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Abbotts Dairy , Abbott's Dairy , Mighty Milk , Philadelphia sports , Phillies - BaseballLoved by aghcollect
Abbotts Dairy , Abbott's Dairy , Philadelphia sports , Eagles  - FootballLoved by aghcollect
G&T Trade-mark gramophone 1897, with records and storage box. - RecordsLoved by pops52
G&T Cockleshell gramophone 1904/10 - RecordsLoved by pops52
G&T New style number 3 circa 1905 - RecordsLoved by pops52
Lladro Figurine - FigurinesLoved by Manikin
Coca-Cola Carriers - Coca-ColaLoved by sanhardin
Lamp reverse painted shade - LampsLoved by official…
Postage Stamp Collection?? - StampsLoved by aghcollect
Vega Co mandolin - Musical InstrumentsLiked by AntigueT…
Oriental Temple - AsianLoved by AmberRose
Sonora Prelude C1930 gramophone - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Zonophone C1906 - RecordsLoved by tom61375
HMV Doric 1908 - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Puritone Phonograph - RecordsLoved by tom61375
His Masters Voice Dated August 11 1908 - RecordsLoved by tom61375
G&T gramophone made in Barcelona C1900 - RecordsLoved by tom61375
G&T Sheraton model A with original G&T mahogany cabinet 1907/11 - RecordsLoved by tom61375
G&T Deluxe 1904 with huge Aluminium horn - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Columbia gramophone C1910 - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Victor P and pre dog machine from France - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Zonophone front mount gramophone 1905 - RecordsLoved by tom61375
G&T #3 gramophone, original leather carry case - RecordsLoved by tom61375
"Morning Glory" Edison Tin Horn - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Babe Ruth recording - BaseballLoved by tom61375
Edison Peerless Vanity-Need information - MusicLoved by tom61375
Two More Greats - RecordsLoved by tom61375
A WEE DEOCH AN' DORIS  - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Orthophonic Victorla victor talking machine  - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Puritone Phonograph - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Zonophone Grand Opera front mount disc phonograph c 1901-04, RARE #1 - RecordsLoved by tom61375
G&T Style #2 had driven gramophone 1900 - 1902 - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Victor phonograph restore (update) - RecordsLoved by tom61375
Original Studebaker "Hawks" Dealer Brochure / Circa 1957 - AdvertisingLoved by petey
Original Studebaker "Hawk" Brochure Part II . Circa 1957 - AdvertisingLoved by petey
"American Bisque" White Deer with Magenta Vase-Planter / Drip Glaze Edge / Circa 1950 - Art PotteryLoved by petey
Cadillac Dealer Brochure / Circa 1958 - AdvertisingLoved by petey
More Cadillac Goodness ! / Cadillac Brochure Part II /Circa 1958 - AdvertisingLoved by petey
Cute Little Pixie Tree Trunk Planter / Partial Label / Unknown Maker and Age - Art PotteryLoved by petey
Gonder Pottery Co. Zanesville Ohio Cornucopia Vase H-14 / Circa 1950 - Art PotteryLoved by petey
Peru Old Inca Llama material, 1300-1400, from Ica Peru - Rugs and TextilesLoved by petey
Vase Art Nouveau!? Asian, need help with hallmark! beautiful! 11 inches 2+ lbs. - Art NouveauLoved by petey
Thrift store Reading Glasses! $4.50  And I use them! 12k GF! cool aluminum case!! - AccessoriesLoved by petey
Scarce British WWII cammo steel combat helmet - Military and Wartimepetey says Thanks for the love...
Helmet of soldier served with Co. B 504th Battalion, Pleiku & Machete given by Montagnard. - Military and WartimeLoved by OCAD
soapstone carvingsmikel… says Hello Ralph, I foun...
carved seal  soapstone? - Native Americanmikel… says I found one of thes...
small Seth Thomas acrylic clock,..again! - ClocksLoved by mikelv85
90048-90095 of 139,906