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World war 2( possibly made by soldier)??? - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
old brass bugle...don't know what regiment - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
Antique Brass Spanish American War ? WWI ? Era Cigarette Lighter Eagle & Shield sides  - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
SAME 10.00$ BOX. WHAT IS THIS IS IT REAL ? SOME KIND OF SPY STUFF  - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
Man on the Moon charm bracelet - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
Royal Copely 6" Handle Vase/ Rose Glaze with 22kt Gold Rim / Circa 1950 - Art PotteryLoved by petey
Fourth item from the field - probably a plow point. - Tools and HardwareLoved by AmberRose
Crocheted flapper beads - Costume JewelryLoved by kyratango
Micro mosiac floral pin - Fine JewelryLoved by kyratango
Vintage George Burton Drake Litho - AnimalsLoved by artdecog…
Antique (Victorian?) scent bottle. - BottlesLoved by tom61375
Sterling Silver Round Dome Beaded Pin Brooch - Fine JewelryLoved by Newtimes
Vintage French Copper Bain Marie (Double-Boiler) w/ Copper Lid - Kitchentom61375 says Thank you petey! =)
GI Joe French Resistance Fighter - ToysLoved by petey
nice WWI U.S. ARMY 2nd Division Machine Gun photo - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
WWII US NAVY Sailors graffiti on rail car shipping out! - Military and WartimeLoved by petey
I married my yellow Jubilee depression glass with a beautiful  unknown pattern, need help identifying please! - GlasswareLoved by petey
Square Gold Plate with Unusual Design, and Signature - Art PotteryLoved by petey
A Sad Vase will hopefully live again. A John Hess Vase... - Art PotteryLoved by petey
JOHAN WILHELM JOHANSSON  1887-1970 - Art GlassLoved by petey
Napkins part 6 - PaperLoved by petey
Margies Garden Artisans Amethyst Bubble Vase with Broad Rim - Art GlassLoved by petey
Charles C. Ebbets in 1932 the day he took the famous "Men on a Beam" image of 11 steelworkers having lunch above the Manhattan. - PhotographsLoved by antiquer…
Art Deco Amethyst "Rose De France" 835 Silver Bracelet Germany Demi Parure - Fine JewelryLoved by aghcollect
Paris clutch hand bag. Curious if it's special. - AccessoriesLoved by Moonston…
 Old Bean slicer. - KitchenLoved by Amandajane
Southbend Railroad Watch - Pocket WatchesLoved by tom61375
My Dressy Betsy - DollsLoved by mayatini
Vintage Napier (bird of paradise?) - Costume JewelryLoved by aghcollect
Vintage Napier Dragon Sea Serpent Hinged Bracelet - Costume JewelryLoved by aghcollect
Napier Double Dragon - Costume JewelryLoved by aghcollect
Christmas Ornaments - ChristmasLoved by clockerman
Pretty Christmas hopefully old.. - ChristmasLoved by clockerman
Vintage Antique Star Sapphire 9ct White Gold Eternity Bracelet - Fine JewelryLoved by Moonston…
Grandma's ornaments - ChristmasLoved by clockerman
1912 Christmas ornaments - ChristmasLoved by clockerman
Christmas Ornament - Christmasclock… says He is Belsnickel......
Zeppelin Christmas Tree Ornament - ChristmasLoved by clockerman
Vintage Deco F&F Felger Hardstone Cameo Seed Pearl 14k Pendant Brooch - Fine JewelryMoons… says kyratango, XOXOX
bombshell lantern - LampsLoved by blunderb…
AC Spark Plug Clock - ClocksOldsguy says I love this clock! ...
2002 - Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen, China Matchbox - TobaccianaLoved by tom61375
2002 - Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao, China Matchbox - TobaccianaLoved by tom61375
Unidentified Pink Tea Saucer - China and DinnerwareLoved by aghcollect
Folding Coca Cola Metal Chair - Coca-Colalaney says So glad to finally ...
Set of 7 Terracotta? Redware? Plates - KitchenLoved by valentin…
81984-82031 of 145,742