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Not sure what it isby Rose185
My godmother sewing machine by Rose185
Toronto CNE 1938 Singerby Michell…
Elephants and sewing tools lampby mnymoen
white rotary with cabinetby jhovik
My first vintage treadle sewing machineby SavedaS…
Dual purpose Irishco…
Brother Streamliner Sewing Machine Accessories Etcby fortapa…
Unique Sewing Machineby Estellarob
New Home treadle sewing machineby joy0208
want to know more about this peice I'm not sure it worksby maryestroud
The Super Streamliner Brother Deluxe Sewing Machineby fortapa…
1950 Pfaff 130 Sewing Machineby HeatherStil…
1933-ish Singer 107w1 Industrial Zig Zag sewing machineby HeatherStil…
1949 Singer 69-11 Bar Tacker Industrial Sewing Machineby HeatherStil…
1924 Singer 31-20 Industrial Machineby HeatherStil…
1921 Singer Redeye in Maple Cabinetby HeatherStil…
1920's Frister & Rossmann Treadleby HeatherStil…
1911-ish Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machineby HeatherStil…
1911 Singer "Sphinx" Treadle Sewing Machineby HeatherStil…
1908 New Home Treadle in a beautiful Parlor Cabinetby HeatherStil…
1950 Singer 17-30 Cylinder Bed Industrial Machineby HeatherStil…
is this a sewing box DrNessa
1889 Singer 13 "fiddlebase" treadleby HeatherStil…
1922 or 23 Singer 71-30 industrial buttonholerby HeatherStil…
singerby dk7343
My cloisonné owl thimbleby Master
? Wooden part to a loom antique with carved flowers by Tangoes
Can anyone identify this sewing machine cabinet that has been repurposedby howdydudette
Old Native American Framed Bird Quiltby LOUMANAL
Vintage Singer Parlour Cabinet Sewing Machineby Chixo
Antique Overlock Singer Sewing Machine 81-5 from 1925by freon
Newly found show piece :)by Joeymozzer
Singer Sewing machineby Sheryl77
Police Button by Minrelica
Unknown sewing items?by Deepsea…
Profusely Embroidered 1960's Original Protest Jacketby HippieA…
Hiawatha Needle Painting Portraits of Marie Antoinette & Elizabeth Of France  1950by vintage…
Help Identify Buttonby KingJoker
Estate Sale Antique Sewing Maching findby pawn
Handmade pheasant corsages, Deadwood, South Dakota by valenti…
Antique Siner sewing machine by Davis-08
Telephone "Collector" buttonsby sargeguy
What am I?by Sebagolakem…
What model is this?by spiritbird
Singer Sewing Machine by Islandgal
Porcelain "Safari Wild Animal" Thimble Displayby Lottie714
Singer sewing machine by Samikiro
Simplicity pattern book tableby mgilbreath
What is this button?  by Marta
Anyone recognize these?by janeytom
Dutch girlby MonicaBensb…
?Antque scissors?by Sheila2620
Singer puzzle box patented 1889 February 19by Deepsea…
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg EATON "Empire" Treadle Sewing Machineby randall…
5' safety pin by swampdogg
Rip 'n Pik sewing toolby valenti…
Vintage Silk Pillow (1910-1920) Filled With Kapok Fiberby vintage…
 Original Silk Pillow Circa 1910-1920 Filled With Kapok Filling Harry A. Saltzman Corp NYby vintage…
Singer Industrial Sewing Machine from 1889by Nadja0309
Singer Tableby Toddman…
My Late Father's Measuring Tapeby LeahBarrie
Imperial Sewing Machineby BettynPumpkin
New to Thimble Collectingby Jojosc
Wood bobbin spoolsby valenti…
Antique mouse timbleby Agram.m
Patty's Ande Embroidered Bag Brought to Woodstock 1969 w Provenanceby HippieA…
Wood Needle Holderby swampdogg
Thimble "little wonder flour"by Bookwormbra…
Chinese silk embroidery by Ridge2017
HELP PLEASE?  WHAT IS IT?  Sewing implement?by Kiwitaia
what model is this lovely singer#7383414?by ralee
Old ???crank machineby bunrau
Royal Chart by James Mccallby kedivine
1920's Singer Sewing Machineby Alicean…
Thimble setby Mrstynd…
Thimble setby Mrstynd…
Singer sewing machine base - Era?by DivingDoug
Sewing Thimble holderby brendaadams79
Mysteryby Kvaughn
Restored singer sewing machine cabinetby BryanBoo
Antigue Singer Treadle Sewing Machineby kseifert1952
