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Old,old pistol

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Posted 5 years ago


(163 items)

An Asa Waters 1836 Model .54 cal martial pistol dated 1840. It is an arsenal converted flintlock to percussion. In beautiful condition with hardly any pitting & cartouches on stock.
Bought it by accident just trying to learn how to bid on an auction site. Considering devaluation(called inflation by the gov't) of the dollar, it was about 1/5th of 1950's prices!
Well, I got a bullet mold and we took it out and shot it. If you are shooting at something at 5 metres, - aim 1 metre to the right! It's on loan to the dutch musee' until I can figure a way to send it out. Tried to go the legal paperwork route but as usual, it's easier & cheaper from here to smuggle it out.
Last pic is for my ole buddy, Helms. It is probably the "weapon of mass destruction" Bush claimed we were after in Iraq!
PS: I didn't see a category for "imaginary weapons of mass destruction".


  1. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    I know what photo 4 is lol
  2. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Kerry, that's a secret! Don't tell anyone, OK.
  3. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Oh...nice...Nice...NICE!!! U naughty man ....i'm guessing SXM would not be too "chuffed" with photo 4??? (P.S. too many "bevvies" last night?...It's not "Helms"'s "Hems" in what you find round the bottom of a ladies skirt...LOL) BTW if you want a "posting war" WELL..... I am gonna up the about a complete restoration series on our Daimler Ferret Scout Car??
    Just don't know what section to put it under. P.S The pistol is just absolutely superb...I can NOT top that by anything I can post (except perhaps by bringing up the heavy armour!!!)

    Steve (Hems)
  4. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    .............that is Daimler Ferret WITH .30 Brownings x2 + Full Equipment Schedule (CES) including Mills Grenades!!!!
  5. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Here you go blunderbuss me'ole china! Jus fur you my friend ;)
  6. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    What a "ting"! Big-boy toy. Didn't sound noisy to me, sounds beautiful. Wonder if the Waters with a ball-bearing would put a dint in it? That might only be done safely from cover with a string on the trigger.
    Anyway, LOVE IT!
  7. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    That Waters is the ABSOLUTE business. I have always been cursing at the "stinkpole" users down the range, but looking at your posts has enthused me...I might even move down the shooting benches to the downwind section and take up black powder certainly has that certain "charisma" AND style!!! Especially this beaut UK we are not allowed ANY pistols since the horrific Dunblane shootings...EXCEPT black powder, so I'm definately thinking along those lines now!
  8. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    "Stinkpole", how dare U! Well, I guess i have to admit they might smell kind of like a 2 day old chamber-pot when shot,(maybe a lot like,OK). Until U develop a like of the smell, just stand up-wind. Do I have to teach u everything? Ever move in to fast after commercial explosives? "Dynamite-migrane" is really bad!
    If U do decide to try B/P, consult somebody with experience. There are a number of tricks that can keep U from getting frustrated. I started shooting .58 civil war(U.S.) m/l rifles at age 9 & now 66. It's a fun hobby & you can work-up the right loads at the range instead of having to go back to the reloading bench unless to cast a diff. bullet.
    You learn to like the smell almost as much as cordite. Well, maybe not that much. Maybe as much as napalm.
  9. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    So any guns are dewat or what? The U.S. gov't is even afraid of dewats with good reason!
    "taxation without representation" has now turned to "taxation with misrepresentation". Good thing I don't live in the States & have to decide.
    It's coming Helm! It's on the horizon. You will soon see when you run out of "stuff". I'm going to "deck you" when the time is right & U can't top it,( I doubt).
    Of course you have been full of surprises!
  10. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Hi blunderbuss2
    I'm not entirely sure this last comment was directed to me (it's not a chat room after all) but what is "dewat".
    P.S. I don't know your name...can't keep calling yo Blunderbusssssss222222 all the time, and it's "Hems"....but just call me.....

  11. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Hem(got it right this time). A dewat is a demil'd weapon by welding the chamber etc..
    I've got something in the closet that will knock your socks off & you are going to love it. I'm waiting to see your best before I drop this on CW. Be careful not to drool on your key board like you've made me do when the time comes.
    Oh, and Steve, I go by Honky, Shake n Bake or Lucas. I've also been called Bum'ble clot enough to where I instinctively respond.
  12. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Good enough! :) I'll use the more polite names for sure.......unless that mysterious threatened post really does knock my socks off. Anyway it's all relative. I think this Asa Waters has as much kudos or cred, than all my posts put together (well almost), but you must be well pleased you have it (well the museum HAS it a the moment, but you know what I mean!) Cheers Lucas!

