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My WW2 Collection ~ Sten MK II

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Posted 5 years ago


(51 items)

This is a very small part of my WW2 collection of weapons, personal equipment and ephemera. First photo: from lower left in clockwise direction; late war/post war issue blade bayonet and scabbard for Lee Enfield Service Rifle, pre-war and war issue "pig-sticker" bayonet and scabbard for Lee Enfield Service Rifle, canvas sling for the Lee Enfield No.4 Service Rifle, Mk2 Sten* sub-machine gun with spare magazine and magazine hand-loading tool, and finally the famous Fairbairn-Sykes Commando fighting knife and sheath (for sewing to trouser leg or somewhere on the battledress as decided by the individual British Commando). All in good condition. Photo 2: Magazine detached. Photo 3: Insert magazine. Photo 4: Cock weapon and move cocking handle to "safety" position.

*Nicknamed by the troops that used them: "The Plumbers Delight" because they looked like (and actually were) made out of "pipes", often in small workshops and even garages! Those were desperate times.

Many casualties were sustained by the British soldiers going into battle, from their own squad member's Sten Guns, when climbing fences, moving through brush, the weapon slung on the back; with the cocking handle being caught by an obstruction and being slipped out of the safety "notch" and the bolt released forthwith onto the live round, causing it to be discharged with unforseen and dreadful consequences!

For an excellent historical summation of the STEN sub-machine gun see:


  1. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    I've had 2 MKII's in the past 3 yrs(might have been 3) but we can't really talk about that. They still float around & do what has to be done just fine.
    The blud'clot bolt was a problem on blow-back. That's why the put the "tap-in" bolt lock on the actuating lever. You do have that feature?
    They can also fire if dropped on the butt with no bolt-lock. Had an early Schmeisser that I figured was safer to carry cocked & in the safety slot. Not good for the recoil spring for long periods but it wasn't usually necessary for long.
    Open bolt has the advantage of the heavy bolt countering the recoil but aim is slightly thrown off on the 1st shot but if you are good, you take over after that if it is a reasonable rpm. Closed bolt has the 1st rd. accurate but then goes down hill if the weapon only fires with a closed bolt. It's a balance that is hard to decide on.
    The allemand had the safety problem & it wasn't any more satisfactory as any other sys.. You still had to make that extra move before you could fire.
    I've been shot but it wasn't because of that extra move. Because I hesitated.
  2. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Blunderbuss2, thanks for your reply, all you say is true and VERY insightful! And functioning bolt lock (naughty I know) but here it is! You know your weapons (or "firearms" as all these civilian shooters keep telling me to say!!...whatever!). I too have been shot...because I got in the way! ........but only my right calf nothing serious!
  3. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Got in the left calf & took out 2" of bone. "When the bullet hits the bone" is true. It is said, "If U don't feel it, it's serious". There was no doubt in my mind that I had the most minor wound that could be received, because it hurt like hell! The guy getting me out was in more shock than me as he was supporting me on my right side. My heel hurt as much as the wound & only later the bullet was found in the heel of my boot. I was walking on it! That really hurt!
    Ah, shit happens! The secret to life is knowing where U r going to die. Then just don't go there!
  4. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    What cal. did U get shot with? Hit the bone? I've been around when people get shot & actually been told that it didn't hurt much. After my experience, I have actually told one, "Just give it a minute & it will hurt like hell". Didn't seem to ever really bother him. Hitting the bone obviously makes the diff..
  5. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Shotgun/buckshot muscle damage, certainly not life threatening! Had to wait for industrial accident for that (fractured leg, back and pelvis, then pulmonary embolism but thats another story which would benefit no-one!)
  6. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    I had my aortic valve replaced 2 yrs ago & that didn't hurt as much as being shot! The morphine the Fr. love so much, may have been a more unpleasant feeling.
    The fairbairn Sykes was sewed on? I wondered & thought the 4 slots were for a double strap around the leg. Learned something.
    Now, 303, I've told you my problem & I'm trying to ween myself from CW. It's not easy with what U keep posting. Hell, I just drooled on my keyboard again! Please don't poste this juice stuff for maybe a week? By then, maybe I can find a support group!
    I fear that you may poste a brass-framed Lancaster & my keyboard will short out & burst into flames.
  7. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    By the way, that buck-shot thing happened to a friend. I told him, "If you look like a turkey, stay out of the woods during turkey season". He didn't laugh but I don't think he could at the time.
  8. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago can do with a brass framed Lancaster!.....but if you don't want anymore juice stuff...we'll just forget about the rare Lanchester! :) P.S. You'll be very happy to hear that from tommorrow morning (and it's now 05:10 Hrs in UK) I'll be away for a whole week! Bye for now! :)
  9. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    So I have another reason for thanking somebody's God other than not being born french?
  10. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    .......................................................................... LOL
  11. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    303, it hasn't been easy, but I made it thru 4 days without clk'n email me --- when. I fell off the wagon today for an old coin. It isn't easy! There is something out there, "you want to see & can't name" but don't want to miss it if it comes around!
    I seriously think it is an addiction. Glad you aren't taking offense with my "off-centre" jokes. I'm sarcastic because we live in sarcastic times. Vase era seems to be getting watered-down. Of course other crap has filled in .
  12. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    PS: Notice you have the brass finger lever reloading tool, but of course I know nothing about these things. I haven't been able to find one, only the cheap lever type.
  13. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Back again after my 7 days away from any possibility of contact with CW...or Must get down to posting again! blunderbuss2.. you are right, it borders on addiction! All those lovely collectable things out there!!
    Thanks for the "love it's" from officialfuel, AR8Jason, Manikin and mustangtony
  14. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Cheers Sean! Yup I'm back, good to be back, nice to see you all!
  15. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    I welcome yo r'as back.
  16. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago missed yer sens'o'humor, ma friend! :)
  17. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    Steve, I posted something that's not watch, unless you mean "Watch Out". thought you and blunderbuss2 might enjoy. Vintage, but not as old as these. Here's the short-cut:
  18. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Hi kerry! Had a visit, left a message, took your item and put it in my "collection"!!!!! :O
  19. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Thanks to: RonM, kerry10456, collector4evr, ttomtucker, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, BELLIN68, musikchoo, trukn20, Dr_Rambow, petey, miKKoChristmas11, mrmajestic1, pw-collector! 17
  20. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Go see blunderbuss2's excellent "gun" book post including the Sten:

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