A Few Miniature Mannequins 1940'sby Manikin
old blazer buttons salzburg  i just cant find these buttons anywhereby gregshred7777
brass button. found on river Thamesby alisonthames
Does anyone know anything about this machine???!by Dexter12
Antique metal buttonby susanlindsay
James McCall Pattern 9321by RusticT…
Another Beautiful Vintage Needlepoint by RosaLinda
Home Tour Living Room Part Threeby fortapa…
Antique Singer sewing machine 1910by Dannyo278
What sewing machine is this?by Bemer
Wooden hand tool by Sdevenney5
Mystery sewing machine . by Waynefox
What is it?by Figurette
Vintage white Rotary sewing machine by Gruff
Grandmother's Singerby Majah
Slate/Brass found Metal Detectingby ksk2175
Found at the flea market. Wondering if it has historical value. by Houstonberry
Sewing machine Kohlerby Ovidiuvrn
53 piece set of beautiful vintage gold buttons  with no markings by Kathy123
Gold buttonby lawsonland
McKee Helpby Tanya8ch
New home Sewing Machineby Shortcollec…
Tatum's Cast Iron What? Ink well holder? Caster? Pin holder? by UncleRon
RHM - Sewing Machineby dvalentine2…
Vintage easel stand for large to small fabric sheetsby scott479
Vintag Golfer Button Cardsby Dwillisr
A button from World War 2by Winnieblade
Royal Sewing Machineby lisahendrix56
embroidered wool blanketby pcmadis…
New Home Vintage Parlor Cabinet Sewing Machineby dauntlessth…
White Family Rotary treadle sewing machineby Jlrichgutok
Is this a cross stitchby Ziggs
1954 singer 99kby Gruff
Weck USA Stainless Space Apollo Scissors?by skippy123
What is this?by Alfonso
singer by marthamarie
Tool in a treddle sewing machine drawerby Jlshep
Utica Club (Glass/metal) Buttonsby diane20394
Got it at an auction and it says it was made at a Michigan chair company in Grand Rapids Michigan in which opened I the late 1iby Loribender75
Interesting button or buckle by junques…
1930's All hand sewn quilt... Scored at a thrift store for less than 20.00by junques…
Unknown legs by EmmaMurrayK…
Massive vintage cross stitch of country sceneby Carol777
mannequin by crazydanmusic
Antique wooden sewing egg with enameled silver silded thimbleby Agram.m
Singer sewing by Jlips22
Vintage Edwardian Lady Pin Cushionby estsale…
Overalls/Work Clothing buttonby Blitz94
Old Sewing Machineby Kendall38
Vintage Singer sewing machine S seriesby onrctn
Kenmore silver sewing machine in a deskby maeandjames
Singer Sew Machineby nittygr…
Early 1900s (late 1800s?) doll pincushionby astrons2
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine and Deskby JImam
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine and Deskby JImam
Uranium glass button from the Czech Republicby RadiumGuy
Nana's gorgeous singer sewing machine Acoustic
Unsolved mysteriesby cnuzzo
My Good Housekeeping Sewing machineby Mocha
Vintage - Wooden Bobbins, Buttons & other stuffby JImam
 Vintage Dritz Woven Sewing Basket #7022by JImam
Vintage Hand Held Singer Buttonholer Sewing Machineby JImam
Trying to fine info on this model #FR2493958, aside from patient dates on the bobbin access plate there are no other BobbieSox
Butterick pattern rugby shirt pattern 3092by Mellee96
Wondering what it's worthby r5dn
Any idea what this is?by Nomes
 Vintage Minnesota sewing machine with cabinetby MissAnna.k
1960's SINGER SEWING BUTTON HOLEMAKER & CASE ( Atomic Shape )by antique…
My WHITE 976 Sewing Machineby StormCloud601
almost an Olympic buttonby vonann
I have inherited a quilt made from Kewpie blocks probably from the early 1900's and would like more information about the quiltby dohnnysunny
Antique Military Hand Stitcher 1884by Restannoc
Singer LK 100 light knitting machine with all parts, instructions, patterns and toolsby GeodeJem
Singer Tabletop Sewing Machine with Caseby msutherland
Singer sewing machine 1956 Issue No:12 128k A conditionby sarahmaggie
