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Stanley 4 1/2 Smooth Plane Great Conditionby jameshoward90
Odd scissor handle deviceby Francini
Keen Kutter Malleable Nail Pullerby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Horse Clippersby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Pipe Wrenchby McCoyNelson
Portugal Switch Keyby pajrr
Central Railroad of New Jersey Switch Keyby Spiperato
Workers tool box?by Fasmussen
I have no idea???by relleomffej
New little penknife!by Rodtheknife
unknown little 'cutting tool' whatsit by AnythingObs…
Hand-ax. For clay?  Cheesequake Creek, NJ by ScottSchool…
Antique padlock by Diama
Old Metal Toolsby MaineMark1
Keen Kutter Scissorsby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Automatic Safety Razor Stropperby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter 36 Slot Pocket Knife Display Caseby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Puzzleby McCoyNelson
Starrett Last Word Dial Indicator by Politic…
Keen Kutter Clock on Wrought-Iron Standby McCoyNelson
Vintage Simmons Keen Kutter Thermometerby McCoyNelson
1934 Keen Kutter Calendarby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Crosscut Sawby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Handheld Ice Scraperby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Santa Fe Railway Lockby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Padlock with Keyby McCoyNelson
Small anvil looking tool???by JDM1972
Locks  Local Fleamarket findby boysfarm
T Blade???by Huntley560
N A R Lock and keyby terryfz
Tool Checksby pajrr
Vintage ratchet with a Hby wolfpoper
J. Russell Druggist Folding Pocket Spatula by billret…
OLd Bowie - but who made it?by xabachay
Bauch&Lomp Microscope, Circa 1915by Alan2310
Uncle Tom's Artifactsby KentOldie
Dayton candy scale by Signaho…
1910 or 1920s water bubbler porcelain is in good shape and plomb tool co screwdriverby Kerkerf…
Mystery tool looking for infoby Asakin99
Beach egg Irishco…
Antique Zulu KnobKerrie~Spear~Axeby VtgCat
Help Identify this Antique Knifeby wgrogan
Champion Push Key Lever Padlocksby Classic…
Wooden hand tool vintageby RWC
Vintage Whistle Unknown Originby LarryG
Primitive Digging Tool UNKby gilcoke
Crown Cork & Seal bottling machineby Coloradoran…
Unsual leveling deviceby dspencer
Early maritime fog/signal hornby antiquefine…
1 way locking slide thingy. by patchas
Scythe / Sickle & Big & Small Mattockby swampdogg
buck Knifes / 44 Magnum Knifeby swampdogg
Soldering Irons / Standby swampdogg
Ceramic Toolby School
Brass Sight Gravity Drip Feed Lubricator Hit Miss Engineby swampdogg
Ball filigree siren/whistleby Whistle…
Keen Kutter Watch Fobby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Etched Scout Pocket Knifeby McCoyNelson
What is this?by celticmystp…
face jail keyby clpitts
Measuring or Drawing instrument of some thatsor…
Keen Kutter Tire Rackby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Advertising Clockby McCoyNelson
Early Simmons Hardware "Keen Kutter" Tobacco Cutterby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Pocket Knife Display Caseby McCoyNelson
Help to Irishco…
Help to Irishco…
Dad's Tool irishbeer4me
Boxed Set Knives King's Ransomby boysfarm
Soapstone Foot Warmer...... Ceramic Foot Warmer (blind Pig)by hotairfan
MOP mini knife charmby Karenoke
What is this ?by colleen123
Tiny Knifeby Naturlad
Another "guess what it is" by patchas
Brass Toyo glass Irishco…
Toy Irishco…
Old antique balance scaleby Montauk2100
Unidentified Deviceby Catmany…
NO IDEAby apachetruck
Need help identifying itby Jo1326
Special steel tape measure  Can you guess? by patchas
What is it?by patchas
What is it? Found in the woodsby rlander
Mystery toolby Wafilener
Brass ram rodby medicoi…
1803 Silver Whistleby Whistle…
Chicago Electric Mfg Co Sterling Space Heater Model 2900by fortapa…
Mystery toolby sarahajenkins
Some type of wirling mixing device?by DivingDoug
Very strange multi-tool?by DivingDoug
Odd Starrett Tool,  Not sure what it isby DivingDoug
Not sure if this is collectible or not says keen blade on biggest bladeby Bigchief77
early CRESCENT handheld portable electric work lightby AnythingObs…
Handmade trench art? WW2 Theater knife?by sarahoff
Antique religious embosserby Thoughtbuilds
Wood line winder with lead studded teak thingby nptor
Unique combination lock, can you ID?by TNTpickers
Insulator ID?by were
1950's Analog Multi Meterby Dan121156
What is thisby beckyjim
1972 Keen Kutter RIDING Lawn Tractor/Mowerby McCoyNelson
1950s' Shapleigh's Keen Kutter Push Mowerby McCoyNelson
1934 Keen Kutter Reel/Rotary Powered Push Mowerby McCoyNelson
E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter Bicycleby McCoyNelson
Broadhead ax unknown mftrby DannyS
Keen Kutter Claw Hammerby McCoyNelson
Early Keen Kutter Single-bit Axeby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Saw Setby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Pedal Grindstoneby McCoyNelson
