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Posted 4 years ago


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Musikchoo posted one his father-in law had and it remindered me that I had these in the closet. I've never shot either of them. My father-in law passed away in 2000 and I'm very happy to these... Mostly to remind of him and his generosity. He was a great guy and as much a father to me as my own dad....


  1. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    Both repros. but go shoot them. You may find that you enjoy the old smoke poles like thousands others do. Be sure to put grease, like Crisco etc., over the loaded bullets in the revolver. First time I fired an orig. Colt, one bullet went down range, 2 went out each side & the 6th was driven into the cavity of the loading plunger. I'm a fast learner & it didn't happen again. Use patched balls in the single shot.
  2. scottvez scottvez, 4 years ago
    Agree-- good shooters.

    I don't shoot antique guns at all-- I am risk averse!

    Too many stories of injury and loss of value.

  3. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    Scott, if they are in good condition & you use blk. pdr., why not. I've shot probably 80-100 originals without any problems, almost. Last was just a joke. Usually the bores have pitting & affects accuracy. Still fun to shoot. Of course you have to consider that I shot my 1st .58 C.W. contract musket(rifle) at 9 yrs old in 1955. I'm sure you can tell by my posts that nothing bad happened to me. Eh, what did you say? Well, there was a little matter of a bullet thru my leg, but it wasn't an antique gun, I wasn't doing the shooting & my leg should have known better than to be in harms way when it was being shot at. All said, I've had safer luck & less pain with blk. pdr. guns! I've been trying to learn how to run faster than 2800 per second.
  4. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    Toolate2, No comments from you leads me to think you just threw this out for bait for us fools. Delete one of those.
  5. scottvez scottvez, 4 years ago
    I'd rather shoot an inexpensive repro than risk any damage to an original.

    Years ago CW reenactors shot original weapons, now almost all use reproductions.

  6. musikchoo musikchoo, 4 years ago
    You've got some special memories there !! Great post toolate2 !!
  7. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    Scott, you need to look at the prices vs. originals more objectively. Repos. are quite often exceeding orig.'s in price. Curator of the French musee' here was asking me about this with interest in period dressed & armed soldiers for the fort & for certain fetes etc.. After showing him prices of repros as opposed to orig.'s he saw that it would be cheaper to go with orig.'s plus they would be true additions to the musee' where repros were foreign to the concept. Of course you don't just look in a catalogue for originals & have to search. Keep in mind that they are not looking for U.S. weapons which tend to be much more expensive.
  8. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks everybody for all the love! I wasn't ignoring you guys, just watching a movie with the family....Snow White and the Huntsman... Pretty good! Glad you guys enjoyed seeing the guns!
  9. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    come on toolate, you were just wiggling the bait by bobbing the cork. LOL
    P.S. Scott, I can't remember an accident with originals that wasn't due to stupidity, such as using smokeless pdr. Many more accidents occur with modern guns because of stupidity(often referred to as accidents)
    OK toolate, you can put on another movie if it isn't "toolate2". Pun intended.
  10. scottvez scottvez, 4 years ago
    I am specifically talking about weapons that I have owned:

    Civil War handguns and longarms and early American flintlocks.

  11. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks jamie and walks!!
  12. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks kerry, Mani, tt, phil, and poop!! Poop??
  13. kerry10456 kerry10456, 4 years ago
    Nathan, "Poop" is really "Nate"
  14. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    I saw Hello Nate!!!
  15. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    Well Kevin, I can't claim the "fog of battle" but will the fog of a 12 yr. old suffice?
    My 1st shooter at 9 yrs old was a .58 Parker Snow contract musket/rifle in good condition that I paid either $15 or 25 for. In the 50's & 60's you could buy very good condition shooters cheap. I can't count all the Civil War guns I've owned.
    Think Scottvez would be interesting to get into details with.
  16. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    I've found that almost any non-cartridge blk. pdr. in any decent condition is safe to fire. I don't shoot old shotguns so can't give credit to the accounts/myths of Damascus barrels un-raveling etc.. I require that the breech-plug come out so I can inspect the breech area & have soaked them for months in Liq. Wrench to get them loose. I once soaked an 1849 model pocket for a year to get all the nipples out.
    Basically, a good condition muzzle-loader is safe to shoot. I don't think it is possible to overload one as the powder that doesn't burn is just thrown out the muzzle. I can't verify that with modern substitutes. Steel ramrods have been shot out of contract rifles many times with no damage to the gun. Extra powder just simply won't burn or build up dangerous pressures in confined space. You can double or triple charge a muzzle-loader with no adverse effects other than some extra kick if the gun is in good condition. I've had over 50 yrs experience with shooting originals. I'm sure there will be screams from people who think they know it all when it comes to these, but I have just laid out the truth.
  17. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks pops52!!
  18. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    You aren't going to pop a few caps & report back?
  19. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    blunderbuss2, I don't think either of these guns have ever been fired....And after "listening" to your's and Kevin's exchange I'm not sure if they're ever going to
  20. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks MattyG!!
  21. kerry10456 kerry10456, 4 years ago
    As the hours tick do to a new year, I wanted to stop by and wish you and your's a Safe and Bright New Year to come and may your life bring you joy and happiness.
  22. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    Merci, and the same to you & yours.
  23. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks chevy59! And a big happy new year to kerry10456 and everyone here at CW!!!
  24. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks Phil!!!
  25. Roycroftbooksfromme1 Roycroftbooksfromme1, 4 years ago
    nice... it makses me want to go clean my thomson 50 cal.and go shooting...smiling
  26. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks Roycroftbooksfromme1....phew! I didn't think I'd get it all
  27. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks TT!!
  28. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks Phatbuddha!!
  29. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks pops!!
  30. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks bootson!!
  31. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 4 years ago
    The .44 & .45 aren't so bad as you can't overload because the cyls. on revolvers are made to length for a safe load. Just shooting a .50 rifle today & got a sore arm. maybe that powder measure wasn't 60 grs? Got to ck. that.
  32. toolate2 toolate2, 4 years ago
    Thanks officialfuel and beachbomb!!
  33. toolate2 toolate2, 3 years ago
    Thanks trench and tom!!!
  34. toolate2 toolate2, 3 years ago
    Thanks again geo26e!!
  35. toolate2 toolate2, 11 months ago
    Thanks Nice, Frankiefig, and picker too!!
  36. SpiritBear SpiritBear, 11 months ago
    This was a fairly amusing and mostly one-sided conversation.

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