vintage multi tool?by fixitdex
Early Pin Cushionby toyhoar…
My Nanna's Brass Thimbleby Amiar
Singer sewing machineby Susan888
Sewing cabinet by RethaJe
Darning Doll?by ho2cult…
Found this metal detecting yesterdayby Chipk
Unusual Painted Wood Thing (best I could come up with:)by theecce…
future heirloomby kayakro…
Unknown mystery sewing machine findby fleafin…
Singer 185K Sewing Machine Part Tooby fortapa…
Royal Navyby Lynch47
7' x 3' primative wood hand crank fiber dispenser??by Taisce
Singer Pedal Sewing Machingby thighland
Princess De Luxeby lovelym…
 Green Singer Sewing Machine Model RFJ8-8 1950s Portableby fortapa…
Elgin 302L ??by copper128
New Goodrich Sewing Machine Frameby Arkie10
Singer 221K7by vintage…
My Favourite Singerby vintage…
old button found metal detecting by joegreen67
Singer Industrial sewing machine by Kelly83m
A Surprise For brunswick
Stitchmaster, made in Japanby LauraLynn72
Swiss Madeby KrashKing
Embroidery peacock, gold silver and glass over black velvetby kivatin…
lewis junior invisible stitch sewing machineby recyclingfan
From My Mother brunswick
Grannies Atticby amandas…
Found in the woods in PA near an old house SStewart
Abraham & Straus Sewing Machineby luvvint…
Measuring Device?by DEwertt
Brunswick Sewing Machine (And Always Drive Prepared!)by SpiritB…
Commercial Singer Table with older Lewis Blind Stich sewerby Justmorestuff
Huge Silkwork Embroidered Trapunto Banner 1907 Cruise WW1by Vintage…
My Favorite Quiltby seasidecoll…
Not sure if it's a button,  you?by Ajentsmth
The Brooklyn Bridge Buttonby PegsBut…
Just foundby oldsoul73
Antique button hookby martika
1894 Electric Singer Sewing Machineby kerril
Cleaned Up Sewing Machineby SpiritB…
Standard Sewhandy (fully functionalby SGraves
Elizabeth Martha Mackay 1821by jjccphillips
vintage singer sowing machine/table by Txvntge…
My Unidentified Buttonby Stevenhull
Parlor or Drawing room Singer Cabinet by kpgreg73
A 1839 needle point art with poetryby Llcollec
Victorian embroidered eagle I  frameby Peytonleath…
Flapper Half Doll Holding a Spaniel Dogby vintage…
Another Tool Mystery by blotter_41
Lada(?) T121 (model 121?) vintage sewing Shepuz
Antique Buttonsby between…
vintage smallsby marered…
Late 1800s Button Charmstringby between…
Hand painted pin cushionby BoogysandBu…
Vintage Embroidered Table Runner Dresser Scarf Doily With Crocheted Edgesby StacyEW
Singer Sewing Machine by VBrown24
Neglected vintage White sewing machine needs indentifyingby Fountainwoman
Gold Plated Grape Scissorsby serrra79
Old sewing machineby Unicorn76
Vintage White Rotary Sewing machineby Barbara_1444 brunswick
Can someone tell me about this Folk Art?by Valerie…
Early Singer by Krob322
What is this?by Melsstuff
some kind of sewing gizmo by crazydanmusic
My collectionby kat1959
Small container that screws Ricko
Old Singer Sewing Machineby Tetzlaki
Cute little Sewing Caddieby Caperkid
Victorian Singer Sewing Machine from the 1800s. by AndieSk…
1874 Singer 12 Sewing Machine - Technology 150 Years Ago To Nowby SweetVi…
JUNE's PINCUSHIONby vetraio50
button found fossil huntingby BeaverDamCr…
14k Yellow Gold Antique Button Covers?by BillD
Sears, Roebuck and Co. Clipper Oil can.0295 litreby cheryl1609
Vintage Stud Buttonby madnil
Sewing machine by kat1959
Vintage Embroidered Postcard by SpiritB…
Antique National Unity Treadle sewing machine and cabinetby kpgreg73
Domestic Machines Electric Sewing Machine Motorby fortapa…
German thimbleby Chriswilliams
Scissors and Wood Case, ruler on the sideby jeneric
Singer 185K Green Sewing Machineby fortapa…
Early Brother Treadle Machine - worksby GAP
Nautical cross-stitch poemby Hunter
Vintage Baby Bonnet Crochet?by tonyduvet
Singer Sewhandy Child's Sewing Machineby mluna99
Webster de lux sewing machine by Gigi62
Great-Great-Great Grandmother's Quiltby HeyItsDebV
someone's treasuresby marered…
