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Japanese KI-SETO pottery powdered tea container by Kinya Kato w/box - PotteryLoved by beyemvey
Vintage Bronze Dachshund  - AnimalsLoved by beyemvey
Jaques & Marcus Brooch/Pendant with Opal Intaglio by Wilhelm Schmidt, circa 1890 - Fine JewelryLoved by beyemvey
A Mystery Thrift Store find...... But for $6 you just can't leave it there. :-) - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Victorian uranium glass leaf form basket  - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Bohemian iridescent uranium glass vase with applied "snake" trail - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
RUSSIAN SCHOOL PAINTINGS - Visual ArtLoved by beyemvey
Nanny Still - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Large Dragon Planter - AsianLoved by beyemvey
Bohemian Welz Striped Vases - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Bohemian Welz Frilled Vase - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Welz Striped Basket - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Mystery Globe Vase - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
New pottery?  - PotteryLoved by beyemvey
Metallic etched animal Head roman figures in shadowbox  framed under glass - Visual ArtLoved by Master
Lisa Larsen Jura Cat - Mid-Century ModernLoved by beyemvey
Antique mustache cup. - China and DinnerwareLoved by beyemvey
Beswick Largest Jug, Over 11 1/2 Inch Jug, Cobalt Blue, Painted & Gilt. High Gloss - PotteryLoved by beyemvey
More Garage Art - Visual ArtLoved by AdeleC
Today's Garage Sale Art - PotteryLoved by AdeleC
Vintage Wyoming License Plates - Classic CarsLoved by jdstor
Large Solid Metal [brass?] Bucky Ball - Visual ArtLoved by beyemvey
American Cheese & Coca-Cola - Coca-ColaLoved by jdstor
Is this a key? - Tools and HardwareLoved by beyemvey
Large Ornate Handmade French Grave Crucifix Flea Market Find 3 Euro ($3.21) - PotteryLoved by beyemvey
Flower latticino paperweight - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Fairmont Creamery Company Sign - SignsLoved by jdstor
A Welz Vase -  Seen More Than Once With The Royal Art Glass Label  - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
HIDDEN BEHIND DRYWALL OF HOUSE......... ABOUT 30 OF THESE - SignsLoved by jdstor
Silesia Jack in the pulpit vase - Art GlassLoved by debbie101
Awaji Hanging Vase - Iris Pattern - PotteryLoved by beyemvey
John Barber Art Glass Vase. Tortoise Shell Top, Mosaic Crackle Base 2016. - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Repost update: 50 states completed today! - Costume JewelryLoved by Belltown
GALLE MINIATURE CAMEO VASE - Art GlassLoved by Michelle…
Ewer with brass metal spout and base - Art GlassLoved by debbie101
Marigold Carnival Glass Vases - GlasswareLoved by Deano
Porcelain Mobil Gas Pump Plate w/Pegasus - PetrolianaLoved by iggy
Czech Glass Rückl/Kralik Question 3: Another Orange Spatter Vase Similar And Different - Art GlassLoved by lovemythings
Skrdlovice - Frantisek Zemek ( 5593 ) 4-legged art glass vase - Art GlassLoved by iggy
A Little Red Bottle - BottlesLoved by iggy
Ancient Coin - Roman, with Emperor Valens c.365AD - World CoinsLoved by beyemvey
Small peloton vase from Japan - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Victorian uranium yellow glass single epergne in metal stand - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Victorian uranium glass dish with rigaree - Art GlassLoved by beyemvey
Hand Painted Turkish Bone Bottle w/Stopper  Flea Market Find 2,50 Euro ($2.68)Loved by beyemvey
Garage Sale Art 4 - Visual ArtLoved by beyemvey
49-96 of 152,844