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A continental porcelain pewter mounted tankard. Early 19th. Century ? - BrewerianaLoved by SEAN68
kodak brownie portrait no2 - CamerasLiked by GeodeJem
Large office desk - FurnitureNew Item by Joddy
Singer sewing machine oil metal can. - SewingLoved by Trey
Wooden bench with metal wheels. - FurnitureTrey says Awesome idea!! Can'...
Antique Eastman Kodak maybe No. 1 - CamerasLoved by gluepot
Murano Glass ? - Art Glassantiq… says ....also for other ...
Standing lady shade lamp - LampsLoved by fortapache
Japanese Spear Signed Pre Showa - AsianLoved by vetraio50
WWII Japanese Officers Samurai Sword - Military and WartimeLoved by vetraio50
Silver Salts 1899  - Sterling SilverLoved by katherin…
Rare cameo of Pope Leo XIII in original box - Victorian EraLoved by katherin…
Old Teddy's  - DollsLoved by aghcollect
original Hermann teddy  - DollsLoved by aghcollect
Hand painted blue glassware tumblers x 6 - GlasswareLoved by katherin…
Crystal scallop edge bowl - GlasswareLoved by antiquer…
art deco asian....need answers:) - Posters and PrintsPamelot says I clicked on noob's...
I would like to know if anyone can give me any information on what exactly this religious mediallion means - Medals Pins and Badgesjunkc… says I can't tell, but m...
Hand Blown Glass Fruit with gas bubbles - Art GlassLoved by vetraio50
Jack Daniels Wooden Storage Box - BottlesLoved by roadside
Wine decanter bottle ??? - BottlesLoved by aghcollect
Moser Lithyalin-type Vase with Oroplastic Decoration, ca. 1929, designed by Heinrich Sattler - Art GlassLoved by Agustin
Ornate Engraved, embossed  Leather Back Oak rocker - FurnitureLoved by SpunkysMom
Unknown shuttle sewing machine - SewingLoved by official…
indian god - Medals Pins and BadgesLoved by aghcollect
Loetz Phänomen Genre 1/72 for Bakalowits # 85-3863, 1901 - Art Glassyeste… says Awesome piece. Th...
Can you identify me? Vintage metal model truck 200 Fifth Ave NY,NY Banner Logo - ToysAzTom says It was made by Irwi...
Oak cabinet, lamp, table chair, table/w side chairs,Frank L.Wright barrel chairr         - FurnitureLoved by aghcollect
Bohemian,,Kralik ?? Biscotti Jar"Early XX Century"032115 - Art GlassAlan2… says Many thanks, Mac63 ...
Shop of the Crafters (Cincinnati) Oak Slant Front Desk - Model #279 - Arts and CraftsLoved by aghcollect
victorian hanging brass oil lamp/converted to electronic - LampsNew Item by kimhldr76
Texaco Carburetor Cleaner and Engine Tune Up - PetrolianaTrey says Thanks for the love...
A Civil War  photo found in a file containing family records. - PhotographsLoved by Trey
More rocket photos. - PhotographsLoved by Trey
Vintage Steamer Trunk  - FurnitureLoved by Trey
DRINK COCA-COLA ICE - COLD Delicious and Refreshing - Coca-ColaLoved by Trey
Need help with identity and collectibility - FurnitureHPGEEMONEY says Ron b I a have a se...
Oil Cans -- My Dad's - PetrolianaLoved by jameyrd
Spalding athletic goods porclin metal sign - AdvertisingLoved by jameyrd
Antique candlestick holder with rooster marking on the bottom. - PotteryLoved by duke
Kids vintage pedal tractor - ToysLoved by aghcollect
Honus Wagner Baseball Card - Baseballrnied… says Thanks, realartnopr...
Alessandro Pianon Orange Bird #2  1960's - Art GlassLoved by GlueChip
Kralik Pink Silberiris vase, ca 1900 - Art GlassLoved by GlueChip
1947 Jack Daniels Dist Liqour License  - PaperLoved by roadside
Edgar Berebi Mask Brooch, Limited Edition - Costume JewelryLoved by FanciGirl
Does Anybody NOT Love Kramer? - Costume JewelryLoved by FanciGirl
72624-72671 of 162,553