Primitive Block PrintStampby SamO
Treadle sewing machine baseby MaryInColor…
pure linen colonial sampler by cwoz
Acme Kirk Co Ltd by unlimit…
FOR NUTSABOTAS!!by brunswick
Isaac brunswick
Vintage Antique? primative Needle Work ? Sailor Woolie ?by lambertkh
Sewing What?by RichC12
This Peacock is killn' MeliG
Thimble in ivory case (I think)by Andy2270
1954 modern de luxe sewing machine with table by Savvi
Greist treadle sewing machine recent Yard sale find!by jenniec…
 Child Embroidery Kit Boxby Virgini…
gold button by debbieettery
mamysbuttonsby mamysbuttons
"The Bookworm" Print & Framed Needlework, Flea Market Findsby Efesgirl
Singer Buttonholer with all the parts and instructions, complete and very usefulby GeodeJem
Pinky and Blue boyby NanaM
How old is this Singer Sewing machine?by CalDuf
silver  baby rattle snuff/ sewing machine oil containersby TurdFer…
Western North Carolina button? Need help identifying by Clyde5545
Sewing machine tableby scubahottie…
Ceramic Buttonby spschouten
MW Zenith mystery machineby John_G
Wilson Rotary sewing machine series 127by Keithfed1
Picked up this gem today does any one know the year?by Skittle_22f…
New Home Parlor Cabinet with accessoriesby Carhob
Brewing Co. Button?by SpiritB…
help identify pleaseby Rus14
Pewter Lighthouseby Caperkid
Does anyone recognize this button?by AngrymanMX
A thimble by mowgli191
This is a thimble by mowgli191
Neddle case?by mowgli191
Two Thimbles by mowgli191
Mother's Pin Cushionby CardinalLady
1940's Miniature Sewing Mannequin by Manikin
Singer Touch & Sew 600Eby zookeeper247
Tie clip ?by Amandaj…
Adler Portable Sewing Machine Model 850-Bby Roderitch
Antique singer treadle 1889. Vs2 by Petitvi…
1903 Singerby freewalt02
Caught my eye?by Bubbles4But…
Very unusual button with native American imageby Timmany2
Button makes me curiousby Bubbles4But…
antique bone lace kyratango
No.... I do not melaniej
silk picturesby Peterdr…
Hook ?by antique…
Vintage sewing machineby Vintagebrow…
Metal Detecting Button Findby wowsk
What is this!by broknpl8s
Who is on this nice silver button???by madnil
Embroidery Sampler Picture .... ( in a Sense ) by antique…
R. &  J Dicks The Very Button made from possibly Guttapercha or Baltanby GeodeJem
My Markton, My Unknownby dghita
Mystery Family Samplerby elv60
Solingen De luxe machineby Jose310
My new favourite piece, but not sure what it was for? by MissMonty
Montgomery Ward S40 sewing machineby jnlyons4
Button mysteryby dlarsen
20 yd bolt of antique bird fabricby Aquahope
PAX metal portrait button by Bohemianpea…
Large signed hand-made sterling button from Mexicoby valenti…
Antique embroidery scissors ?by Chinesedragon
Brass Button Enamel Cat on Roof from Franceby BobbieE
Samuel Folwell school circa 1810by jgstaeger
B poor button 161 pearl st new yorkby CtTony7
Bradbury Sewing Machineby xanduran
Complete New Home Sewing Machineby SpiritB…
Vintage Sewing Boxby bonniec…
Found in a drawerby mooney343
Brother KR 850 Knitting machine ribber attachment, a useful item if you're a Crafty GeodeJem
Any info or help to identify these buttons? Leaswain
Silver thimblesby Newtimes
Gritzner Durlachby vkayea
Thimble Unknown Makerby Kicknit…
Sterling Silver Thimbels; one Art Nouveau by Agram.m
sewing etuiby betrimon
Framed Embroidery Panel..Label on back C.E. Ponsford London by powells29
Silver Head Light Buttonby AmyJoZ
My Grandmas pin holderby Jen1804
Early textile hand embroidered by southje…
Old quilt top given to me. Would like to know about how Grannieann
1892 Singer Sewing Machine With Coffin Lidby uru65
Looming tool by Iras
Older Sewing machine by Bcajja
Chinese Boys w/Firecrackers Silk Embroidery On Silk - Type of Needlework?by Celiene
Mom's Sewing Machineby S1115
Non-Singer Sewing Machineby badea_aleks…
Brooch / Scarf Pin / Necklace -- Embroidery Unknown Maker  Filigreeby antique…
Mom's Sewing machineby S1115
