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Timo Sarpaneva - Art GlassLoved by artislove
Three Pair of Sterling Silver Earrings - Sterling SilverLoved by Rick55
Taxco Sterling Silver Cat Brooch  - Fine JewelryLoved by Rick55
Marisa and Alain Begou - Art GlassLoved by artislove
Inside Hand Painted Snuff Bottle - BottlesLoved by Rick55
 Blown Glass Rings..Should I go back Efesgirl???? - Art GlassLoved by Rick55
Brown-glazed Amphora - unmarked - PotteryLoved by AmatoorPikr
Art Glass Vase -- Chinese - Art GlassLoved by artislove
How does this look???? - Visual ArtLoved by Rick55
tamara aladin X-serie - Art GlassLoved by artislove
Robert Stephan Paperweight - Art GlassLoved by artislove
Very BIG Blue bottle - BottlesLoved by bottle-bud
Nestor Pistor -- LP Record - RecordsLoved by Rick55
OLD GREEN BICYCLE ( bike ) --  Cordoba ( I think ) - Sporting GoodsLoved by Rick55
OLD RED BICYCLE ( Bike ) -- Leader  - Sporting GoodsLoved by Rick55
Rindskopf Iridescent Pulled Feather Vase - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Loetz, Kralik or Rindskopf ???, late 19 century, early 20 - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Kralik soie de verre teardrop rosebowl - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Vintage Jewelry box -- Musical - Fine JewelryLoved by Rick55
hexagon multi colored swag lamp wooden bambo outside  - LampsLoved by brunswick
Loetz Candia Papillon vase, PN I-7597 ca. 1898, crossed arrows mark - Art GlassLoved by Rick55
Clear Art Glass Bowl or Ashtray may be Hospodka - Art GlassLoved by Rick55
Lee Ward Glass Bird Collection - Art GlassLoved by Rick55
U.S. Army 3rd Armored Division shoulder Patches - Military and WartimeLoved by jpa1012
Billy Joel "An Innocent Man" - RecordsLoved by Rick55
Art Nouveau Kralik Martele Green Iridescent with Flower Frog, c1910-20  - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Kralik MOP martelé teardrop vase - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Battle Creek Sanitarium - China and DinnerwareLoved by Rick55
Kralik Art Nouveau Vases - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Kralik Art Nouveau Vases - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Threaded bowl for ID - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Art Deco Tango Glass Vases - Art GlassLoved by Rick55
Bohemian/Czech Welz Baskets. - Art GlassLoved by Rick55
Kralik MOP papillon uranium webbing - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Rindskopf Snakeskin? Fuschia Iridescent Twist 13" Vase - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Bohemian Vase.....Victorian Period - Art GlassLoved by Rick55
Stroh's Beer Advertising Boy/Girl - AdvertisingLoved by SpiritBear
Kralik?? Applied flower opalescent vase - Art NouveauLoved by Shawnl86
Another SF & Co vase with Royal Windsor pattern - PotteryLoved by katherin…
Tin sign - BrewerianaLoved by brunswick
Gold and Gem-Set Pendant  - Fine JewelryLoved by LovelyPat
Elgin Travel Clock - ClocksLoved by brunswick
Kralik petal ruffled vase with "celery" twisted prunts - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Art Nouveau Kralik Vases with Applied Flowers - Art GlassLoved by katherin…
Bohemian Vase.....Victorian Period - Art GlassLoved by Rick55
Condamine Bells - Tools and HardwareLoved by brunswick
Duncans Imperial Yo-Yo - ToysLoved by brunswick
50545-50592 of 157,243