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Lady Steamboat -- aka Biker Baby (at least for this week)

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Posted 2 years ago


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We call her Lady Steamboat -- she is the guest greeter of the home and the most felt up and photographed lady in the gated community of Steamboat Landing -- I got such a kick out of Toracat's Drunken Monk Statue posting I thought I would share my shame -- the 3th pic is my early Christmas gift from ted -- he was on sale this week and Ted knew I was quite attached to him -- we christened him Phillip Morris Ciggy -- reminds me -- with the pill box style of hat -- of the old Phillip Morris cigarette commercials -- ergo the name
Lady Steamboat has her hat changed quite often -- based on Ted's mood of the week -- my favorite is the fedora -- we have a lot of fun with her and so do the neighbors -- always fun to hear the husband's beg to have the wife take a pic while he feels her up -- oh goodness such a life if you don’t weaken
12/19 wardrobe change by request -- "you made me do it -- i didn't wanta do it -- i didn't wanta do it" ted's idea -- i tried to clean her up a little and at least put on an apron


  1. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, 2 years ago
    I love the greeter and the skyscraper style set of drawers, the dog butler, especially the greeter. Never seen anything like her !~Phil.
  2. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    thanks phil -- glad you can see the pics -- they are not showing up on my side -- just sent ben an email for some assistance -- have a great day
  3. toracat toracat, 2 years ago
    I do not know where to start! I love everything in your photos!! The butler! wow and the lady! wow wow! Don
  4. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    thanks toracat -- sure glad you guys can see the photos -- they are not showing up on my side as of yet -- ben with collectorsweekly is trying to help me -- he said to hold down the shift key and hit the refresher button -- problem is i can't find the button in any of my pull downs or on this key board -- daaaaaaaa feeling a little stupid here in vancouver wa :( :( :(:(
  5. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, 2 years ago
    I find that the pictures show to other people better sometimes. I have had the same trouble and never mentioned it but I assumed other people were seeing the photos, I think the problem will go away on its own in time, like it did for me on several occasions !~Phil
  6. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    thanks phil -- it is not quality -- i absolutely have no pictures -- unless i go into edit and then all 4 are there -- ben on cw said to go into my post site and hit the shift key and return key at the same time and perhaps they would appear -- but the little stinkers are still floating around out there in na na land -- oh well as long as you guys are seeing them what the hay -- have a great evening
  7. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    hey hey hey -- my gremlins gone -- i can finally see the post pics -- hate being in the dark -- thanks to all for the wonderful comments and a very special thanks to "just plain ole ben" with collectorsweekly --
  8. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    thanks bellin -- your making sadie and i blush -- ya i know us bad girls lack that gene -- but thought we'd try the softer demeanor style tonight -- most think sadie looks like mae west -- i have to agree -- she did remind me of mae when she flew in my door off ebay -- "wha don't ya come up and see us sometime big boy" -- hugs bellin have a great evening -- need to get busy with posting some items on the flip side of this site -- if you get my drift
  9. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    sounds good bellin -- ok -- done posting -- now it's play time -- as chucky would say -- oh that's evil -- going next to check out your postings and see what you've been up to
  10. clockerman clockerman, 2 years ago
    Wow she has very very nice knees.
  11. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    hi clockerman -- knees!!!!!!!!!!!! -- what are you a saint -- just kidding you right along -- lol -- thanks for leaving a comment on her -- have a great day
  12. Bazelmania Bazelmania, 2 years ago
    Love her knees too !!! A real beauty.
  13. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    ya right bazelmania -- you guys aren't fooling me where your eyes are landing -- happy holidays
  14. Bazelmania Bazelmania, 2 years ago
    Happy holidays to you too epson, and I'm sorry I accidentely payed notice :-)
  15. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    happy holidays to you also bazelmania and to all the cw lovers out there that visit my postings
  16. clockerman clockerman, 2 years ago
    wow she has a face also verrry nice
  17. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    thanks cockerman -- ya ya face face -- it's the body i wouldn't mind having
  18. trunkman trunkman, 2 years ago
    uh -- you may want to edit your thanks -- its clockerman... it was worth the smile though...
  19. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    hi trunkman -- ok clockerman -- trunkman caught me -- HHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE -- sorry clockerman -- i did not do that intentionally -- i swear on my dad's grave that was a slip of the fingers this morning -- i'm on my knees -- please pleaseeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeee forgive meeeeeeeeeeee -- am i a good whinner or what!!!! love you guys
  20. trunkman trunkman, 2 years ago
    I love her because she is guarding the trunk -- I have a monkey guarding mine -- wanna trade?
  21. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    hi trunkman -- the trunk moved -- it's by the stairs -- all she's got to watch is the dang dog -- ciggy phillip morris -- poor girl-- no wonder she has her privies covered -- will have to take a look at your monkey
  22. clockerman clockerman, 2 years ago
    man you guys have minds that are in the gutter
    hahahahahaaaaa what monkey?????
  23. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    hi clockerman -- really must stay focused when i type out that handle of yours -- minds in the gutter - uh -- not us -- so what's your point margaret -- LOL
  24. clockerman clockerman, 2 years ago
    Hey,,,methinks you should do a John Ashcroft and place that shawl over her gorgeous body ,,,good gag...Thanks for sharing your L. STEAMBOAT Hehe love it um er her I mean. I'LL have her over anytime,,,,oh man ,,there are so many good wood jokes but I am not going there... Hahahahaa. I BET SHE FLOATS VERY WELL,,and not only because of the WOOD either...stop,,,your killing me.
    I'M here all week.
  25. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    hi clockerman -- i though about listing her title as "Male Eye Candy" -- we are having way toooo much fun with this one -- on new years eve -- she not only floats but does a wa toosie after a couple of martinis and for halloween -- oh we won't even go there on that one -- thanks for your good sense of humor -- you quack me up
  26. clockerman clockerman, 2 years ago
    LOL yes we are having way too much fun,,,Great krak here.
    wa toosie hahahahahahaa