IDEAL sewing machineby Valesia
What is BusyB
dés à coudre de couturière - finXIXe à début XXèby museede…
meuble de mercerie -FILETA  vers 1930by museede…
ancienne boîte en copeaux - boîte àouvrage fin XIXeby museede…
cahier de couture - vers 1950by museede…
boule à repriser en cristal taillé overlay - vosges du nord vers 1900by museede…
repose-fer,  manufacture CAMION FRERESby museede…
Stumped about this oneby kitnrose
Singer sewing machineby ClaudiaMaria
Accordion Style Sewing Box, made in Romaniaby Kimmoss
Miniature 10 little Niger boys cotton reels with jokes aroundby Chelseadee
Woven Beaded Native American Strapby bradwho…
Beaded Native American Medicine Bagby bradwho…
Very old looking buttonby E.A.L.
Antique needle case with a Stanhopeby lovesvintag…
"mansion" labeled sewing mally311
Wondering what model this isby Kpet80
The Free sewing Machine Co. $11.66 pickby davekelejian
Antique Willcox & Gibbs Black & Gold Sewing Machineby davekelejian
my mystery vintage sewing machineby tleduke
Recycled sewing machineby Knockersfan
Antique Japanese Ivory Monkey Face Buttons ???by Westside66
17th Century silver tunic button ?????by Westside66
What is it?????by coathanger
Today's Find A Vulcan Senior Child's toy sewing machine made by singer in the 60'sby GeodeJem
Sewing chest/table by Tanni
Brunswick Electric Sewing Machineby Schairi…
1930s Mickey Mouse patterns by Earlydisney…
Black Forest carved needle caseby Vintage…
Cool button found metal detecting by Chefjuan
Sewing Machines Singer MFG by YaroslavaGu…
Antique Fluer-de-Lis buttonby MarcGarofalo
White Treadle Sewing machine by Kymberlin
Mystery sewing (or needlework) itemby maggoo73
Singer 66 Redeyeby fechols
My unknown toolby ampmdalton
1940s Vintage Sewing Patternsby AdeleBe…
1930s Vintage Sewing Patternsby AdeleBe…
Dewey Bob - the furriest button collector of all!by bobs
Old pin cushionby tiffany61
Spinning wheel from Hollandby Shkruem
Gracia Sewing Machine from Hollandby Shkruem
garage findby rifter256
Vintage Space Age Metal Button - Rocket and Sputnikby antique…
Very old and rare Singer sewing machineby liketoknow
Old quilt?by Ladhume
Singer Buttonholer and Case 1960by fortapa…
Brass Button Found by billypi…
unknown sewing machineby ryanjess
1904 Singerby Jchard
A soldiers button by NanaM
Vintage Coca Cola Quiltby shareur…
/////R Solingen Germany 133 Stork Scissors - Who is /////R and the Numberby JaW
What is this button?by pendrak frankie17
Sewing machineby garyjohn
My New Old Findby Tinibop…
Jean button??by Southernmag
My most treasured picture. by englishrose
My Grandmothers Sewing Machineby blossom
Wooden Stop Look Listen Railroad Buttonsby tickedoff
Jackson's Patent for No2 and No3 Buttons, for D & E Button Plates, no idea as to age or reason of GeodeJem
Victorian Grape Scissorsby DerBayz
Native American or African Basket?by mblaschke3
Vintage - PIN CUSHIONby antique…
Paragon model "P" Standard sewing machine made in Clevelandby kpgreg73
New Findby Kathysb…
Thomas Furniture, Ontario, 1946 Sewing Cabinetby Angela854
Miniature Acorn String Basket, 1890 With Provenance of Original Ownershipby Tlynnie…
Sewing Machine That Needs Workby TheMoreUKnow
Victorian Sterling Guilloche Sewing Kit/pendantby Agram.m
Any information pleaseby DeniseMF
Singer sewing machine year?by Victoria82
Steinway Grand treadle sewing machine in cabinetby LoraDerrixM…
1907 Golden Starby marushka
Antique buttonby Tcjones1
Vintage Sewing Tableby Havasuhelen
Singer Puzzle boxby kpgreg73
Singer Handcrankby kpgreg73
My 1893 Singer 27 by kpgreg73
Grandpa's garage findby nrhand7
Pennsylvaniaby PationChip
Beautiful Little Pierced EPNS Pin Tray From Englandby Efesgirl
1940 Golden Gate Exposition Singer 66(?)by Alex527
Kenmore sewing machine in cabinet model 117.305by patriciacro…
 VINTAGE (& NEW!!!)  Machine  Sewing Unit Model 15Jby rusticraven
what is this...any helpby ogdencr…
