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Small vintage Clock - Any Ideas? - ClocksLoved by ttomtucker
Lane Cedar chest - FurnitureLoved by trunkman
1979 island phone book - BooksLoved by ttomtucker
My '54 Chevy Bel; Air 2-door hard top! Loved by ttomtucker
Small pewter vaseNew Item by magpiejax
French Art - Posters and Printsmusik… says Thank You petey !!
1956 Barbecue  Book by Better Homes & Gardens - Booksmusik… says Thank You mrmajesti...
Jim Morrison Hand Written Lyrics to Moonlight Drive - MusicLoved by MoroseC
5" brass fire extinguisher. what is left of the label reads: Presto "c b" trade mark rec..FIRE EXTI..MERLITE IND...New York.. - FirefightingLoved by trunkman
Missing cannon - Military and WartimeLoved by daddyof13
1970's Dress Suit by Benson Landes - Womens ClothingLiked by carmenis…
::::::Old Solid Brass Padlock:::::: - Tools and HardwareLoved by trunkman
Pennzoil can with Castrol lid unopened - PetrolianaLiked by stonesfan1
NORITAKE  China Carltonia 88 pieces ended in 1921 (I read on Internet) - China and DinnerwareLoved by dthramann
Mosaic  silver pendant - Costume JewelryAgram.m says Toracat many thanks...
Murano Art Glass vase by Maestro Afro Celotto titled TIBERIO - Art GlassLoved by vetraio50
1960's Napa Valley mystery vase...help! - Art PotteryLoved by ho2cultcha
Great White Treasure.  Could it be Peter Voulkos? - Art PotteryLoved by ho2cultcha
Incredible Bowl by Tracy.  Amazing Craftsmanship - Art PotteryLoved by ho2cultcha
BJORN WIINBLAD PEACOCK LADY- 1959 - Art PotteryLoved by ho2cultcha
LARRY PADGETT MYSTERY PIECES - Art PotteryLoved by ho2cultcha
Ceramic Mystery Bowl  BIG!!!  made 1975?  Where? - Art PotteryLoved by ho2cultcha
Stan Laurel Lamp - LampsBrave… says Found this! http://...
Lincoln CDV found in a cdv albumn - PhotographsLoved by NicoleJe…
24 inch Huffy Mainliner. - Outdoor SportsLoved by Bravehea…
Emperor Grandfather Clock - ClocksDASPI… says Hi Bruce--I've got...
little bird vase Bohemian  - Art GlassLoved by Slave-to…
-~-~ Savannah smooth base mineral water's~-~- - BottlesLoved by RonM
1953 Gruen Triple Date Calendar watch - WristwatchesLoved by kerry10456
~~~~~Wampoo Bitters~~~~~ - BottlesLoved by bottlekid
****Old Carolina Bitters**** - BottlesLoved by bottlekid
++++Wm Hone & Co.++++ - BottlesLoved by bottlekid
+====Solomons' Bitters====+ - BottlesLoved by packrat-…
*-*-Swiss Bitters-*-* - BottlesLoved by bottlekid
#####Two different Lippman's Bitters Bottles##### - BottlesLoved by bottlekid
~~~Four Charleston Pontiled Soda Bottles~~~ - BottlesLoved by petey
::::Saratoga Spring Water Bottles:::: - BottlesLoved by bottlekid
-----Savannah Ginger Ale Bottles----- - BottlesLoved by bottlekid
~~~Savannah Mineral Water's~~~ - BottlesLoved by official…
<----Savannah smooth base mineral waters----> - BottlesLoved by official…
----Schnapps Bottles---- - BottlesLoved by bluemoon
~~~Old Pontiled Soda Bottles~~~ - BottlesLoved by bottlekid
<<<<<Old Pontiled Soda Bottles>>>>> - BottlesLoved by bottlekid
<----Old Pontiled Soda Bottles----> - BottlesLoved by official…
71088-71135 of 109,481