Ted_Str…
Indiana Glass Tiara Yellow Mist Cookie Jarby pwhisen…
Mid-Century (?) conical amber glass decanterby MarcoCatalano
OVENWAREby sbiggins
Mid Century (?) spherical amber glass ashtrayby MarcoCatalano
peacock and floral designed rose etched vaseby OutoftheOrd…
Champagne Glassesby egatniv
Sean ... These are mine !!!!by eye4bea…
needed information on these items if anybody can help by anthony1977
What is this amber glass patternby Sue3131
cut glassdishby robin56
My mom's pitcher-can anyone tell me about it?by clavender
punch bowlby bty5243
domed cheese or butter dishby robin56
Amish dishby eye4bea…
Risqué Glass Vase by LuluX
My favorite Glass set- Cannot find anything like it anywhereby Vanda
unknown glass or crystal plateby robin56
Ribbed bubble dishby katheri…
Glimma glasbruk Swedenby artmyth
colored vase?by robin56
eapg? cut glass bowlby robin56
Canadian National Tower, Toronto, Souvenir Glassby Ted_Str…
1876 Cape Cod Collection Cake Stand for Avon by Wheatonby TallCakes
Pink Depression Glass dinner setby Bambi
Tall Crystal Footed Vase by billypi…
Burple?, and bubbly strangersby katheri…
Unusual sticker on a PL Kedelvian
Hand-painted, made in Bavaria bowl with gold leaf trim, and blue glass candy dishby patschida
what is this milk glass piece?by robin56
egg cups?by robin56
trinkaus manor small glassby robin56
Depression Glass with blossoms, may be Libbyby Gamagina
Milk Glass Bull Mustard Potby rocker-sd
Depression glass bowl with lidby Goodoody
My favoite Waterford vase by Djpal
Cut To Clear Czech Lead Crystal Bud Vases & Basketby Efesgirl
the nerd glassby robin56
diamond pattern mint dishby robin56
Fenton Milk Glass Vasesby nutsabo…
Glass inside powered milk by one
Unusual etched creamer and sugarby SAKaler
Nice vintage  glass bowl by VeraRoseCol…
Stemware Maker Patter?by seablue
Two Vaseline Glass Itemsby Ted_Str…
Heavy Art Deco Patterned Glass Pitcherby kate12107
Crystal or cut glass table lampby trunk_j…
Crystal candlestick holdersby trunk_j…
Yellow uranium shaker & conserve/mustard pot or sugar bowlby Vintage…
Eisler's Toilet Floatby Msherry223
Waterford crystal spirit decanterby Tigerlilly
Anchor Hocking Fire King Milk Glass Rectangular Planter Grape Leaves Decorationby Efesgirl
Need Help-Does any one recognize this Signature on Cut Glass?by Zottycat
Cut glass cigar ashtray by AuntMolly
Antique Red glass oval bowlby AuntMolly
Need Help Identifying 18" cut glass vaseby dmac1969
Platinum Trimmed Crystal Stemwareby dammitchris
Fenton Gold Crest Small Dish (?)by freiheit
What is this part 3.  Green gold signed decanter with wine glassesby dlschoen
What is this part 2!!  Cobalt gold decanter and shot glasses?by dlschoen
What is this?  Gold & Blue pitcher and glassesby dlschoen
Red Footed Pitcher & glasses ~ Antique or Reproduction?by glamourgirl
Lancaster Glass #1831 - Petal - c1930sby TallCakes
Stourbridge 1890's Victorian Uranium Cased Glass Vasesby Vintage…
Lancaster Glass #767 3-toed rose bowl; sometimes called 'Petal'by katheri…
red glass gobletby andipandy
Victorian uranium, painted Vintage…
Previously a coloured glass fruit bowlby LisaH1234
Is this McKee hobnail popcorn set completely unique? by himothra
Fenton Hobnail Milk Glassby nutsabo…
Gorgeous signed cut glass platterby mercurius
Etched Crystal Pitcher and Tumbler Setby lsctreasures
Glass Candy Dishby shareur…
Anyone about this piece it was gift from my now deceased Auntby Hiaggy
Cut Crystal Celery (?) Dishby freiheit
Large Compote/Centre Piece – Crystal Made in Germayby freiheit
Bulb Glassesby StyleMa…
Old Colony Footed Bowl Anchor Hocking Depression Glassby fortapa…
