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Trench Art through the years:  Lighters - Military and WartimeLiked by GeodeJem
Vintage Hand Painted Plate From Japan With Raised Design- Imari? - AsianLoved by SEAN68
french art nouveau  enamel glass vase by FRANCOIS THÉODORE LEGRAS (1839-1916) - Art NouveauLoved by Radegunder
Weiss Brooch - Costume JewelryLoved by Radegunder
my cute little Italian pepper grinder. - KitchenLoved by Radegunder
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Eisenberg Pin - Costume JewelryLoved by Radegunder
R.DeG. 14K Gold Mechanical Slide Pencil w/Ruler - PensLoved by SEAN68
cigarette card alburn - CardsLoved by JimmyC
Otaco Minnitoys Ride-On Canadian Pacific Diesel Locomotive - ToysLoved by SEAN68
US Six Color Desert Camo M1 Helmet "Choc Chip" camo - Military and WartimeLoved by SEAN68
Jewelry Findings Opal? Stone?  - Costume JewelryLoved by Manikin
Military Army Hat Vietnam? - Military and WartimeLiked by JimmyC
My Czech M52/M53 Helmet - Military and WartimeLiked by JimmyC
my vintage Fenton cranberry opalescent hobnail basket - Art GlassLoved by freiheit
my favorite photos from my time stationed aboard the US RANGER CV-64 - PhotographsLoved by SEAN68
my art deco sentinel pocket watch. - Pocket WatchesLoved by SEAN68
my Warner Brothers Gold record . - Music MemorabiliaLoved by SEAN68
my cute little glass - Art GlassLoved by jscott0363
my butter knife by W.M. Rodgers & son AA - Sterling SilverLoved by jscott0363
my only example of depression glass, if that isc wjat it is! - GlasswareLoved by jscott0363
my favorite hand made pottery piece. - PotteryLoved by SEAN68
pulpit glass vase - Art GlassLoved by jscott0363
my victorian style pitcher. - PotteryLoved by jscott0363
my WW II Automobile black out lights. - Military and WartimeLoved by jscott0363
my favorite india personal ash tray - TobaccianaLoved by jscott0363
my art glass bird - Art GlassLoved by jscott0363
one of my favorite art pottery pieces - PotteryLoved by jscott0363
My center piece of my Native American artifact collection. - Native AmericanLoved by jscott0363
Rare Indian Motorcycle Chief Cotton Sweater - MotorcyclesLoved by SEAN68
my vase of a different color. - Art GlassLoved by jscott0363
my almost but not quite Native American pottery - PotteryLoved by jscott0363
my fossilized Dinosaur embryo - AnimalsLoved by jscott0363
my Favorite four minuet record by Thomas Edison - ElectronicsLoved by jscott0363
L.A.Huffman's view of main st. Miles City Montana circa 1880 - PhotographsLoved by jscott0363
Early life in Montana as seen through the eyes of L.A.Huffman - PhotographsLoved by jscott0363
After more information on a belt from ww2 - Military and WartimeLoved by scottvez
Textile Mexican Serape Blanket  - Native AmericanLoved by katherin…
Two Gray Hills? wool Navajo? rug - Rugs and TextilesLoved by katherin…
Wicker Basket with Lid & Handles - FurnitureLoved by SEAN68
Woven Basket small with hinged lid.  Seminole Pine Needle Basket??? - Native AmericanLoved by SEAN68
small coiled "trinket" basket native american S.W. ?? - Native AmericanLoved by SEAN68
Baby Doll soft body with plaster? head/arms/legs. - DollsLoved by SEAN68
Vintage Cotton Quilt with Cotton Batting. - Rugs and TextilesLoved by SEAN68
Vintage Wood & Leather bellows  - Tools and HardwareLoved by SEAN68
 Wolfers Frères Art Nouveau insite gilded Silver Snuff Box  (1868-1942) - Art NouveauLoved by Truthisa…
Limoges France "T&V"1917 Hand-Painted Pottery - PotteryLoved by Truthisa…
Zee First Aid Kit Large Wall Hanging Set Industrial - AdvertisingLoved by SEAN68
ART DECO CITY - Art DecoLoved by SEAN68
50593-50640 of 152,812