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What is this? Strange Sea Dragon metal ornament/container - AnimalsNew Item by THS
allied 1962 hockey player doll - DollsNew Item by bj3
VINTAGE VERLYS ROSE BOWL - Art GlassNew Item by antique…
FROSTED LIGHTNING BOTTLE - BottlesNew Item by antique…
Handpainted Art Noveau Vase - AsianNew Item by ATTWOOD
I'm hoping someone will know this piece - Fine JewelryNew Item by Aimathena
Austria Porcelain Vase 1891-1913 Fischern - Art PotteryNew Item by Deanteaks
Art Deco/Modernist box (Valencia, Spain, ca.1930) - Art DecoNew Item by austroh…
Ampollas - BottlesNew Item by Himemiya
Mis cajas hasta la fecha (tea tins)  - AdvertisingNew Item by Himemiya
Mani Look What I Dug Up For U :) - AnimalsNew Item by Aimathena
Richard Ward Winchester  - ClocksNew Item by Aimathena
 Lot of Assorted Eastern Religious Items: Buddha, Shiva, Ganesh and More. Manufacturer/Markings:  Gamelan Bali -limited edition - AsianNew Item by toracat
Ruby Goblets, Glasses~Deep Red with Dot Pattern~Beautiful Quality, maker? - GlasswareNew Item by Budek
Junghans Mantle Clock - ClocksNew Item by Tutzie
Here are some recently acquired pieces... - Art GlassNew Item by Mac63
Mid Century Modern Rope Woven Chair Fold up with Arms - Mid-Century ModernNew Item by hellokitty6…
1931 - Family Photos - Mom & Her Dog - PhotographsNew Item by aghcoll…
Found This While Prowling Along the Guadalupe River Last Year.New Item by packrat…
Shoulder Art - PhotographsNew Item by Renewed…
Jonathan & Arlene Bailey. There was power in their blood. - PhotographsNew Item by Renewed…
British Pattern 1853 Bayonet with Scabbard - Military and WartimeNew Item by Chrisnp
British Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket, Indian Manufacture - Military and WartimeNew Item by Chrisnp
British Pattern 1839 Bayonet with Lovell Catch - Military and WartimeNew Item by Chrisnp
Age or Era of this lamp?  - LampsNew Item by obelina
Gorgeous Group of Florentine - GlasswareNew Item by Aimathena
Ain't she purdy :) - GlasswareNew Item by Aimathena
Protest the War. - Posters and PrintsNew Item by rogsoup
1978 S - U.S. Proof Coins Set - US CoinsNew Item by aghcoll…
west germany  - Art PotteryNew Item by kerrygirl
unknown paintingNew Item by Old_Stuff_t…
Sun Oil Co. - Antique Car Coin - US CoinsNew Item by aghcoll…
Reaching Man VANNES-LE-CHATEL  18" CRYSTAL VASE - Art GlassNew Item by LOUMANAL
Tyler Poland Made Girls Frame 20" Bicycle  - Sporting GoodsNew Item by bullseye
Victorian shadow boxes? - FurnitureNew Item by geo100
Still more Iridescence ! / 5" Vase with Glass Bands / Unknown Maker and Age - Art GlassNew Item by mikelv85
Arcade Token - "Explorations" - US CoinsNew Item by aghcoll…
Could Someone Tell Me anything about this Shade... - LampsNew Item by arcdat1
Beautiful Iridescent Threaded Glass Vase-Perfume Bottle / Unknown Maker and Age - Art GlassNew Item by mikelv85
Vintage Oil Lamp with a Red Glass lamp shade - LampsNew Item by JBMCQ
unusual looking antique French clock with Farcot movement - ClocksNew Item by DrNessa
unusual pair of Gesso over wooden floor lamps - funereal?? - LampsNew Item by DrNessa
Brazil - (10,000) Cruzeiros Bank Note - (Overprint)New Item by aghcoll…
Brazil - (50,000) Cruzeiros Bank Note (Overprint)New Item by aghcoll…
My buddies - FigurinesNew Item by boguste…
Want to know maker... - GlasswareNew Item by Kotsunega
Tuthill? - GlasswareNew Item by Kotsunega
Pattern? Maker? Anybody? - GlasswareNew Item by Kotsunega
71376-71423 of 153,397