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Vintage/Antique 1834 J. Russell & Co 12 Mother Of Pearl Knives by tom61375
DJ Korea "Marquis" Pattern Spoonby aghcoll…
 Hildesheimer ROSE? Tablespoonby boguste…
Silver chargerby Antique…
russian silver spoonby getthat…
Wm A. Rogers Silverplated Demitasse Spoons by fixitjmc
Rockford Silver Plate Co. /Quadruple Plated Glove Box #3027 / Circa 1882-1924by mikelv85
Hand-made 50 year-old flatware (utensils) from Jezzine, Lebanonby PVAO
Dame Stoddard & Co Boston Sterling Cake knifeby filmnet
spoonsby aubrieernst
Spoons (partial) collection by Jean by aubrieernst
Cutlery Settingby Zowie
Art Deco Ice Tongs - United States Lines, International Silver cosmicd…
WM Rogers MFG Co. Silverplated Table Knife - 1939 World's Fair Theme Building - New York Cityby BHock45
Mystery tea/cake setby bev238
Old flatwareby Annedine
Souvenir Knife Set - Israel - Silverplated & Stainless Steelby BHock45
Unknown cutlery itemsby Karen1500
1847 Rogers Bros knifeby ABsHelper
J&J H(?)all spoonsby ABsHelper
Coin Silver Spoon S. KIRK & SONby BHock45
Silver Plate German flatware by the Uhren Gold & Silver Co. Landstrul Pfaizby catheri…
Silverplate Strainer Spoon w/a Large Bowl & an Acorn Cut in Handle~Use?by Budek
Charter Oak Oyster Ladleby Collect…
Assorted Silver~Silverplate Pieces, Spoon Spoon Fork~2 Marked, any Thoughts?by Budek
Ambassador silver, can not find this name anywhere?by filmnet
Gorham N79 spoon with Ebony woodby filmnet
Ambassador spoons and E.P. Zinc from Italy salad tongby filmnet
Northwest Airlines Silver Plated Fork?by BHock45
Nils Johan 4" Silver Plated Appetizer Forkby BHock45
antique spoon found at a garage saleby fitter475
Fraget Silver Plated Fork 1896-1915by BHock45
Sage ?by musikchoo
Silverplated Spoon Marked: HEPP PFORZHEIM 90Gby BHock45
WM Rogers Silverplated Presidential Spoon Setby BHock45
Silver Plated Forks Marked "Erjo" 90by BHock45
Mystery Teaspoons Silverplate with Glass Screw Off Bead At Topby treasurehunt
Holmes & Edward Inlaid Silverplateby melaiki
Lobster or nut picks?by Guinness12
Are these Colonial Airline flatware as well?by Convair
1847 Rogers Bros. Silverplateby jsw14