Cleveland 1910 White Rotary Cabinetby DLD
1950's apron with embroidered pot holder. by DeanneW
1960's Suit - Jackie O' DeanneW
1947 Womens slacks patternby DeanneW
White Bronze 1926 Sewing Machine......Mt. Vernon Cabinetby denise6254
Old needlepoint from childhoodby lndrozd…
Antique late 1800 shears with sheathby country…
1940's Peggy McCall  Mannequin in Original Patriotic Flag Dress WWIIby Manikin
Victorian Silver Sewing Tape Measure Filigree Hallmarked 1900 William Oliverby Davewilson1…
Unknown National 3/4 size, angular body, top tension Treadleby Tooker
Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme button sets..Lois Calkins by PegsBut…
Singer Model 66 Sewing Machine with Treadle 1927by fortapa…
This was going to get thrown TommyGiant
Mother of Pearl with Lady Holding Long Handle Basket Shirt Studby giolove…
Tiny gold-colored metal slipper lined with feltby Megatt
Weed FF sewing machineby sewingguy
Draw set for Cotton 1890/1900by collect…
Porcelain Thimble With Incised Marksby Ceramic…
My Mystery Sewing Machineby lolatu2002
The girl and the dog sewn painting by Rx8poly
4 sewn paintings by Rx8poly
Season ollection of 4 sewn paintings by Rx8poly
Antique National E Sewing Machineby Mercer50
Victorain Sampler 1856by collect…
Embroidered Harvest Ladiesby Sunnybr…
Sewing suitcaseby LuluX
Vintage Singer 600 Sewing Machine in wood desk cabinetby SGAppenzeller
Singer Console Sewing Machineby Macpac1997
 Howe Sewing Machineby cinamon…
German Transverse Sewing Machineby cinamon…
Longford (New Home) Sewing Machineby cinamon…
More Mystery Pfaffby cinamon…
singer v.s 3 parts listby cinamon…
early singer v.s3 with unusual decalsby cinamon…
Unknown Pfaff? if you can identify it please cinamon…
Unique thimble of Jesus with the 12 by Jetboss57
One of my Aunt's Buttons in her vast collectionby giolove…
found in atticby gmacrae
Button I foundby Waynos
Singer sewing machine by Bernardi52
Can anyone tell me the year and model this old singer sewing machine?by aysegul…
My Favorite Whatzit!  by Asheras…
Just like mine but betterby EdensGr…
Mystery uniform button--New York State?by thebuglady
Knitting / Sewing Boxby PaulnKi…
Tabitha sewing machineby Andy1970
My Mystery History Singer Sewing Machineby BernieZ
Unique Button I foundby Waynos
Domestic Sewing Machine Attachmentsby Janicelb1863
3 Wonderful Shakudo Buttonsby Bluboi
Hand woven South American cotton fabricby SuperSugar
Found at Pikes Peak State Park- early Steel Buttonby Rjkoresh
Dürkopp - Class 2 - High Arm TSby YonnaH
Graybarby chelsearoby
What are these?  Buttons?by Jamie15
Not your average feed sackby sewmomma
Shapleigh Rotaryby LTTUCK
A mystery item - what is this?by ldurham
Antique White Treadle Sewing Machine by lorna
??? Singer Sewing Machineby spuls
 I Inheritated a Singer Sewing Machineby spuls
Singer sewing machine oil metal charmso…
Unknown shuttle sewing machineby Hrt
Unknown Sewing Machine: HELPby mbourbeau12
Essex minature sewing machine, in good working order, grey main colourby GeodeJem
Vintage Knitting -- Thing-a-Bob ???? ( aka Spool Knitting)by antique…
1900-1909 Superior Bone Ringsby mxmarin…
Sewing items by mxmarin…
Patons and Baldwins "Patwin" Bakelite Rug wool Cutterby GeodeJem
Sterling Silver THIMBLEby antique…
A few buttons by mowgli191
Rare WW1 hand stiching made by a war orphanby valgibson
Thread Paintingby Lindapat
Mystery Sewing Implementby Optima
Wee Bonnie Hankies from Scotlandby maggiea
Antique Singer Pleating Machine, now with model numbersby alice_sp
Singer 66 - 1by DobbinDee70
Please help me identify this sewing machine!!by JudyM
Painted button?by bearmom
Face button, maybe bone?by bearmom
Big glass buttonby bearmom
Glass buttons, possibly oldby bearmom
Fishing, knitting, sewing??by Big-John
Found in an sewing box - by SharonSpencer
singer sewing machine passed downby yaletchko1982
