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Hurricane Candle Sticks - LampsLoved by geo26e
Refinished Rocking Horse -- Esmeralda - ToysLoved by aghcollect
Mid Century Modern Lamp - Mid-Century ModernLoved by aghcollect
BRUXELLES - LE PALAIS DE JUSTICE - Postcardsvetra… says Many thanks PETEY!!!
Ceramic WMF Vase (Germany), 1930’s - Art PotteryLoved by petey
Small Vase by Charlotte Rhead (England), 1940’s - Art PotteryLoved by petey
french art deco vase in metallic glaze, probably CHARLES GREBER - Art DecoLoved by petey
Shelby Cadillac Found in Carport - Sporting GoodsLoved by petey
Antique Garden StatueLoved by petey
Art Nouveau Kralik Green Iridescent 3 Twisted Neck Tube Vase  - Art GlassLoved by Moonston…
Art Deco spatter with coil - Art GlassLoved by petey
Two Welz pieces - Art GlassLoved by petey
Cut mould-blown clear ribbed gourd form vase - Art GlassLoved by petey
Mystery signature - Art GlassBalls… says Thank you!
armor pauldron - Military and WartimeLoved by ho2cultcha
antique vintage crate coca-cola, & pepsi metal and wood 1969,1973,1975 - Coca-ColaLoved by Virginia…
ERIK HOGLUND  FOR  BODA -SWEDEN  - Art GlassLoved by ho2cultcha
Nouveau Pair Rindskopf Diluvium (red brick) & Oil Spot Vase - Art GlassMoons… says Moonie, LOL maybe...
Rare Anheuser-Bush Standard etched glass & framed sign from 1890's. - BrewerianaLoved by ho2cultcha
Vintage Glass Blown Art Glass Bridal Basket - Art GlassLoved by Moonston…
Antique Itaian re- wired and cleaned - LampsLoved by Moonston…
ARMOUR COMPANY 1901 CENTENNIAL MILITARY CALENDAR - Military and WartimeLoved by ho2cultcha
Gondola Murano - Art GlassLoved by Moonston…
WW II Sweetheart Pin With Medical Insignia - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Seaman Netz - BrewerianaLoved by petey
Imperial German Reservist’s Stein of Reservist Brudy, 3rd Prussian Machine Gun Detachment.   - Brewerianapetey says VERY nice !!
siapan 194? WWII NEED HELP WITH THEM - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
rocking chair or - FurnitureLoved by Manikin
TIMO SARPANEVA  1926-2006 - KitchenSEAN68 says Hello Ulysses yes i...
Vintage silver Jack Knife from World War One with Otto von Bismarck - Military and WartimeLoved by ho2cultcha
clueless please help! I have no info on this scooter and would like to figure out what it is - Sporting GoodsLoved by ho2cultcha
Victorian Crystal & Brass Framed Mirrored Clock - ClocksLoved by pops52
Antique Famille Verte Qianlong Chinese Dish - AsianLoved by antiquer…
Amphibious Jeep Trench Art ashtray - Military and Wartimescott… says Thanks for looking ...
Help please- what is this - KitchenLoved by tom61375
My Letter Openers - OfficeLoved by tom61375
Help identify this chair! - FurnitureLoved by tom61375
Antique/Vintage Cast-Metal Horses - Toystom61375 says Thank you mikelv85!...
1910's-1920's - "Virginia Dare" Wine Bottle - BottlesLoved by tom61375
Tall Slender 14" Ebony Figure / Unknown Maker and Age - Folk ArtLoved by tom61375
Balinese "Djanger" Dancer Bust /Part Two "Make Over Complete"  - AsianLoved by tom61375
Marked like Bybee pottery but it looks modern Rooster figure with garden hoe - AnimalsLoved by inky
Unknown maker. Tall, heavy crystal vase (IKEA?) - Art GlassUlyss… says Confirmed! IKEA Sal...
Anyone Recognize this pottery mark?  - Art PotteryLoved by inky
Is This an Antique King Carousel Gumball Machine? - Coin OperatedLina89 says The stand of the Ki...
1960 ZBS (ashtray) - Art Glasscactu… says That was very kind ...
interesting pieces - sydney australia - Art PotteryUlyss… says I have one of these...
70800-70847 of 139,788