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Red Coleman Lantern.. an original piece of American cpbigd
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Vintage Optimus No.48 Stockholm Sweden Brass Lanternby whitman75
Some Dug up items 2015by Caperkid
Coleman Kerosene Lanternby Caperkid
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Two Dietz Lanterns ( Blizzard & Wizard )by maxiebaby0914
Antique Brass Coleman Protect-A-Lite Lanternby whitman75
Rusty blue eyed frog candle holderby toracat
Army Gas Lantern by Bigsarge
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Very rare Coleman Camping Fuel Containerby kanukster
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Tonka Camping Orange Color  Heaterby jar-head
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Lenk Mfg Lanternby mugdiller
1940's Little Wizard Kerosene Lantern, by the Dietz Co. of New Yorkby northwe…
New In Box Turner Temp~A~Trol Compact Camp Stove Model # 3030. by danieljkraft
Coleman Lanternby bjones2007
coleman lantern by blair
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