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Candlestick Phone/ Lamp - TelephonesLoved by Kydur
made in Singapore phone - TelephonesLiked by Kydur
Tafel Louisville, Kentucky - TelephonesLiked by Kydur
Ericsson AC100 Series "Skeletal" Desk Phone - TelephonesLiked by Kydur
Old Western Electric Phone - TelephonesLiked by Kydur
1908 Kellogg Candlestick phone with 1908 Bell Box - TelephonesLoved by Kydur
My old wall mount phone - TelephonesLiked by Kydur
Additional Wilhelm Interphone sets - TelephonesLoved by Kydur
Original Wm Schwarzwaelder & Co. Rolltop Desk (early 1900's) - FurnitureLoved by Kydur
Unique Vintage Secretary Desk  - FurnitureLiked by Kydur
Advertising Letter W.F.Burns Company"January 9-1907" - AdvertisingAlan2… says Thank you kindly fo...
Oil painting of little girl 1940sLoved by Jewels
small passing chime skeleton style clock - ClocksCindB says Awesome clock!
Secret Places of the Lion - BooksLoved by lundy
Our mystery lamp - LampsLiked by Kydur
Can anyone tell me about this lamp? - LampsKydur says Is a great-looking ...
OLD SMALL CHILDS ROCKER  - Furniturejimc126e says thank you for the i...
"WILD WOMEN DON'T HAVE THE BLUES"  by Jim Tanaka  My 2nd print by him! - Posters and PrintsLoved by Jewels
Grandma's lamp - LampsLiked by Kydur
Slag glass table lamp - LampsLiked by Kydur
My great-grandfather's Westminster chime mantel clock - ClocksLiked by Kydur
Headley & Farmer interior photos cont. - Furniturejscot… says BTW, the handles lo...
"Muffie's" Clock - ClocksKydur says It looks similar to...
lady and man - FigurinesLoved by racer4four
Brass tool - Tools and Hardwarekeen2no says Your steel tool wit...
Perfume??????? - BottlesLoved by bottle-bud
Overstuffed Armchair - unknown make or year - FurnitureKydur says I stumbled across a...
Indestructo trunk - FurnitureLiked by Kydur
Seahorse by Amphora - Art PotteryLoved by Jewels
Water Color by Pepsi Freundmelan… says Pepsi welcome to CW...
Box Of Old Television Tubes - Electronicsjscot… says Those are really co...
Bronze Basin commemoration of Charles V's conquest of Tunis in 1535Loved by kyratango
Found this at an estate sale and was wondering if anyone can help identify it's origin ?? - Visual ArtLoved by jscott0363
Unidentified Unique China Head Doll - DollsManikin says It was a factory de...
Chalk drawing made for me in 1945 by my father  - Visual ArtLoved by nutsabot…
They finally opened the old gas station. - PhotographsLoved by nutsabot…
Hee Haw Castmembers - PhotographsLoved by SEAN68
Murano Art Glass Cufflinks - AccessoriesLoved by Rick55
UPDATE on S. F. Giants Chairs!!  Almost all were destroyed to build Shopping Center Sales stopped weeks ago! - BaseballLoved by katherin…
Vintage Box Loved by Hunter
1962 - Matchless Motorcycles Sales Brochure/Poster - PaperLoved by Hunter
Vintage Ted Arnold Ltd. Stapler - OfficeLoved by SEAN68
Modern Novelty Cufflinks from my Collection: Alligators, Ducks, and Penguins - AccessoriesMiste… says Thank you Virginia!...
1921 Ford Truck Newspaper Ad... - Classic CarsLoved by kingshawn
Milwalkee road press photos - RailroadianaLoved by kingshawn
Burlington Route press photos - RailroadianaLoved by kingshawn
Wabash railroad press / builder photos - RailroadianaLoved by kingshawn
French Train station postcard - PostcardsLoved by kingshawn
65952-65999 of 147,876