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Andersonville Ball & ChainLoved by lundy
One of my favorite pieces in my small decorative china collection - China and DinnerwarePresentBeau… says Mary, thank you for...
Coin jewelry -  Kimon Dekadrachm  - World CoinsLoved by pops52
Swagger Sticks - AccessoriesLoved by pops52
Gunpowder horn or flask, with isinglassLoved by pops52
An Additional Gold Watch from the 1930's - Fine JewelryLoved by Agram.m
old 12"wood +brass ruler - Tools and Hardwarewalks… says Is there a mfg. nam...
I need help identifying this golfer. - PhotographsLoved by pops52
1904 Walter A Wood Harvesting Machines St Louis Worlds Fair Watch Fob - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
Campbell Co. Jams Jellies & Pie Fillings Bell Watch Fob - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
World War Two Medals & Ribbons From My Father - Military and WartimeLoved by pops52
TURKISH PIPES and MEERSHAUM - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
New York Central Cast Engine - RailroadianaLoved by pops52
Vintage train table lighter - RailroadianaLoved by pops52
antique apothecary ? decanter hand painted looks very rare - BottlesLOUMA… says Pretty Ladies on yo...
Loetz 3 handle shape #13 -  Spear - Art Glassjericho says thanx they are a be...
Sage ? - Sterling SilverLoved by vetraio50
$10 United States Indian Gold Pieces 1907-1933 - US CoinsLoved by pops52
Continued: Sterling Silver Match Holder with Fob - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Sterling Match Holder with Fob and Charm - Sterling SilverLoved by pops52
Does anyone know what this is? - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Copper and sterling silver Matchbox Holders. - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Antique Anheuser -Busch Match Safe  - BrewerianaLoved by pops52
Jack Daniel's Match Holder Metal Case  - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
brass arm flint vintage lighter - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Sterling Table Lighter by Jennings info - Sterling SilverLoved by pops52
Ronson Table Lighter - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Possible coin erro - US CoinsNew Item by Cliff2012
My great-grandfather's meerschaum pipe - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
An old favorite - Calabash-Meerschaum Pipe - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Smoking Pipes - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Know anything about our Pipe? - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
My Old (at least 150 yrs old) Meerschaum Pipe - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
My Mystery Meerschaum - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Nana's Meerschaum Pipe - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Meerschaum pipe head of Af American - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
The Eye In The Shell - Art PotteryLoved by Savage76
Japanese Dolls, from Yamaha - DollsLoved by Manikin
Odd Victorian Fob - Victorian EraLoved by pops52
Watch Fobs - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
More Of The Telephone Manufacturing Watch Fobs - TelephonesLoved by pops52
Sears “Hope and Plenty” Cast Iron Clock, 1904 - ClocksLoved by pops52
Vintage Football Programs - FootballLoved by pops52
1908 Brunswick-Balke Collender Rochester NY Bowling Ball Watch Fob - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
LeTourneau Pull Scraper Certified Operator Enamel Watch Fob - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
Wichita Falls Motor Co Witcita Trucks Enamel Watch Fob - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
Early REO Motor Co. Enamel Watch Fob.  - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
1934 Lawn Bowls Trophy Fob 10K Gold & Handpainted Porcelain  - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
59952-59999 of 103,245