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BIGELOW: Lansing Photo Co. - PhotographsLoved by ttomtucker
C.H. Mead Art Studio - PhotographsLoved by ttomtucker
Card to a family member.. - PostcardsLoved by SEAN68
Antique Family Photos - PhotographsLoved by ttomtucker
Still Life Photos I Took & Digitally ManipulatedLoved by DrFluffy
Join US Army Railway Sign - RailroadianaLoved by DrFluffy
Nick Baran's Anthracite Mining Certificate - PaperLoved by SEAN68
Dixie Spring Beverage Label - BottlesLoved by SEAN68
Vintage Murray Super Deluxe Fire Engine - Model CarsLoved by SEAN68
Our Bureau Trunk has 2 doors instead of lift up lid. - FurnitureLoved by myoldkyh…
ART BOOKS - BooksLoved by antiques…
DALI  PRINT CATALOGUE 1974 - BooksLoved by SEAN68
Kralik WAVE with spots...... 10" tall - Art GlassLoved by colori
fan vase - welz or kralik?  - Art GlassLoved by colori
Kralik Spotted/Mottled Satin finish Vase - Art GlassLoved by colori
Kralik Marbled -or- Kaleidoscope Candy Dish and Vases - Art GlassLoved by colori
Welz - Honey combe pattern - Art GlassLoved by colori
Knizek - Copper cased - Art GlassLoved by colori
Kralik-confetti decor- uncased  - Art GlassLoved by colori
Big Kralik - Knuckle bowl - Art GlassLoved by colori
Loetz Metalic glass #2:   - Art GlassLoved by Gracay2004
FIRST BLOOD AT LEXINGTON 1775-1975 - Bottlesantiq… says Happy Holidays To Y...
GRØN jugs and glasses, Jacob E. Bang (Kastrup, 1960) - Art Glassaustr… says Thankd Amaithena! W...
A TRUE one of a kind!  - Fine JewelryLoved by aghcollect
Grandfathers military watch...  - Pocket WatchesLoved by aghcollect
Pocket watch - Pocket WatchesLoved by aghcollect
Micro Mosaic bracelet  - Fine JewelryLoved by aghcollect
Anton Pieck  - Posters and PrintsLoved by aghcollect
sweet baby sweet - DollsLoved by aghcollect
Irving Transport Ido 15w/40 premium oil - Model CarsLoved by aghcollect
1949/1950 LIONS STEREO SYSTEM - RadiosLoved by aghcollect
corksLoved by aghcollect
Model Train - Model TrainsLoved by aghcollect
Continental DC 3 Champagne Glasses - GlasswareLoved by aghcollect
Foreign coin - World CoinsLoved by aghcollect
1940 NZ Halfcrown - World CoinsLoved by aghcollect
POST CARDS CALIFORNIA - PostcardsLoved by aghcollect
TRADE CARDS - AdvertisingLoved by aghcollect
Montgomery Ward Silver Coin - US CoinsLoved by aghcollect
FAIRS & EXPOSITIONS - PostcardsLoved by aghcollect
MissprintLoved by aghcollect
Antique Family Photos - PhotographsLoved by aghcollect
Metal Sign - SignsLoved by aghcollect
Vichy-Etat Ashtray pre WWII - TobaccianaLoved by aghcollect
Bill Wall Leather Zippo Lighter - TobaccianaLoved by aghcollect
Batman Milk Glass Mug From 1966 - GlasswareLoved by aghcollect
MAD® Coffee Mug - KitchenLoved by aghcollect
Jesus Praying Poster Loved by aghcollect
60528-60575 of 118,539