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Red cut flacon - Art GlassLoved by SEAN68
Original illustration painting  for General Gasoline - PetrolianaLoved by luckywest
Edward Hald bowl - Art GlassLoved by Moonston…
White glass jug with orange interior - GlasswareLoved by Radegunder
Small striped vase with painted flowers - Art GlassLoved by retsirk
For Vintagefran - Cornucopia vase! - Art GlassLoved by Jewels
Kralik thorn vase - Art GlassLoved by Vintagef…
Yellow Bohemian glass basket - Art GlassLoved by Shawnl86
Larry Dierker Card - Cardsmusik… says Thank You gargoylec...
Proof Set 1968 - US Coinsmusik… says Thank You gargoylec...
Coca Cola Holiday Fun - Coca-ColaLiked by CokeKid-04
Oh, I love glass - Art Glasskathe… says Beautiful!
Vintage Office Items…... - OfficeLoved by Jewels
Unused 1959 Baltimore Colts vs Pittsburg Steelers at The Orange Bowl tickets - FootballLoved by aghcollect
Statue  Looking for info - AsianGeorgeB says After looking close...
Hot Wheels "Mechanix" Mustang Convertible - Model CarsLoved by AzTom
Hot Wheels "Mechanix" - '68 BOSS Mustang - Model CarsLoved by AzTom
Trevaise Vase c.1907. - Art GlassLoved by Mac63
Poschinger with Copper Overlay and Cabochons - Art GlassLoved by Mac63
Loetz Aeolus ( Warren's Aeolus Brother ) - Art GlassLoved by Mac63
Vintage Pottery Made in Italy Signed - FigurinesLoved by CindB
New Haven Wall Clock - ClocksLiked by Kydur
The Morning of the Magicians - BooksLoved by fortapache
Christmas Tin - Poinsettias - ChristmasLoved by Trey
Christmas Tin - "I Wish I Were A Teddy Bear" - ChristmasLoved by Trey
Bronze Mask - AsianNew Item by ghostscorpio
Beautiful art glass  - GlasswareLoved by bratjdd
Lefton China Christmas Figurines - ChristmasLoved by bratjdd
Lefton China Christmas Figurines - ChristmasLoved by bratjdd
Tin or Metal drummer on a wind-up horse with key - ToysLoved by bratjdd
80s era Absolut P0stcard…. - PostcardsLoved by Trey
A.D.COPIER - Art GlassLoved by katherin…
Wayne 60 pump - PetrolianaLiked by sanhardin
1940s Semi Dak camera - CamerasLoved by sanhardin
Express Photo. Company, The. | English Camera | 1906 |  Half Plate. - CamerasLoved by sanhardin
Antique Postal Scales - OfficeLoved by pops52
Interesting Punch or Press - OfficeLoved by pops52
Vintage Desk Bell - OfficeLoved by pops52
WPA 1935 Painting: 'View from south plaza of Treasury, looking north' by Dorsey Doniphan  - Visual Artho2cu… says his paintings are v...
Old Handcarved Box&Antique Strange Flatware Box Salesman Sample Maybemssue64 says Thanks so much vetr...
Hand held dinner bells - Musical InstrumentsLoved by ho2cultcha
Ford fairlane project - Classic CarsLoved by ho2cultcha
Vintage Hamilton Mens Pocket Watch with original case - Pocket WatchesLoved by pops52
Chezar oil & Sand paintingLoved by aghcollect
Paintings - Can anyone help identify the artist? - Visual ArtLoved by aghcollect
“Interior of the U.S. Supreme Court”,  PWAP Painting by Edwin Dorsey Doniphan, Depression Era - Visual ArtLoved by aghcollect
 “Looking Down Penna. Ave. (Dept. of Labor)”, WPA.1935.8, 1935 Painting by Dorsey Doniphan - Visual ArtLoved by aghcollect
"Internal Revenue Building", PWAP Painting, 3/1/34 Disposition: J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, Artist: Dorsey Doniphan - Visual ArtLoved by aghcollect
78720-78767 of 158,207