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Copper and sterling silver Matchbox Holders. - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Antique Anheuser -Busch Match Safe  - BrewerianaLoved by pops52
Jack Daniel's Match Holder Metal Case  - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
brass arm flint vintage lighter - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Sterling Table Lighter by Jennings info - Sterling SilverLoved by pops52
Ronson Table Lighter - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Possible coin erro - US CoinsNew Item by Cliff2012
My great-grandfather's meerschaum pipe - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
An old favorite - Calabash-Meerschaum Pipe - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Smoking Pipes - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Know anything about our Pipe? - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
My Old (at least 150 yrs old) Meerschaum Pipe - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
My Mystery Meerschaum - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Nana's Meerschaum Pipe - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
Meerschaum pipe head of Af American - TobaccianaLoved by pops52
The Eye In The Shell - Art PotteryLoved by Savage76
Japanese Dolls, from Yamaha - DollsLoved by Manikin
Odd Victorian Fob - Victorian EraLoved by pops52
Watch Fobs - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
More Of The Telephone Manufacturing Watch Fobs - TelephonesLoved by pops52
Sears “Hope and Plenty” Cast Iron Clock, 1904 - ClocksLoved by pops52
Vintage Football Programs - FootballLoved by pops52
LeTourneau Pull Scraper Certified Operator Enamel Watch Fob - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
Wichita Falls Motor Co Witcita Trucks Enamel Watch Fob - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
Early REO Motor Co. Enamel Watch Fob.  - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
National Union Fire Insurance "Farm Dept" Enamel Watch Fob - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
Indian Spearpoint - Native AmericanLoved by pops52
MILITARY MEDALS COLLECTION - Military and WartimeLoved by pops52
Souvenir from Chinese Pavilion at St Louis 1904 World's Fair?? - AsianLoved by pops52
Chinese Netsuke - AsianLoved by pops52
Photograph of three Presidents by Alan W. Richards c.1947 - PhotographsLoved by pops52
Wm Gilbert Mantel Clock - ClocksLoved by pops52
Schatz Square Dial 400 Day Clock Made in 1953 - ClocksLoved by pops52
Early "Walkman" - RadiosLoved by rarehunt…
Masonic Silver Triangular Pocket Watch c.1930 - Pocket WatchesLoved by Moonston…
old mid east muzzle loader  - Military and WartimeLoved by Poop
Faultless Sewing Machine - SewingLoved by pops52
tall wooden clock - ClocksLoved by pops52
Kusunoki Masashige - AsianLoved by pops52
More "Finds" From 1300-1500 Florida Timucuan Indian Mounds in North East Florida - Native AmericanLoved by pops52
Thomas Jefferson Cast Front Clock, ca. 1900 - ClocksLoved by pops52
"Lady of Summer", original, acrylic painting on 12" x 24" gallery canvas, acrylicJtrem55 says Thank you for the "...
Mahogany and inlay tall class clock c.1830 - ClocksLoved by Bruce99
 PERCUSSION GUN MADE BY  L G ?Loved by pops52
Aladdin lamp - LampsLoved by pops52
Kundo Nickel Plated 400 Day Clock - ClocksLoved by toolate2
63552-63599 of 105,986