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Dille & McGuire "1893" Cast Iron Wrench made into necklace - Tools and HardwareLoved by official…
My favorite hand carve black doll - DollsLoved by official…
Stoneware vase with rough exterior yet glazed internally. Signed WH Help needed! - Art PotteryCharvey says I have a ball vase ...
Old phoenix knife, lead handle  Phoenician Origins - Tools and HardwareLoved by Jono
Lefty Custom made Epiphone Coronet - GuitarsRobVee says Correct, it is a co...
Great lamp I bought but don't know what it is. - Lampsfreih… says I have one very sim...
41 piece tea set Royal Vale - China and DinnerwareLoved by DrFluffy
Silverplate Uniform/Military Buttons - Military and WartimeLoved by SEAN68
Brutalist bracelet and ring - Costume Jewelryvalen… says Thank you davy for ...
Matching vases - Asianklb5 says Yeah roughly
Star Inlay Table - Arts and CraftsLoved by kyratango
What is this?Loved by tom61375
What is this, & when was it made - FurnitureLoved by hldawson3
Pierced slat back dining chair - FurnitureLoved by smiata
Update...... found some matching bases.... - Art GlassLoved by smiata
Art Deco table lamp - LampsLoved by vintagec…
1851 A GOLD FRANCE 20 FRANCS CERES HEAD  - GoldJono says I bet it does Teres...
Odd Shaped Rock, Human Skull, It's REAL!!!!Loved by Jono
To restore or not, 2nd post - Petrolianasugar… says you are very welcom...
Miniature Figurine - FigurinesLoved by blunderb…
DRGM Depose Dragon Lamp - TobaccianaLoved by tom61375
Wooden Photo Machine - CamerasLoved by tom61375
Heavy glass decanter - GlasswareLoved by tom61375
Antique Apothecary Scale - Tools and HardwareLoved by tom61375
Padlock - Tools and HardwareLoved by tom61375
Oil Cans - PetrolianaLoved by tom61375
vintage pocket watch - Pocket WatchesLoved by tom61375
"I'm Goin' Shoppin' With You" sheet music 1935 - MusicLoved by tom61375
Moby dick or the white whale - BooksLoved by tom61375
1936, 1937, 1938 and 1939 Chicago Clubs One lady only Tickets - BaseballLoved by tom61375
rainier poster - BrewerianaLoved by tom61375
Railroad stuff - RailroadianaLoved by tom61375
Pi and an unknown thing  - AsianLoved by tom61375
Friedland no. 6 parlor stove/heater - KitchenLoved by tom61375
daguerriotype  possibly  - PhotographsLoved by tom61375
A&B Boston Mass. 306 bamboo fly rod - FishingLoved by tom61375
Metal "Nut" shaped nutcracker  - KitchenLoved by tom61375
1876 Illustrated History of Missouri by Davis & Durrie - BooksLoved by tom61375
Unknown ? resistance Salter Scale - Tools and HardwareLoved by tom61375
hard to find honest mason jar  - BottlesLoved by tom61375
Large Reed Bowl signed REX - Folk ArtLoved by tom61375
Vintage hat? What's the name for this type of hat? - HatsLoved by tom61375
Grateful Dead Chinese New Year Wood Coin from 1994  - MusicLoved by tom61375
First bill I have collect  - US Paper MoneyLoved by tom61375
Silver Tea Pot with straight handle - Sterling SilverLoved by tom61375
1932 D QUARTER - US Coinstom61… says Oh, it looks differ...
Vintage $1000 Beer sign - SignsLoved by tom61375
Cannon Ball - Military and WartimeLoved by tom61375
64032-64079 of 119,525