  13. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Steve, actually I encourage "Honky" here. Found long ago that the way to counter prejudice is with humour. It seems to work so stick with a formula that works. After 39 yrs in the caribes, all white people look alike to me also. That is not a joke.
    I've almost saved enough money for the departure tax, - just don't know where to go!
  14. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Steve, you're fishing for hints. OK, bigger than a bread box & smaller than a 20" container. I will have to take pics of pics with the digital since this goes back to the '60's. There are too many pics to post on CW & get the full effect. We were nick-named the" Hole in the wall gang" because of it. You will love it! Think Amer. Civil War(War for Southern Independence).
    I'm having fun with you now. Another hint: 1,465 lbs. & faster than a .38 special.
  15. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
  16. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    Well you haven't told me if I can use your Nick or proper name yet, but I thought I'd post a "Pretty" piece for you. Nice "Vintage" small cal piece. I got it the other day, just because the wife said"Jes, that's pretty, is that the one we came to the auction for?" Well it wasn't, but it's only been fired at the factory and it is with the factory taget and box. Bought is well worth the money, Now she thinks she need it, good little "Ladies" hide-away. I'll post shortly.
  17. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Is she German? I taught that last kraut girlfriend how to shoot & then thought, We know what happens from history when the Hun gets guns. She knew where I kept the guns so I had to hide the ammo. Now, what good is an unloaded gun? Just 1 rd in the chamber is all she would need! Later proved to be a good decision. LOL
    If it's a .25, just remember that if somebody tells the person you shot that you shot them, they might get mad.
  18. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    No , bad combo, 1/2 American Indian and Irish. LOL on the 25, I've found that to be true, but they are helpful in a fist fight. But so is a roll of quarters.
  19. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Good kerry!
  20. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    got it posted, and it's not a vase, but pretty, lol
  21. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Blud'clot pc went crazy when I tried to do that last reply. At least with a roll of quarters, you don't get charged with a weapons charge. I'm assuming that that they consider a .25 a weapon in the States or wherever. .22 is a lot,lot better.
  22. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Hi blunderbuss2...heres a link to my "best" you might like to peruse...and yes this did happen on a British motorway (freeway)....and yes it is fully ......ah...hmmm....forgot what I was going to say.....anyway Enjoy!
  23. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    I'm afraid I'm away for another 7-8 days on business, so I guess I'll have to wait for your response till I get back...don't go posting anything real juicey until I get back now! ;)
  24. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Great! Who owns it?
  25. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    Well I'll bring out the big boy toys. blunderbuss2, you said something about your life and Aircraft in an earlier comment and I have determend, that you enjoy weapons, Okay here's some of my childhood memories. . And the weapons loaded on this older airframe were placed there by me. Before I got older, I played with Bombs, Missiles, Napalm, Rockets and 20mm gun-pods. Then deciede to become an EOD and ran with the jungle crew. I do understand stressful and close quarter conflict. But found that when it came time for me to practice my special little talents, everybody else would disappear, at least 50-100 meters away. gotta love those special little jobs. Enough rambling here the link to the "Bird"
  26. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Kerry, c'est bon, but I'm into "ole" time stuff.
  27. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Hi blunderbuss, there is a small group of us (all members of the MVT) with various mil vehicles like the Ferret I'm doing the series on, this T55 is (was) one of them...sold on now (and sadly missed) so I suppose it's an ex-big boyz toy! But it is the "biggest gun" I had available to post.... so I have nothing more impressive in the arsenal. Talking of "guns"; the "tube" on the T55 was live because it was classed as an obsolete calibre so did'nt need dewating (is that the term you used?) England it is termed "Deactivating"....probably the same thing!
  28. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Yeah, same thing. Keep your towel & white flag next to the keyboard. There is a lot of history when I post so will do it later today.
  29. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Ready to drool!!!! Towel at hand...check! White flag......possibly
  30. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Talking of "dewating"/"deactivating"....some of our military vehicles that have a "live" gun tube which is not obsolete, can by very obscure UK Government regulations; be legally held just by having it included on a Shotgun Licence (Certificate). But it must be smoothbore (Sabot projectile) and the barrel must be over 24 inches! It's a mad world!! :O
  31. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Yeah, it's a mad world. French law prohibits military calibres so you can't carry around a 9m/m, .45 etc. but .357 or .44 mags. are ok. Go figure. Of course there are other semi-reasonable restrictions.
  32. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Hi blunderbuss2..I'm back (again)...The French are, with all due respect; strange creatures. They made a big thing about commemorating "D-Day" and we had an official invite to take some restored ex-military vehicles for the commemoration parades around St Mere Eglise. Once there we were "arrested" by the local gendarmerie....because we were in "unathorised possesion of prohibited military equipment".....(that wasn't even semi-reasonable, just downright rude from our "hosts")
  33. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Sorry should have said...that was in 2004....perhaps they have changed since then.....non?
  34. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Non. May have used my D-day jokes before but here it is again,"When the allies hit the beaches in Normandy, - the Germans thought they were being liberated, - from the French". I can understand how Germany took France so easily during the war, - I just don't know why they wanted to stay so long? The only reason the Germans fired any shots on D-Day was because they thought it was more French whores & baguette sales women. Garlic bread was invented by French farm women carrying baguettes home under their arm pit.
    Sure hope their aren't too many "frogs" following CW.
  35. Hems303 Hems303, 5 years ago
    Living just over "the ditch" from them, we are often drawn to visit. The "proper" Frenchies are, on the whole VERY inhospitable to us "Roast Beefs" (French sneering term for us English)....on the other hand the "Normans" and "Bretons" are really brilliant folks and very welcoming...even the Parisian or "proper" French look down on them as well as us. (Honky, I think we had better change topic, or you delete some of these comments before you get some Francophiles complaining to Hunter and getting your whole post pulled! Which will be doing the Waters a complete disservice!)
  36. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    Yo mon. Maybe it is time to frog-out.
  37. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 5 years ago
    More French merde. Invited to shoot the Browning today at the Fr. gun club but when I pulled it out was told to put it away as too many people had shown up & it wasn't registered. They have to record every gun fired on the range & so I couldn't shoot mine because of the ridiculous rule that unlicensed weapons can't be fired there. How stupid! Fr. Coast guard friend said it was OK when it was just us there. My Duane friend couldn't make it either with the MP5. Well shot his Glock.

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