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Oranje vaasje bevrijdings vaasje  - Art GlassLoved by austrohu…
Meydam  - Art PotteryLoved by austrohu…
Civil War era photos - PhotographsLoved by antiquer…
Green Depression Glass Holiday Bowl - GlasswareLoved by valentin…
Palm Glass Vase Set - Art GlassLoved by valentin…
ARABIA - FINLAND /321 - Art PotterySEAN68 says Thankyou nutsabots!!
Kosta Boda Atoll Swirl Votive Bowl By Anne Ehrner - Art Glassaustr… says I'm glad you like t...
World Paper money - World CoinsLoved by antiquer…
1965 Roosevelt Cud Dime - US CoinsLoved by aghcollect
LOS ANGELES C OF C - PhotographsLoved by aghcollect
DAD'S GAMES - GamesLoved by aghcollect
My Mom Circa 1915 - PhotographsLoved by aghcollect
So Surprized Suzie BabyFace Doll - DollsLoved by geo26e
Victorian Red Lace Doll Lamp - DollsLoved by geo26e
Beautiful Flowers and Birds in Nature Ceramic Vase - AsianLoved by aghcollect
Japanese vintage art - AsianLoved by geo26e
Brooklyn Bridge and New York City Skyline Wall Mirror - FurnitureLoved by geo26e
electric clippers - AccessoriesLoved by geo26e
Pink enamelled spatter - Art GlassVinta… says Ahh good point. Tha...
Natural Bone Badger Skull - AnimalsLoved by crazycha…
west coast Chevron - PetrolianaLoved by EJW-54
ESSO/Standard sign - PetrolianaLoved by EJW-54
Wayne 60 Display cabinet pump - PetrolianaLoved by EJW-54
Chinese dream stone screen  - AsianLoved by ATTWOOD
Whitefriars Wine Glass - Art GlassLoved by Jewels1900
Whitefriars Decanters - BottlesJewel… says I have a couple of ...
Biblical pictureLoved by tom61375
Two silver gilt buttons - Fine JewelryLoved by tom61375
1967 - Sports Car Graphic Magazine - PaperLoved by tom61375
Coca-Cola Gallon Bottle Caps - Coca-ColaLoved by tom61375
1998 - Hallmark "Star Trek" Ornament - ChristmasLoved by tom61375
Toy solders?   - ToysLoved by tom61375
The most unique clock in my collection - Clockstom61375 says AWESOME!!
some more uncut precious mountain gems? anyone know what these are, they have a glint/sheen when the light hits them cont. Loved by tom61375
Hand tools. - Tools and HardwareLoved by tom61375
Camelback trunk  - FurnitureLoved by tom61375
THE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA (1935 ) -- $ 10 Dollars - PaperLoved by tom61375
THE BANK OF TORONTO ( 1935 ) Five dollars - PaperLoved by tom61375
British/Commonwealth Pattern 1903 Bandoleer - Military and WartimeChrisnp says Thanks for the love...
Who wants to Party, CW style? - Gamesantiq… says ......um-m-m-m, I a...
Australian Pattern 1907 Bayonet - Military and WartimeChrisnp says Fortapache, give me...
Australian SMLE Rifle - Military and WartimeChrisnp says I like the 19th cen...
Alpina WW1 Tranch Watch - WristwatchesLoved by shawnicus
Vintage Budgie Toys Die Cast VW Volkswagen Micro Bus No. 12 Blue Made in England - Model CarsLoved by AzTom
My great aunts mothers.?? What is it - FurnitureLoved by DrFluffy
Sterling pendant from Argentina, From Goodwill $6.00  and the stone is?  I guess a red rock!! - Fine JewelryLoved by DrFluffy
Many thanks to the gal with the biggest heart... - KitchenLoved by DrFluffy
Souvenir Spoon - "Marken" (Holland) - AdvertisingLoved by DrFluffy
90048-90095 of 150,407