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Cameo Black Chalice & Cover ~Tiara/Indiana Glass Company  - GlasswareCindB says Thank you for the c...
Orange bird - Art GlassLoved by CindB
Vaseline-glass Swan  candy dish - GlasswareLoved by katherin…
USA Wartime Songsheet….. - MusicTed_S… says Thanking you all fo...
Three Wilkes-Barre, PA Advertising Items…... - AdvertisingTed_S… says Good afternoon, Dav...
Aviation pinback premiums - Medals Pins and BadgesLoved by Ted_Straub
Advertising Premium favourites - AdvertisingLoved by Ted_Straub
Snake Vase - Art GlassLoved by surfdub66
Unknown jewelry box - Fine JewelryLoved by lampaddict
Holy Toledo Batman, this sucker is heavy!! - Tools and HardwareLoved by lampaddict
1911 Brantford Computing Scale - Tools and HardwareLoved by lampaddict
Mid Century Modern Flying Saucer Desk Lamp  - LampsCindB says Thanks for the love...
Little Mdina Glass Bowl :) - Art GlassLoved by CindB
Gifts from my mother - ToysSEAN68 says these are great !!!
Paper mache holly hobbie?  - DollsMrs.T… says This one has a wood...
Vintage Tea Towel Time - Kitchenneato… says Thank you for your ...
Revival Etruskan 9ct Round Brooch (English) - Fine JewelryAgram.m says Elisabethan, surfdu...
Moreland stand up golf bag - Sporting GoodsLoved by Manikin
native American wood carving - Native AmericanLoved by Manikin
Lady Head Vase - PotteryLoved by Manikin
Uncle Dwight & The Korean War 7th Infantry Division - PhotographsLoved by walksoftly
A Dragonfly  landed on my plate - PotteryLoved by Lise
Some of our old cars - PhotographsLoved by Virginia…
bohemian glass dish? - Art GlassLoved by Radegunder
Czech vanity set, perfume bottle and powder box - BottlesLoved by Alfredo
Fenton Opal Peacock and Grape Vaseline Collar - GlasswareLise says I have a peacock on...
Fratelli Toso Art Glass Paper Weight - Art GlassCindB says I love it, antiquer...
~~XXX Moonshine Jug~~ - PotteryLoved by CindB
~~Older BeanPot...The Original CrockPot~~ - PotteryLoved by CindB
~Milk Jug Pottery~ - PotteryLoved by CindB
Jewel top perfume - BottlesLoved by CindB
Silver Viking ship - Sterling SilverLoved by CindB
Enamel Viking ship with spoon - Sterling SilverLoved by CindB
Nice blue bottle - BottlesLoved by CindB
Royal Dux vase - PotteryLoved by CindB
Ansonia Monarch Victorian Mantle Clock - ClocksLoved by CindB
Czechoslovakian cased silhouette atomizer - Art GlassLoved by CindB
Kralik "ribbed and twisted" range of Jugendstil - Art GlassLoved by CindB
Crackle glass geode - Art Glasssurfd… says Cool shape !! ;-)
Lamps, can anyone identify? - LampsLoved by antiquer…
U.S. Navy Ribbons, Dog Tags, and Belt Buckle - Military and WartimeJonB says I realize that this...
I'd my bulletLoved by fortapache
Singer's 1956 319w2 Sewing Machine" Green Machine" - SewingLoved by fortapache
BatMan Night Light  - ToysLoved by aghcollect
compass - West London with Box - Tools and HardwareLoved by aghcollect
MINIATURE COMPASSES/ MAGNIFYING GLASS - Tools and HardwareLoved by aghcollect
POCKET COMPASS AND CHAIN - Military and WartimeLoved by aghcollect
WW2 German Luftwaffe AK39 Wirst Compass, Fl.23235-1 - 2nd Model - Military and WartimeLoved by aghcollect
72720-72767 of 159,480