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RARE  -  Woldemar Neufeld -  The El - Color Woodblock Print - Posters and PrintsLiked by aeon
love these things - Art GlassLoved by Moonston…
Hammond Art Deco Bichronous Mantle Clock, Columbia 1931  - Art DecoLiked by aeon
Europe in Paintings and Critique - 1928 - Palace of the Legion of Honor - PaperLoved by tom61375
Unknown Flower pot and Lalique items - Art Glassseamo… says @ PhilDavidAlexande...
Turner Wall Accessories Mirror 54425  - FurnitureLiked by aeon
Old Drawing of Child in Great Frame - Visual ArtLiked by aeon
Antique Ornate Lamp Base - LampsJohannB says This looks like a P...
Watercolor boxed set from the late 1700's made by William ReevesLoved by pops52
The Billie Holiday Microphone - RadiosLoved by ttomtucker
magenta paper ring box - Fine JewelryLoved by ttomtucker
not sure what this is! Do you know? - AsianLiked by aeon
Eastwest Art Society - Second Exhibition in San Francisco Museum of Art - 1922 - BooksLiked by aeon
My favorite vintage perfume - 1940's "Forever Yours" - BottlesLiked by aeon
1953 popeye music box - Toysvansk… says thanks for the love...
french 18kt gold propelling pencil. - OfficeLiked by aeon
VINTAGE PENCIL CARRIER - OfficeLiked by aeon
Pencil Collection on Flickr! - OfficeLiked by aeon
American Made Watercolor Paint Blocks Liked by aeon
George Inness paintingLiked by aeon
David Singer Who poster, 1973 - Posters and PrintsLiked by aeon
Rare Matchsafe /Vesta Case - TobaccianaLoved by pickrknows
Modern unsettling? strange? watercolor by AntkowiakLiked by aeon
My mostly music poster collection Part 6 - MusicLiked by aeon
My mostly music poster collection Part 5 - MusicLiked by aeon
Japanese pot or something ? - AsianLiked by aeon
Brunswick sewing machine, 83 rue Richeleur  Paris, designed treadle - SewingBerna… says It's a little bit h...
Two Little First Editions from Urban Ore in Berkeley - BooksLiked by aeon
Large United Airlines print - AdvertisingLiked by aeon
Possibly for holding a photo? Liked by aeon
What is it ? And what is it for ?Liked by aeon
Pedro Solis Caro Guitar know anything about em??? - GuitarsLiked by aeon
help Mede Paris on bottle - BottlesLiked by aeon
Antique Dip Pen? Mother of Pearl & Brass? 1800's? 1900's? - PensLiked by aeon
1864 French BronzeLoved by vetraio50
My favorite glass vase - hand-blown green glass - Art GlassLoved by walksoftly
Nanny Still Koristepullo? - Art GlassLoved by SEAN68
Silver Shot Glasses - Sterling SilverLiked by aeon
PFLUEGER shipping Crate - FishingLoved by Ricksteele
2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 toy truck/real toy trucktommy… says Damn.... That sucks...
RAYMOND WEIL Watch 18k gold electroplated Swiss Geneve Age do not Know? You know? - WristwatchesSEAN68 says stunning:)
Decanter crystal + silver - Sterling SilverTheDreamGirl says This is a great pie...
Seahorse sherd identified as a a beautiful lamp! - LampsLoved by Savoychi…
Uranium glass I.D.  - Art DecoLoved by walksoftly
3 jugs by Klaus Breit (Wiesenthalhütte, 1959, 1957, 1968) - Art GlassSEAN68 says Hello Austro and co...
Wooden Farmers Lamp Set - LampsNew Item by avila_moses
Central Park - John Dorish &  Sumi-e  Ann White - Posters and PrintsLoved by peteeone
early 80's punk - Mens ClothingLoved by lisa
75360-75407 of 123,249