    She is probably not a good dancer,,,too stiff..
    lol thanks.
  27. disneypoppop, 2 years ago
    Olive Oil with implants?
  28. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    hi again clockerman and also hi disneypoppop -- olive oil with boobs -- that's a good one and clockerman -- your a man after my own heart -- just plain dirty and fun
  29. kerry10456, 2 years ago
    Popeye would be fighting off more that Brutus, LOL. Just stopped by to wish you and Yours a "Happy Holiday".
  30. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    thanks kerry -- ted is more than handful for her -- he decided she needed to be a biker girl this week -- so she is currently sporting her black leather skull cap -- now just try and visualize olive oil with a leather skull cap -- ya that one quacks me up too -- lol to you and wishing you all the very best for this and the coming years
  31. kerry10456, 2 years ago
    You've got to get a photo of that, lol. Thanks for the holiday greetings and have a great night.
  32. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    ok kerry10456 -- you got it -- made ted take off some of the other getty up and go blings he had placed on her this week -- i try to clean her up -- those two are trouble makers from the get go
  33. kerry10456, 2 years ago
    LOVE it, reminds me of an old girl friend, back in the day. :-)
  34. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    oh ya right kerry -- the one that got away -- have a great day kido
  35. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, 2 years ago
    No, not the right thing to do, the saying is ok, but she was not meant to be covered !~
  36. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    your right phil -- i took the apron off after the pics -- she is in her sexy fedora again -- that's my fav look on her -- enjoy the day -- finally have the sun here in vancouver, wa
  37. kerry10456, 2 years ago
    She didn't get away, lol, she's still here, oops, better be stopping there. ;-)
  38. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    your kidding me -- you guys got together -- now there is a story -- hey great job on the apple peeler -- you nailed that puppy
  39. kerry10456, 2 years ago
    Long story, short version. 5 daughters, 12 grand daughter and 1 grandson
  40. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    that sounds like a very nice family kerry -- enjoyed flipping shinola with you guys tonight -- nighty night
  41. ho2cultcha ho2cultcha, 2 years ago
    the lady has a six-pack, plus a two-pack of 45s, but i love the pup!
  42. epson233 epson233, 2 years ago
    ok ho2cultcha -- ya got me by the antlers on that one so you will have to explain "the lady has a six pack plus a two pack of 45" -- perhaps getting a little late for me or --- i'm just plain thick -- lot of jokes went over my head also

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