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Locomotive print - RailroadianaLoved by aghcollect
Antique 1800's Black Doctors Bag - BagsLoved by walksoftly
3 piece mahogany bed with Marquetry and ornate designs - FurnitureLoved by shareurp…
Italian Rosato Shepherdess Wine Decanter plus - Bottlesnsigmund says I the one that is h...
Round top Trunk Pat. date Nov. 1874 One of My Favorites - FurnitureDrill says Thanks for a the Lo...
Old Mr Boston Glass bottle unopened - BottlesLoved by blunderb…
Rare Olympic Coin from 1972 Munchen,number index of 92 - World Coinsblund… says The reverse kind of...
Vintage German made Zenith Scale - Tools and HardwareLoved by pickrknows
Vintage Swiss made Lyssex scale - Tools and HardwareLoved by pickrknows
Vintage Auto-Wate Kitchen scale  - Tools and HardwareLoved by pickrknows
Late 1960's Bulova Automatic 23 Jewels - WristwatchesLoved by pickrknows
Antique cobalt blue coffin styled poison bottle - BottlesLoved by pickrknows
Rembrandt claw foot lamp with deer and lizard - LampsLoved by aghcollect
Etched Crystal Shrimp Cocktail Stemware - Pattern Identification? - GlasswareLoved by antiquer…
kreamer - Kitchenshare… says Ditto! You can mar...
1993 Lincoln 1 C Penny - is this considered an error coin? - US CoinsNew Item by Coinsco…
Sandy MacNab Forest green blob top bottle  - BottlesLoved by bottle-bud
asian 11" vase - Asiannoob says Picture of the mark...
Art Deco Table lamps - Art DecoLoved by walksoftly
Fairy Lamp - French Lithophane  - Art GlassLoved by glasslove
Fairy Lamp - Clarke model 7 - Art GlassLoved by glasslove
Webb Burmese fairy lamps - Art GlassLoved by Greatsno…
Taylor & Tunnicliff Fairy Lamps - Art GlassLoved by inky
Lighting Fairy Lamps - Art GlassLoved by Slave-to…
Vintage Rum Ration Cup - Sterling SilverLoved by walksoftly
Melitta 102 porcelain coffee filter, FOUND - KitchenLoved by walksoftly
1951 Yousuf Karsh Prints Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip  - PhotographsLoved by walksoftly
Moocroft Pattern - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Hull pieces - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Rörstrand Ostindia salt and pepper shakers - PotteryElisa… says Thanks surfdub66!!!...
Rörstrand ostindia  - PotteryElisa… says Thanks surfdub66!
Taika iittala Christmas Ornaments (mini mugs) - PotteryElisa… says Surfdub66 thanks!
Need help on this one  - PotteryElisa… says Thanks Vetraio50 an...
Rörstrand Saba - PotteryElisa… says Thanks surfdub66 an...
Tipping teapot with burner stand - PotteryLoved by vetraio50
A Handpainted Vase - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Weller Ware marked with  H - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Miller Lamp - LampsLoved by surfdub66
MM Portugal Redware  - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Vintage porcelain painting numbered 6794 - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Small Studio Pottery Basket - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Studio Pottery -Vase/Container?? - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Formalities by Baum Bro. Weaved Pottery Vase - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Ceramic Owl Plaque by Konrad Galaaen - early 70s? - AnimalsLoved by surfdub66
Old Pottery Vase  Signed - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Lancaster Colony McCoy 8" Serving Bowls - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
ROYAL DOULTON - ENGLAND  "PART 2" - PotteryLoved by surfdub66
Westerwald, German? - PotteryLoved by vetraio50
75648-75695 of 157,903