Buttons by mowgli191
Fabric buttonby mowgli191
Blue button by mowgli191
Button by mowgli191
set of the same buttons by mowgli191
Button by mowgli191
Animal buttonby mowgli191
Buttonsby mowgli191
Metal buttonby mowgli191
Ivory Bone Jade buttons cardby PegsBut…
Buttons by mowgli191
Art Nouveau iridescent glss buttons Vladimir
Buttons by mowgli191
A few different kinds of buttonsby mowgli191
Buttons by mowgli191
Black/green buttonsby mowgli191
Buttonsby mowgli191
Art Deco Bakelite buttons Vladimir
Help ID old railroad buttonby vabuckhunter
St. Patrick's Day card with buttonsby PegsBut…
The work table:  If any of you have any  information such as style, era, description, would be appreciated. TIAby herbgrower
Singer's 1956 319w2 Sewing Machine" Green Machine"by Greenmachine
Bohemian milk glass buttons with giraffes!by Vladimir
Inherited Franklin sewing machineby driggs63
Shapleigh Model Bby Nollsgame
Empisalby badegg
1957 Singer 99Kby badegg
Brash? Sewing Machineby badegg
does anyone know what the name of this quilt pattern is? I have been told it is from late 1800sby sddean
Vintage Sewing Machine Singerby RuvintageFan
"Dog Is Man's Best Friend" 1934 Cross Stitch Framedby vintage…
Found in an antique shop in Corning, NY.  Metal buttonby cmclauss
Patchwork Multi-Color Slik Panal Handmade Quilt Circa 1910 - Queenby rloghry
Windsor treadle sewing machineby Birdsammy
Metal button with by cmclauss
Metal button with painted flowerby cmclauss
A dragon, or griffin, or some other heraldry?by cmclauss
Favorite Buttons by cmclauss
Handmade Quiltsby Mae_444
small umbrella with compartment insideby wendyi
Sterling silver cufflinks -gold plated -very unusual, fold open, Vintageby Masterp…
Sewing machine The Ideal B by Cloverfield
Singer Sewing Machine Brochure 1901 Pan American Exposition New Yorkby vintage…
Simons Bros. Thimble "Blanche" - what's in a name?by MamaT
Quiltsby Mae_444
W Bartleet & Sons sewing needle dispenser by JAGear
Buttons-The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!by Allison
Two old flower  buttonsby glasslove
Two-tone Singer model 301by HillTopPop
I need a 6 drawer White Cabinet or these type rblacketer
Railway Buttonsby surfdub66
What Can You Tell Me About This Button?by Allison
Chinese Qing Dynasty Silk Embroideryby Jaeter
Antique buttonby CarolynB
U.S. Indian Service uniform buttonby PegsBut…
Galena in metal antique buttonsby PegsBut…
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Ted_Str…
Dragon silk embroderyby Trilbie
Art Deco Half Doll Pin Cushion 1920sby vintage…
Art Deco Hanging Hand-Stitched Pot Holder Holderby vintage…
Art Deco Hand-Made Pillow From France 1920s/1930sby vintage…
Vintage Simplicity Large Store Pattern Sign 1930s (?)by vintage…
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Need help identifying this buttonby CC1313
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Art Deco celluloid buttons Vladimir
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 19th Century Chinese lacquered sewing boxby Rosebank
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My wife has a Singer sewing machine she got from her Great Grandmother We have the receipt. It was purchased in BumpyJack
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1873 to 1890 dated Levi Strauss & Co. button from Miner's wybearprs
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GEISHA EMBROIDERED framed 24x16 and GEISHA EMBROIDERED framed 14x17 1/2by mwdaredevl
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I can not find any information. please rangercheri
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Old Button. possibly an European military pswifey2005
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Army & Navy Needle Book - Germanyby aghcoll…
What Tension Asembely is correct for this machine theres no model#only serial # please helpby francisnelson
