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c Wagner Beaune fabrique de limonade acid etched bottle. twisted glass with original spigot with an engraving that says Emile L - BottlesLoved by blunderb…
Not sure what this is.  - SewingLiked by blunderb…
sweet Marilyn - MoviesLoved by Windwalker
My Egyptian ashtray - Tobacciananitty… says cool!
The Method of Falling Timber - PostcardsLoved by PhotoGuy
Scottish Pin/Brooch - Fine JewelryLoved by inky
Glass, mineral, ???Loved by Elisabet…
Vintage Western Electric Orange Memory Phone - Can you help me identify? - Telephonesttomt… says Your Western Electr...
Westclox clock of tomorrow - ClocksLoved by shawnicus
Edland typewriter - 1892 - OfficeLoved by ttomtucker
My favorite foundry mold - Tools and HardwareLoved by ttomtucker
Cut glass wine glasses - GlasswareMIMICRYSTAL says What an awesome fin...
collectable fuel tins - PetrolianaLoved by geo26e
Homer Laughlin platter - China and DinnerwareLoved by geo26e
New Jersey Bell Telephone Installer  - TelephonesLoved by rniederman
western electric oval telephone - TelephonesLoved by antiquer…
What is it? - Tools and Hardwareantiq… says Attachment for pull...
Thornton-Pickard All Weather Press Camera. - Cameraserice… says Thank you Windwalke...
1967 Snow White And Seven Dwarfs Vynal Brunch Bag - BagsLoved by Manikin
Looking for Information - ClocksLoved by toolate2
Laughing Out Loud - Postcardsp.l.a… says After the Medics ev...
Bakelite bangles - Costume JewelryLoved by freiheit
Tortoise colored bakelite necklace - Costume JewelryLoved by freiheit
Have no clue what this is!!!! - Sterling SilverLoved by racer4four
1918 RPPC - Newtown, Texas Oil Rig Fire  - PostcardsLoved by racer4four
Vintage Sterling Silver "Slide-Ruler" Tie Clip - Accessoriestom61375 says Thank you Windwalke...
This is apparently a "pencil box"?  - OfficeLoved by tom61375
Exell or Big Ben Files - OfficeLoved by aghcollect
Chenille Easter Chickens - Animalsforta… says Thank you very much...
Anyone Know About Vintage Pencils??? Thanks! - OfficeLoved by aghcollect
1978 jim davis garfield kids suitcase - BagsLoved by aghcollect
My Shadow Box Purse - BagsLoved by aghcollect
American Air Lines Suitcase - AdvertisingLoved by aghcollect
Vintage Hand Sewn Silk Evening Bag - AccessoriesLoved by aghcollect
the mysterious lady in black. - BagsLoved by aghcollect
My 24" Dual Sided Illuminated Phone Booth Sign ! - TelephonesLoved by aghcollect
vintage golf bag telephone - TelephonesLoved by aghcollect
Independent Telephone Watch Fob - TelephonesLoved by aghcollect
Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Watch Fob - TelephonesLoved by aghcollect
Frog Sculpture - AnimalsLoved by ho2cultcha
1910 Foamite Chemical Cart - FirefightingLoved by tom61375
FAIRY GLEN LEIGH WOODS BRISTOL - Postcardsvetra… says Many thanks BRACKEN...
YORK. St. MARY'S ABBEY and St. OLAVE'S CHURCH. - Postcardsvetra… says Many thanks BRATJDD!
BRISTOL CATHEDRAL & St. AUGUSTINE'S GATE. - Postcardsvetra… says Many thanks BRATJDD!
St. AUGUSTINE'S GATE, NORMAN ARCH. BRISTOL. - PostcardsLoved by Moonston…
BRISTOL. St. STEPHEN'S CHURCH. - Postcardsvetra… says Many thanks BRATJDD!
HIGH CROSS, COLLEGE GREEN. BRISTOL. - Postcardsvetra… says Many thanks BRATJDD!
75648-75695 of 139,916