Candy dish(westmoreland i think)by sybere
Need help identifying this old deep amethyst glass decanter or ink well?by ascendestate
Menu Design, Pernille Vea Denmarkby Efesgirl
Found in derelict houseby Vix
My grandmothers by mybick1
Decanter mystery, cut crystal barrel shaped unusual pouring spoutby Darrinje
Could you help me identify the maker of this piece please?by frogabilia
Help With Identifying Makerby StormyBanks
eapg Loop and Dart Group confusingby Dave853
Mystery lampby Jkls69
Green glassby barberica
Old Hazel Atlas Green Glass Grinder/Chopper?by Katiques
Blue 8" Candlesticksby CoinGla…
My final missing pieceby CoinGla…
Coin Glass Whimsiesby CoinGla…
Racy Pink 3-D Malachite Type Covered Glass Dishby Efesgirl
Eastman Kodak Photographic Jarby jearve
Pressed uranium glass vaseby Vintage…
Green Glass Bowl with 24 kt. Gold Rim/Trimby jatslo
Cherry Pattern White Milk Glass Nut Candy Dishby Raestelle
"Löytö" from Tapio Wirkkalaby Vintage…
My Coin Glass Collectionby CoinGla…
Ruby Flashby jatslo
Brilliant blue Carnival Glass Bowl by tmcdaniel
A pair of antique cut glass vases by AuntMolly
H. C. Fry Water Carafe - Pond Lily Patternby kfg524
Great grandmothers bowl Identified by Dave853
Opalescent Shell Shaped Bowl with Metal Trimby lsctreasures
elegant crystal dessert dish mystery etchby EAPGDep…
EAPG tumblerby hobodave
Steuben creamerby eye4bea…
EAPG Mysteryby bhc
Bent etched glass plateby dlee
Possibly Kralik, Loetz or Rindskopf Martele Purple Bridal Bowlby Shawnl86
crystal by izzysat…
Hazel Atlas Royal Lace cobalt blue sherbet with metal holderby EAPGDep…
1960's Silver City, Martinsville Glass silver overlay Flanders poppy patternby EAPGDep…
Fenton hobnail table settingby EAPGDep…
English Hobnail Ruby Stained Candy Dishby weirdpu…
Colony Whitehall cubist American like candle holderby EAPGDep…
1880's glass fern & berries Dakota baby thumbprint sugar, creamer and celery vase mintby EAPGDep…
maple leaf glass bowl has me stumped, comments from glass lovers please!by Iamstumped
Westmoreland Glass Ashtrayby nutsabo…
Porcelinby dubster3
Cocktail Glasses… Ted_Str…
Depression Glass  --  Green Cream & Sugarby mdmaier
Anchor Hocking  --  Boopie  ????by mdmaier
Glass Stemware with violet/bluish hueby Char1165
Set of gold plated glassesby KellsBells
Glasswareby KellsBells
My newly purchased Heavy Lead Crystalby broge007
woman with angel or cupid?  what is it? by Alisanne
Vintage Italian Decanter with 5 glassesby Nafilkins1
Grandma's Vintage Glasswareby ApronGirl
Can you help identify this irridescent compote?by ShaneJacoby
Tarentum 12" Hear and Thumbprint plate 1898-1906by EAPGDep…
4 19th century flint ashburton goblets in mint conditionby EAPGDep…
large 4 part thumb print snack trayby EAPGDep…
ribbed bullseye handle serving bowl super EAPGDep…
possibly eapg hobnail bowl nice and heavyby EAPGDep…
aqua blue depression glass pitcherby EAPGDep…
large heavy cut glass floral bowlby EAPGDep…
two small possibly eapg fruit pattern gold gilt bowlsby EAPGDep…
Amazing large topaz yellow glass bowl 12"by EAPGDep…
Unknown Crystal Thumbprint EAPGDep…
Cards Anyone!?by lokiddo
Mt. Washington Pairpoint Custard Spittoon Folded Rimby Shawnl86
Mt. Washington Pairpoint Burmese Creamerby Shawnl86
English or Bohemian Applied Glass Handle Large Vaseline Bowlby Shawnl86
English or Bohemian Applied Glass Vaseline Large Bowlby Shawnl86
Identification for cut glass platesby Lrp
vaseline glass vase field thistleby genegordon
Unknown Green Goblet with lid and fine gold designby nmclist
Crystal wine glass, 1 of Arcticd…
Wondering whar this items purpose kala33171
Large vaseby Vintage…
