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slow children embossed sign - SignsLoved by Trey
Nichol Kola Embossed 10"x 14" Tacker sign 1950's ? - SignsLoved by Trey
Knight Templars Certicate from 1892 - AsianLoved by Trey
Aircraft Warning Service 1944 - Military and WartimeLoved by Trey
My Dad prints from 1940 - PhotographsLoved by Trey
CIVAL War Tintype found at home!!!!!!! - Military and WartimeLoved by Trey
W.H.Cook Cival war closeups - PhotographsLoved by Trey
Spookey original print - PhotographsLoved by Trey
 Kodak DSC 420 Digital Camera 2nd digital camera made 1994 - CamerasLoved by Trey
Vintage Hummel Figurine ~ West Germany  - Figurinestom61375 says Thank you Phil! =)
Steam roller from beverly ma - PhotographsLoved by Trey
auto collections - Medals Pins and BadgesLoved by Trey
Superboy Legion of Super Heroes  comic book 1974 - Comic BooksLoved by Trey
Vintage Hummel Figurine ~ West Germany  - Figurinestom61375 says Thank you Phil! =)
Pontiac Tempest - Classic CarsLoved by Trey
My 62 Rambler American 400 Convertible, Rose. - Classic CarsLoved by Trey
Please help me identify what this is! :) - Victorian EraLoved by aghcollect
LISA CAHILL - 2002 - Art GlassLoved by freiheit
Hand carving from the Philippines - Folk ArtCheflouie3883 says Hi! I am one of t...
Wierd odd stunning silver ring - Fine JewelryLoved by mackay1st
BOHEMIAN ENAMEL DECANTER C.1900's - Art NouveauSEAN68 says Thankyou petey!!
Route 66 Ludlow - PhotographsLoved by Trey
1950s celluloid fountain pen  - PensLoved by SEAN68
Route 66 Amboy Roy's Motel and Diner - PhotographsLoved by Trey
What can you tell me about these items? - BrewerianaLoved by SEAN68
New York 1920s - PhotographsLoved by SEAN68
oil cans/signs/insect sprayers - PetrolianaTrey says Thanks for the love...
glassware set - GlasswareTallC… says this is Fostoria's ...
1920's Crown gasoline flange sign - PetrolianaTrey says Thanks for the love...
Gulf sign 6ft 1967 - PetrolianaTrey says Thanks for the love...
Knobby Vase and lots of Sparkles.... - Art GlassLoved by geo26e
1970 - Amphora Tobacco Briar Pipe Coupon - TobaccianaLoved by stelios
Georg Jensen Pendent? - Fine JewelryGraca… says The JGLd mark means...
lovely box - FurnitureLoved by VanessaT
Art Pottery Cat Figure USA - Human nose? Rare? - FigurinesLoved by racer4four
mid century glass pitcher with metal ice insert - GlasswareLoved by racer4four
Northwestern bubble gum/nut machine - Coin Operatedforta… says Original condition ...
Mid Century Modern Matching Rocking Chairs - Furniturewmheinz says Hi...I have the sam...
EJW's 1st pump project!  - PetrolianaLoved by chrissyl…
USAF Falcon Hughes AIM-4D Missile Shell - Military and WartimeCleaver says Hi Sign5, I got min...
old farmhouse - PhotographsLoved by Manikin
Schlitz " Halo " Light - SignsLoved by rkkirsch
The perfect way to fill a map cabinet drawer - Victorian Eragrubin says I've got a bunch of...
World War 2 Poster Rosie the Riveter - Posters and Printsepson… says we all love rosie t...
Western Electric Something - Officettomt… says It looks like a chi...
Rosie the Riveter YWCA Poster - WW1? - Posters and PrintsLoved by SEAN68
Parking lot meter? - Coin OperatedLoved by ttomtucker
KOREAN POTTERY  CUP - China and DinnerwareSEAN68 says Thank you Gary:)
67152-67199 of 129,540