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 Silver Elephant  - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
"Unknown" Silver Refiner 9.93 ounces - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
Sterling Silver Money Clip - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
Trinket box marks - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
sterling silver pens - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
Tiffany & Company Porringer - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
Alpacca Hoka (alpaca) Cigarette Case German Silver Vintage 1930's very Ornate - TobaccianaLoved by Poop
art nouveau style cut glass and silver vanity jar - GlasswareLoved by Poop
3 1/2 inch bisque doll with dog - DollsLoved by robinlee
1860 rare Sterling Silver Waltham pocket watch.  Broken.  Fixable?  Worth it? - Pocket WatchesLoved by Poop
 Silver and Coral Jewellery (A pendant I believe) - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
I sure could use some help with this item. - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
Sterling pocket knife - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
Butter Dish - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
Silver Jewish Charm - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
 Lovely pure coin silver spoon made by the Alvah Skinner  Boston, Massachusetts.  - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
Snuff Bottle sterling silver fromChina  - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
PINK  FROST SWAN BOWL - GlasswareNew Item by antique…
Sterling?? Salt & Pepper Dish - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
1884 Reed and Barton Plate  - Sterling SilverLoved by Poop
TALLBOY STEIN - BrewerianaLoved by pawis
CAN ANYONE HELP WITH ID ON THESE BEER BOTTLES?  Africa maybe - Brewerianaletmplay says Gosh darn it. I do...
4th Great Grandfather's Civil War Discharge - PaperLoved by Poop
Vicke Lindstrand Decanter LH 1520 for Kosta - Art GlassLoved by Poop
My Toyo kids. - Dollsjwendell222 says Hi, sorry, I missed...
Mid - Century Modern "Love it" ! - Mid-Century ModernNew Item by deadser…
gadur jar - AsianLoved by blunderb…
Owl Drug Co. Bottle - BottlesLoved by blunderb…
West Germany, not sure which pottery company - Art PotteryLoved by bobogal
art  nouveau vase - Art NouveauLoved by AmberRose
Green Spot Lawn Sprinkler - Tools and HardwareNew Item by kaiserl…
AMBROTYPE PHOTO - PhotographsDeant… says did you see mine
Joanne Thompson Lithograph/children - Posters and PrintsLoved by bratjdd
Japanese lacquered jewellery box  - Fine JewelryPhatb… says Yeah I love Orienta...
Beautiful glass, Murano ? - Art GlassPhatb… says Thanks again hornet.
CZECH ZIG-ZAG VASES - Art GlassLoved by inky
My mystery, have no idea about this machine. Made in Czech, Mila brand, distributed in Brisbane Australia. Can't find anything? - SewingChezz… says I can't believe how...
Old Penobscot Urchin Basket - Native AmericanTlynn… says Thank you mustangto...
Canadian Club Decanter - BottlesLoved by mrmajest…
Vintage Batman Figurine 1938 - ToysOutsideBox says Ok guys problem sol...
Beautiful Little Hat pin: Sing fat of Canton  - Fine JewelryLoved by mrmajest…
vintage craftsman spiral screwdriver - Tools and HardwareLoved by mrmajest…
Original Heaney Window Card - Posters and PrintsLoved by crabbykins
vase by Andrew Williams of Glass Art, New Zeland - Art GlassLoved by crabbykins
pair of bohemian tango vases - Art GlassLoved by crabbykins
pair of Harrach creamers - Art GlassLoved by crabbykins
84480-84527 of 118,504