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Germany - (5000) Mark Bank NoteLoved by petey
Germany - (10 Million) Mark Bank NoteLoved by petey
Germany - (20,000) Mark Bank NoteLoved by petey
1931 - Durant Motors Stock Certificate - PaperLoved by petey
Glass bowl  - Art GlassNew Item by maglacey
1969 - Southern Comfort Bar Guide - AdvertisingLoved by petey
Rembrandt Brass and Teak Sculptural Table Lamp /Milk Glass Waffle Pattern Diffuser /Circa 1950's- 60's - LampsLoved by cindyjune
old skateboard decks - Sporting GoodsLoved by geo26e
Conker Live and Reloaded for Original X Box /  3 Factory Sealed Copies / Circa 2005 - GamesLoved by pops52
Dark purple mug - Art GlassLoved by kerry10456
Willem Haenraets Painting - Mid-Century ModernLoved by catteann
My Favorite Antique Tennis Collectibles - Sporting GoodsLoved by official…
 ELK  BOCOTE WOOD FIGURINE Thank, to "fhrjr2" I learn this :) - AnimalsLoved by petey
Clock my mom gave me she found in garbage bag - ClocksLoved by petey
KERRY10456 Read Please!!!! :) - ClocksLoved by petey
FLORAL ART SIGN PC - Rugs and TextilesLoved by petey
A GIFT FROM MY FRIEND :)) I FEEL SPECIAL!!! - Fine JewelryLoved by petey
GlASS CANDLE HOLDER (NEED HELP ID!) - Art GlassLoved by petey
JUNE 1967 POPULAR MECHANICS - PaperLoved by petey
GARGOYLE ART Loved by petey
WWI warplane Xmas ornaments - Christmaskeli1694 says The first one is th...
ANTIQUE DEER LAMP - LampsLoved by mark
What is this my aunt gave it to meNew Item by Valtaylor
What is this by Lillian vernonNew Item by Valtaylor
LOVE THE GLASS LAMP - LampsLoved by Huckwa
Vintage Photograph.... - PhotographsTed_S… says Thank you, AmberRos...
Row Cart Toy Found In West Texas - Model CarsLoved by Dan121156
Disco Tek - RecordsRoycr… says can u say mancave ....
Old Print I found at auction. - Posters and PrintsLoved by vanskyoc…
GoldE, Film Splicing Station? or Rewinder, uses 2. 15" Reels. Need Info!  - ElectronicsLoved by Dan121156
Antique Belton Doll - DollsLoved by geo26e
Arabic?New Item by Quote27
vintage all metal turntable phonograph with base   - ElectronicsNew Item by crazydanmusic
Commemorative Plate? - China and Dinnerwarevetra… says With no made in Ita...
Yellow China Egg Cup with Floral Pattern - China and DinnerwareLoved by bratjdd
Chinese Blue & White pot found at estate auction. - AsianLoved by bratjdd
Mystery Railroad Item - RailroadianaRoycr… says nice going ....fhrj...
Karelian plaited ribbon motif - Fine JewelryLoved by SEAN68
Pedestal fruit bowl - GlasswareLoved by SEAN68
Glass Mug - Art GlassLoved by SEAN68
Ceramic plate - Art PotteryLoved by SEAN68
Philips DCC 730 - ElectronicsLoved by SEAN68
have a lamp and want to find out what it may be worth, but can't find anything, anywhere... - LampsLoved by AmberRose
Tall stamped Chinese paneled vase with birds and flowers. - AsianNew Item by PaPicking
Mine and Ivan's 1947 GMC Firetruck with pretty Smile!  Photo - PhotographsLoved by kyratango
75792-75839 of 129,877