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Sword or bayonet covered in preservative? - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
Recent find while cleaning- Liberation of Kuwait medal - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
Back, wounded from Vietnam and off to war again!  In Chicago 1968!! Then later to Detroit!  It was on fire!!! - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
I bought this Monark in Moscow. Original Condition - Sporting GoodsLoved by petey
1941 Westinghouse Sharon, PA photo - PhotographsLoved by petey
The Eagle Has Landed - PhotographsLoved by petey
War medals from Finland - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 521 - US Paper MoneyLoved by petey
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 481 - US Paper MoneyLoved by petey
Model 1872 New York State Militia Rolling Block - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
Bayonet for the NY Militia Rolling Block - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
Mk2 No.2B Home Guard - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
stainless Arabia Finland - Decanter or Jug  - Kitchengetth… says damn i still need a...
My Garage Fire...... - Classic CarsTrey says Sorry for your loss...
Mystery Tool - Tools and HardwareMRSampson says Wow! Thank you Cnaa...
modernist silver jewelry - Fine JewelryLoved by sarahoff
Teniers Tavern Scene silver plated copper box. Loved by blunderb…
pictures from 1938 with a remotely piloted BMW motorcycle - PhotographsTrey says Probably to strap a...
Anyone know about this Ingraham/Wurttemberg clock? - ClocksLoved by blunderb…
1940's - Gladding Braided Fishing Line - FishingLoved by geo26e
Camark Pink Pitcher and Bowl - Art PotteryLoved by geo26e
THE BURROUGHS CO. - LOS ANGELES , CALIF - USA - KitchenSEAN68 says Thankyou aghcollect!!
Brush McCoy Aladdin Lamp Planter - Art PotteryLoved by geo26e
Souvenir Spoon - "U.S. Capitol, Wash. D.C." - AdvertisingLoved by geo26e
Souvenir Spoon - "Confederate States" - AdvertisingLoved by geo26e
Hazel Atlas glasses - GlasswareLoved by SEAN68
Old Toad !!! - AnimalsLoved by pops52
Mens Gold & Onyx Ring - Costume JewelryLoved by pops52
.800 Souvenir Spoon - Christoph Widmann, Pforzheim  - Sterling SilverLoved by aghcollect
WM Rogers Silverplated Presidential Spoon Set - Sterling SilverLoved by aghcollect
ashtrys - TobaccianaLoved by aghcollect
blue vase cased clear with white sommerso stripes - Art Glassaustr… says LOL!!!!!
PMLÖ vase Powolny & Löffler? - Art PotteryLoved by austrohu…
3 Bing Grondahl Collector's Plates - Made in Denmark - China and DinnerwareLoved by SEAN68
Assorted Silver~Silverplate Pieces, Spoon Spoon Fork~2 Marked, any Thoughts? - Sterling SilverLoved by PadmeLupin
I think this is a Oyster spoon? very ornate in design style.... - Sterling SilverLoved by PadmeLupin
GORHAM STERLING - Feeding Spoon - Zodiac Virgo Pattern - Sterling SilverLoved by PadmeLupin
WM Rogers MFG Co. Silverplated Table Knife - 1939 World's Fair Theme Building - New York City - AdvertisingLoved by PadmeLupin
Fighting bull Antique Gold & Sterling Silver Horderve Picks holder - Sterling SilverLoved by PadmeLupin
No idea about this spoon I found in some old family junk - Sterling SilverLoved by PadmeLupin
I've found another spoon !!! - Sterling SilverLoved by PadmeLupin
Whiting and Davis Mesh Bag - Victorian EraLoved by PadmeLupin
Grandmothers oil lamp, Mother made electric, now I made Oil last night!  Milk Glass painting "Cabin in Snow" - LampsLoved by SEAN68
Western-themed collectible frosted glassware w/tray - GlasswareLoved by Hunter
 Ruby Flash Glass Souvenir Mug - GlasswareLoved by ltreasures
Arkansas Razorback Drinking Glasses - GlasswareLoved by mark
"Beverly Hills" Shotglass - AdvertisingLoved by SEAN68
19th century Californian Art - Plein air Painting of Mount Shasta - Victorian EraLoved by antiquer…
62688-62735 of 125,223