Antique Silhouette Crystal / Glass Decanter & Shot Glassesby lindakp…
Noritake?by LuluX
Great grandma's glasswareby Twinsor
Clear oval dishby Yenners80
Elegant Glass Vase Rose Etching By--???by JoeyC
McKee Glass "Tec" Pattern called "Sextec"by JoeyC
Can you help identify this fine cut piece?by ShaneJacoby
Trying to identifyby Collect1x
Vintage blue vasesby oakwood
My Funny Old Pitcherby Efesgirl
Large vintage French glass centrepiece by AuntMolly
Vintage cut glass large fruit bowlby AuntMolly
Sweet corn dishes  n dressing servers by AuntMolly
Darlington avocado dishes by AuntMolly
Gilded Champagne Fluteby mnauj
Libbey Glass and Their Shakersby antique…
Mikasa Crystal candle sticksby fixitjmc
Small Orrefors Bowlby fixitjmc
Green Opalescent Jefferson Glass Tokyo Pattern footed Bowlby fixitjmc
Blown Opalescent Blue Glass Delicate WHO MADE IT?by JoeyC
Beautiful Lavender Pressed Glass Covered Compoteby LucysGlass
Fancy oil and vinegar cruet setby kathidonegan
Murano Amber Glass Vase With Embedded Gold And Copper Aventurine And Swirl Patternby Chi-Tre…
Glass Bowlby Dorania
Glass Bowlby Dorania
Depression Glass Candy Dish by rippee85
Vintage Compote (?), Green Glass, Hand Paintedby freiheit
My first vwright…
Is this bowl EAPC?by tkimbro
Vintage Gold Rimmed Parfait Glasses - Anyone know about these?by tkimbro
Antique Glass Setby xomokaox
Antique cut glass bowlby AuntMolly
Magnum/Westite Connectionby antique…
Another Angle for Bowl Setby kwilber1965
Can anyone tell me about this " dish" by Yenners80
my punchbowlby Karebear
Help please!by caseynmary
Cranberry & Vaseline Glass Jardiniere with Applied Fish Feetby mhgcgol…
Blue Milk Glass Plate by koopac7
Iridescent Glasses :)by Lise
Additional Sugar Shakersby antique…
Northwood's Cactus Shakersby antique…
My "Dalek" Vase. Do Not Exterminate!!by Hoipolloi
Mt Washington Sugar Shakersby antique…
Sugar Shakers!by antique…
Depression era? stemwareby dammitchris
Carnival Glass Pitcherby shareur…
Grannies antique cut glass bowlby Debiv
Grandma's ice cream dishby crit21
Beautiful Glass Bowlby Drkblue…
my car boot find todayby lovelyt…
My favorite wine or water glassby Asheras…
Fenton Glassby nutsabo…
Hazel Atlas Souvenir Glassesby nutsabo…
Great Grandmother glassesby tjblanks
depression glass i brought at the opshopby sammibear
My favorite depression glassby Asheras…
Figural glass candle holderby Ivonne
A pair of Eryka Trzewik-Drost vasesby Ivonne
Polish pressed glass vase 1960sby Ivonne
My Amber Madrid Pattern Depression Glass Collectionby fortapa…
Unknown Sugar Shakerby antique…
Wine glass collectionby randy018
Large moulded glass bowl with 2 side piecesby Orlando
Yellow Vaseline Vases or Notby NookCove
5 glassesby audreymf
Depression glass thermometerby Lilacblossom
Sometimes glass is so infuriatingby itsnotalljunk
Amber Dot Glass Bowlby shareur…
carnival glass bowlby surfdub66
Vintage glass by AuntMolly
Fenton / LG Wright Compote?by TBone
Can anyone identify & date this pattern?by JoyB
Pittsburgh Glass? LARGE Pedestal Bowl, Rolled Edgeby JoeyC
Art Deco uranium glass perfume bottleby Vintage…
Fenton Hobnail Lampby nutsabo…
Stunning glass by AuntMolly
another family favoriteby jean.audet
was in the family for long timeby jean.audet
Pink depression scalloped edge  dishby GizGram
Gorgeous Piece,Uranium maybe ? Spatter glass !by Lise
Vintage barware car models tall drinking glasses Austin Simca Fordby PrimePickins
1950s Purepac Rubbing Alcohol Bottles still sealedby Crackanater
Glass Trinket boxby tdoles
Mega Rare Vaseline Carnval Glass Tornado Vasesby mhgcgol…
Crystal Candlestick Holdersby melaniej
Turn of the century glassesby Ivonne