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Vase by J. Howard Johnson - PotteryLoved by blunderb…
The forgotten bottle of wine. - BottlesLoved by blunderb…
Ceramic creamer - PotteryJewels says No problem at all!
3 sided bottle with different coat of arms pic every side  - BottlesLoved by DaBandit
Would love to know? - BottlesLoved by DaBandit
Turkey Bottle - BottlesLoved by DaBandit
my grandfathers rocking chair - FurnitureNew Item by jlabonte
Pretty little laquer box - AsianLoved by SEAN68
Bakelite and other plastic earrings - Costume Jewelryvalen… says Thank you Jewels fo...
Pocket Knives - Tools and HardwareLoved by Vermont
Please pass the mustard! - Costume JewelryLoved by Jewels
Vintage Firkin/Sugar Bucket  - FurnitureLoved by Vermont
Picnic Jug - KitchenLoved by trunkman
Upcycle - don't throw away - broken bakelite bracelet to buttons - SewingLoved by Jewels
Vintage Wood Doll Carriage? - Dollsscott… says Agree modern decora...
Tonala Mexican pottery  - PotteryLoved by racer4four
E.F. B. & Sons Platter - China and DinnerwareLoved by racer4four
My Glass Addiction..... - GlasswareLoved by fixitjmc
Wanting to find one or where to look for one - Furniturescott… says Neat looking chair-...
religious metal icon of a woman giving communion to the virgin MaryLoved by tom61375
My Favorite Old Russian Matryoshka Dolls - Dollsmuneq… says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
Iridescent Salt and Pepper Pots Paua Shell :) - KitchenLise says Thankyou nutsabotas...
antique for thee christ died war pendant - Fine JewelryLoved by valentin…
old vintage liquor bottles. - BottlesNew Item by jazzieone
Georgian French Chalcedony Intaglio Wax Seal Fob "Neglect Me, Lose, Me" - Fine JewelryLoved by valentin…
Kaj Franck vase for Nuutajarvi - Art GlassLiked by ayboy
Original Examples of Early 20th Century Loa Tian Li Chinese Cloisonne - AsianSWhitmore says Available on ebay btw
Ivory Painting - Visual ArtLoved by Jewels
LOETZ 8050 (1899); 172 (1900) - Art GlassLoved by colori
Early Sea Chest - Part I - FurnitureLoved by trunkman
Johnny Unitas - Golden Arm print - FootballLoved by BeatleJi…
A Lady and Her Dog - A really beautiful painting...Loved by Moonston…
Japanese "Shibata" Polychrome and Gilt 12" Vase/Peacock and Bamboo Floral Design/Circa 20th Century - AsianLoved by Artistin…
My favorite "vintage?" glass or crystal art deco airplane - Art GlassLoved by pops52
Lovely gold accented rose dish with mystery hallmark!  - PotteryLoved by aghcollect
Infant Jesus in Manger, from AmberRose and her Elves!!! : ) - ChristmasLoved by aghcollect
Looking for more of these xmas glasses.  - GlasswareLoved by aghcollect
Rosary made in Czechoslovakia - Fine Jewelryfreih… says Thanks, PatSea:)
Found a silver and gold coke ring - Coca-ColaRadical1018 says There is what looks...
Butler Costume Pin - Costume JewelryLoved by Amandajane
Heavy duty  platform rocker - Furnituredrigg… says No, it's actually a...
Antique Chair Information  - Furniturejlgilbertky says I looked and did no...
My Vintage Musical Chair w/ ball claw  feet - FurnitureLoved by Agram.m
Don't know who made this ivory ruler? HELP!!!! - Tools and HardwareLoved by aghcollect
Richard FroomanLoved by aghcollect
Inter POCULA lithograph - Posters and PrintsLoved by aghcollect
Kralik Cornucopia Vase  - Art GlassLoved by SteveS
84480-84527 of 157,973