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White chalkware cat? - AnimalsLoved by tom61375
Metal monkey candle holder - AnimalsLoved by tom61375
Baccarat Porcipine - Art GlassLoved by tom61375
Mickey Mouse Playing Cards - CardsLoved by tom61375
Three metal Garden Cranes - AnimalsLoved by tom61375
Pair of Porcelain   Ducks - AsianLoved by tom61375
Duck... Duck... Goose! - AnimalsLoved by tom61375
Beautiful Antique Bronze Horse - Chinese?  - AnimalsLoved by tom61375
Early 1990's Cobweb Inn Dancing Bull & Bear Figural Watch Fob - Pocket WatchesLoved by tom61375
Black Eagle - AnimalsLoved by tom61375
Bronze Pair of Pheasants - old? - AsianLoved by sarahoff
Van Briggle cat - Art PotteryLoved by tom61375
Cast Iron Mickey and Minnie Mouse Motorcycle - AnimalsLoved by tom61375
Porcelain Deer Head - AnimalsLoved by tom61375
1979-birmingham-nuffield house-chelmsley wood-demolished. - PhotographsLoved by SEAN68
Small 'Martaban'-style planter - AsianLoved by tom61375
British WWII Warden Fire Guard steel helmet. - Military and Wartimepetey says Thanks walksoftly, ...
Picture of my Grandmother  - PhotographsLoved by toracat
Some kind of bowl?Loved by tom61375
Here comes Santa Claus - ChristmasLoved by toracat
Addendum to the USS MACON post - Military and WartimeLoved by toracat
1957-weston master 3 exposure meter. - CamerasLoved by aghcollect
1967-bank of england-10 shilling noteLoved by aghcollect
1973-papermate ballpoint pen-rank xero-ins 1973. - PensLoved by aghcollect
1973-parker 61 fountain pen/cartridge-rec 19-12-73. - PensLoved by aghcollect
THIS IS A PORCELAIN FLOWER VASE. - Art PotteryLoved by aghcollect
Pierre Jules (P.J.) Mene  (1810 - 1879)  Bronze Vintage Gray Hound with BirdsLoved by rlwindle
sinclair opaline toy - PetrolianaLoved by Frankiefig
a few beer taps - BrewerianaLoved by Blackshi…
Monart Art Glass Vase c. 1930 - Art GlassLoved by Moonston…
1950's - 60's Automatic Electric - payphone - TelephonesLoved by Frankiefig
H. Bach? - Pocket Watchesclg2999 says Thanks Blunderbuss2...
1593? stein - BrewerianaLoved by Radegunder
Copper & Aluminum Stein with School Crest~1953,....Greek Letters - BrewerianaLoved by Radegunder
Trying to identify this stein - BrewerianaLoved by Radegunder
Cow Palace Postcard - PostcardsLoved by fortapache
1942 - Malaya (10) Cents - Japanese Invasion CurrencyLoved by fortapache
"Six Little Bunkers at Granda Bell's" by Laura Lee Hope - BooksLoved by aghcollect
Pocket watch - Swiss Made (Universal Time Keeper) 41672?? - Pocket WatchesLoved by OCAD
Cliff House Advertisement Card - AdvertisingLoved by aghcollect
Postcard of San Francisco Skyline and Bay Bridge - PostcardsLoved by aghcollect
The People's Home Journal - August 1898 - PaperLoved by aghcollect
The People's Home Journal - May 1901 - PaperLoved by aghcollect
The American Woman - November 1917 - PaperLoved by aghcollect
Home Life - August 1912 - PaperLoved by aghcollect
Life Magazine: 150 Years of Photography - PaperLoved by aghcollect
Life Magazine: Special Double Issue - PaperLoved by aghcollect
67728-67775 of 124,726