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Kokeshi Doll part two - DollsLoved by aghcollect
GreyHound - AnimalsLoved by aghcollect
Latest Kokeshi Additions - DollsLoved by aghcollect
A Doll for Mani! - DollsLoved by aghcollect
scales of justice - Art DecoLoved by aghcollect
Unknown Scale! - Tools and HardwareLoved by aghcollect
KOOKABURRA TOAST RACK - 1925 - Kitchenvetra… says Many thanks ANIL !!...
Bunny Hop - RecordsLoved by aghcollect
Pabst Blue Ribbon Thermometer - AdvertisingLoved by undreal
MAYFIELD Brewery Sign Palo Alto Wood Thermometer  - BrewerianaLoved by undreal
3D picture thermometer - AdvertisingLoved by undreal
A7 Corsair in Abandoned WW2 Hangar, Alameda NAS - Military and WartimeLoved by ttomtucker
Cleveland Plain Dealer Sign - SignsLoved by ttomtucker
Amazingly deco WPA Detroit traffic analysis book - BooksLoved by ttomtucker
Cat Eye Railroad Stop on Red Signal Sign - RailroadianaLoved by ttomtucker
Cinzano enamel  no restored sign - SignsLoved by ttomtucker
Imperiales Cigarettes Porcelain Sign - TobaccianaLoved by ttomtucker
silver insignia ring - Fine JewelryLoved by Radegunder
Russian Molnia Judica pocket watch with a very subdued face - Pocket WatchesLoved by Radegunder
Early photograph of Sitka Alaska  - PhotographsLoved by Radegunder
UNKNOW? Bronze Statues Attached to white basin.Was told it was converted to Base of Table.Can someone giveme insight?Thanks - Art DecoLoved by pcmadiso…
can you tell me about thisLoved by pcmadiso…
J. Castells Marti painting - Visual ArtLoved by melaniej
Turquoise and Amber Necklace - Fine Jewelrymelan… says davyd286 thank you ...
Old Photograph:  Thanks So Much, Phil! - PhotographsLoved by walksoftly
What is this? - PensLoved by walksoftly
Old Photographs - PhotographsAnneL… says I'm sure somewhere ...
Mystery Sifter - Sterling SilverLoved by kivatinitz
Silver salver  - Sterling SilverLoved by kivatinitz
breweriana salesman sample? - BrewerianaLoved by blunderb…
Mid Century Planter, Signature Help Needed - PotteryRaestelle says Mary, thank you so ...
A Russian Spoon, gifted to me by Godfather, very good for cereal! - Sterling Silverkivat… says Moskow 1862 silve...
LIBRARY TABLE - FurnitureLoved by antiquer…
Russian Art Nouveau silvered spoon. - Art NouveauLoved by kivatinitz
Russian Gilded Floral Bowl by Aleksei Popov - Circa 1844 - China and Dinnerwarekivat… says very beautiful
UNUSUAL LIGHTINGLoved by kivatinitz
Fabulously Carved Walnut Figural  Inlaided Library Table - FurnitureLoved by kivatinitz
Russian Fedoskino Pegockuno (fairy tale) Laquered PlaqueLoved by kivatinitz
My Easter Egg - Mystery - Art GlassLoved by kivatinitz
Sparton 558 "4-knob Sled" Mirror Tube Radio - Radiosantiq… says I loved this before...
Fisher-Price Little People Playhouse - ToysLoved by antiquer…
Fuller Brush Salesman Letter Openers - AdvertisingChrisnp says Thanks for the love...
unknown sterling China custard cup  - China and DinnerwareLoved by aghcollect
Eagle oil can. - PetrolianaLoved by antiquer…
Wooden cane box. - BagsLoved by antiquer…
Teak animals. - AnimalsLoved by antiquer…
Four brass table feet. - Tools and HardwareLoved by SEAN68
Wood cabinet shelf. - FurnitureLoved by SEAN68
73872-73919 of 162,251