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Glass Pitcher (hand blown) - Art GlassLoved by DrFluffy
Japanese book old (post 2) - AsianLoved by DrFluffy
Pitcher Hand blown - Art GlassLoved by Vintagef…
Japanese book (post 4) - AsianVinta… says Fantastic Deancakes...
Wooden Kellogg  phone, Chicago co. Nov. 26, 1901 - Telephonesresistor301 says my title is what's ...
handcrafted 1920's Fordson Model N tractor - TractorsLoved by vanskyoc…
Unknown Antique Coin Need Help to Identify - World CoinsLoved by tom61375
Who, When made this Bayonet?? - Military and WartimeLoved by tom61375
Planters Nut Chopper - KitchenLoved by tom61375
Knight & Thomas inc. Underwriters Fire Extinguisher No.7 - FirefightingLoved by tom61375
Japanese Royal Kaga Nippon Porcelain Serving Plate / Hand Painted Poppies and 24 kt trim / Circa 1900-1940 - China and DinnerwareLoved by Vintagef…
Vintage Imperial Glass Co. Grape Decanter/Vase - GlasswareLoved by tom61375
Chile - 10 Centesimos/100 Pesos Bank NoteLoved by antiques…
Possible Antique Car Ignition Switch Panel - Classic CarsLoved by tom61375
Chinese metal box!  Used for what and how old is it! - AsianLoved by tom61375
McKesson & Robbins, Tooth Powder. 1950's ? - BottlesLoved by tom61375
Muckross Abbey pottery - China and DinnerwareLoved by tom61375
~~~1890's New York Beer Bottle~~~~ - BottlesLoved by Radegunder
Pentucket Ale stoneware bottle - BrewerianaLoved by Radegunder
old beer bottle - BrewerianaLoved by tom61375
Approximate Age of Ale Bottle? - BottlesLoved by tom61375
~~~John Ryan Beer Bottles~~~ - BottlesLoved by tom61375
stoneware beer bottle - BottlesLoved by tom61375
Anchor Steam - BrewerianaLoved by tom61375
***Old Pontiled Black Glass Beer Bottle*** - BottlesLoved by tom61375
cleve.beer - BottlesLoved by tom61375
~~~Old Pontiled Beer Bottle~~~ - BottlesLoved by tom61375
+++Old Stone Ware Beer Bottle+++ - BottlesLoved by tom61375
Unopened antique beer bottle 1800's NEAT! - BottlesLoved by tom61375
---Tan and White beer bottles--- - BottlesLoved by tom61375
===1850's John Ryan Potter Bottles=== - BottlesLoved by tom61375
John Tons - Stockton, CA - A very old beer bottle i found recently - BrewerianaLoved by tom61375
Bilz Beer Bottle  - BottlesLoved by tom61375
Early Michelob Bottle. NEED INFO PLEASE! - BottlesLoved by tom61375
Vintage Whiskey Box - AdvertisingLoved by tom61375
anyone recognize this?Loved by tom61375
Great Grandmothers goblet  - Sterling SilverLoved by tom61375
Bronze Fertility Tower Of Virgins Charm Thailand - AsianLoved by tom61375
Two handled japenese mug? - AsianLoved by tom61375
Antique 1950's French ODO wall clock.  - ClocksLoved by shawnicus
Vintage 1960's Scottish Westclox mantle clock. - ClocksLoved by shawnicus
1960's Swiss Uti (Swiza) alarm clock. - ClocksLoved by shawnicus
endura funky old wall clock - Clockstickt… says Hi, Your clock was...
14K Gold Pocket Watch with Floral Design - Pocket WatchesLoved by shawnicus
Grand mothers clock - ClocksLoved by ticktock…
seth thomas baby bens type clock - ClocksLoved by ticktock…
Kosta Boda paper boy miniature sculpture signed GP - Art GlassLoved by vetraio50
  Unknown Military patch  - Military and Wartimeinnisdg says Thanks Scott.
74304-74351 of 126,909