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 Seamstress Button Hole Gaugeby hotairfan
 19th century button ripper & 18th century seamstress toolby hotairfan
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5194 McCall PRINTED PATTERN by bratjdd
E3158 EXCELLA PATTERNS   1930"?by bratjdd
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1936 Texas Centennial Expedition Singer Featherweight with Cabinetby Loopygypsy
1954 Singer 301Aby corlando
Singer 1924 128by corlando
SEWING toolate2
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BUTTERICK #8361,8791 PATTERNSby bratjdd
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Wool Winderby BHock45
French (?) Antique Wonderful Decorated Silver Travel Sewing Kit by Agram.m
An old button mysteriously showed up on the floor of our just cleaned BryanL
Sterling silver Seem ripperby Jono
Wooden brass object with holesby aeon
German made treadle sewing machineby auntyjackie
Brunswick sewing machine, 83 rue Richeleur  Paris, designed treadleby Kriz
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"1939" C.N.E. Singer 15-91by Pam-and…
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Stud's collection saved by filmnet
Old woven basket that I just couldn't say no beata
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Waverly & Son sewing needle case, early BromptonLines
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ivory needleby jamiedpt
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Metal Hand Painted Pinsby CherylP
Dan Riccio elephant thimbleby pinkele…
BASKET NO. 3by antique…
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Schutz Sewing Machineby Antygo
BARREL TOP BOXby antique…
Interesting Old Manniquinby gvgordon
A lovely hand stitch Japanese picture on silkby Phatbud…
Margit Nilsen pattern from the forties!by minikin
My favorite wall hanging... The side of a sewing machine standby zengirl
 #EG823363 belongs to Singer model 99Kby Chezzal…
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Antique Tape Measures Collection -- Inspired by CW Member Kindyby epson233
Antique and vintage sewing stuffby kindy
Mystery Button found By Metal Detectorby NNJAL
Unidentified Singer  Sewing Machine 1885by tinytimthea…
Demi parure made of enameled Vict. buttons; pendant and earrings by Agram.m
Metal Thimble - Warsaw Polland - Need help to identify pleaseby Maggadora
Thimble - New York 1788 - Gateway to Freedom - Need help to identifyby Maggadora
Singer sewing macchines. From the Levy Strauss companyby newyorkinam…
My mystery, have no idea about this machine. Made in Czech, Mila brand, distributed in Brisbane Australia. Can't find anything?by Chezzal…
Cast Iron Spool Holder -- 1776 "A Stitch In Time Saves Nine"by epson233
Singer 222 Egyptian Scroll Featherweight -- Arleneby epson233
Antique Victorian (????) Brass Spool Holder with Pincushion by epson233
Really stunning Antique (?) Buttonsby kindy
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Singer Red Eye 66 I think, need help identifying corlando
Singer 1932 28K Handcrankby corlando
Singer 1893 sewing machine, I think it is a 127???by corlando
Mystery Scissorsby medimarketeer
"New York World's Fair 1964-1965" Singer 603Eby Pam-and…
Mystery Solved this is a Cord Threader -- BIG THKS TO BERNADETTEby epson233
restored singer toy sewing machineby epson233
sewing etui -- not an eggby epson233
hinged egg sewing etuiby epson233
sewing etui from a cigar boxby epson233
red cardinal sewing etuiby epson233
half doll hatpin holder or pin cushionby epson233
DIMINUTIVE vintage MOP buttons black 1/4" new old stockby buttong…
Vintage mother of pearl buttons 1" milky white new old stockby buttong…
Mother of pearl vintage buckle/slides measures under 1". mossy green colorsby buttong…
Vintage Mother of pearl DISC over 1" new old stock goldenby buttong…