What On Earth is THIS???by LisaJo
Grain measurer !by crannmormarc
Keen Kutter Wood Levelby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Auger Bitsby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Corkscrewby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Razor Honeby McCoyNelson
Duck head whistle by Whistle…
Dunbartonshire Constabulary Police whistleby Whistle…
What Is It by Pacer_place
Mystery toolby benneyb
Keen Kutter Pin-back Buttonby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter KK Q52 Rotary Push Mowerby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Drain Cleanerby McCoyNelson
E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter 1939 Catalogby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Display Casesby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Cabinet Scraperby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Tool Cabinetby McCoyNelson
Pewter whistleby Whistle…
USMC Knife WWII Hospitsl Corps Knifeby fortapa…
Looking for ideasby Cjsmith
Unknown item ! by SpannerMan54
Keen Kutter Butcher's Knifeby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Safety Razorby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Reel-mower ad signby McCoyNelson
1914 Keen Kutter Saw Adby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Single-blade Kraut Cutterby McCoyNelson
E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter 1930 Catalogby McCoyNelson
SuperLectric Space Heater 1950sby fortapa…
Help! What is this!?by Pr34cherMan
Keen Kutter Plumb Bobby McCoyNelson
1907 E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter Catalogby McCoyNelson
1883 E.C. Simmons Keen Kutter Catalogby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Meat Grinderby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Steel and Simmons Hardware Leather Tape Measuresby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Concrete Edging Mortarby McCoyNelson
Is this a splitting wedge, or something else?by Finneas
Fishing Scaleby CubFanMike
it's not a spout!!!!by Cementups
Unknown toolby Moodyconstr…
C.T. CO Toolby daringer
What is this tool?by Swan52
My Push Key Padlock collectionby Classic…
Antique level by Fettb
Antique keysby Lamplov…
Yard sale find. Have no clueby Liner
Unknown Box Wrenchby Oldtooler
1930 porcelain shower knobsby Lamplov…
I can't find out anything about this knife in my grandpa's estateby whitakers
Yet more Irishco…
More Irishco… Irishco…
Is it a drill?by Chief3
Keen Kutter Farm Knife Adby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Dealer Signsby McCoyNelson
Ridgel decorating toolby MikeyP
Odd Wrenchby Oldtooler
Keen Kutter Silverwareby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Wagon "Rocket"by McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Waffle Ironby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Apple Peelerby McCoyNelson
Keen Kutter Oil Bottleby McCoyNelson
Vintage timeing lightby swampdogg
clear insalatorby swampdogg
Copper Tool or Partby BoxerMom
Keen Kutter Hedge Trimmerby McCoyNelson
Early Multi-tool?  What is it?by paddyman
Thermal Insulator by eveastjan
German Made Barometer, two dial three function, not in the banjo style, wood brass and GeodeJem
My new vintage finds!by Lisa0513
What is this tool?by keatsmaryann
Old tools and vintage tin they were found in by akay79
Unknown Old Wrench by Oldtooler
Unidentified Irishco…
Small Irishco…
Pierce plough Irishco…
Vintage woodworking toolby Johnant
BC POWDERby bpowder
Nesting Screwdriverby CubFanMike
vintage staplerby swampdogg
paper weightby swampdogg
Help to Irishco…
Doyle agricultural Irishco…
Antique Knife, A Gift to Dr. H.G. Kribs December 25, 1928by MarianneI
Any ideas as to what this is?by Savoych…
HOME MADE KNIFESby swampdogg
some kind of toolsby swampdogg
Mid Century Modern Peter Pepper Products Wall Mount Weather Station by Quinnst…
Wondering if someone can help me identify this knife?by Pltime3k
Odd Pliers used for ???by DivingDoug
Unidentified Irishco…
Two small Irishco…
Powell valve sign by Murphda
Small slug Irishco…
Small Irishco…
Tool for inspecting rifle Irishco…
VIntage telegraph insulator post with copper cupby Joe1934 Irishco…
Bullet Irishco…
Triumph oil Irishco…
Handbag or purse makers Irishco…
Watch Irishco…
Vintage Sickle Farm Toolby fortapa…
Found only back yard buriedby hopened
Home-made slate sharpening stone in walnut handleby Inno
Help to Irishco…
Help to Irishco…
Found at Barnegat Bay 1963. by Starkville
Metal Irishco…
Mug with hanging Irishco…
Unidentified wrench, Irishco…
a 2nd frontier whyatt
Miniature sledge Irishco…
Eel fork or Irishco…
My Wells ignition service parts display stand!by Trembla…
Unknown tool, please helpby Hank916
Antique Knife Switch Handmade Lampby Champagne1964
Brass dove tail Irishco…
Bone apple Irishco…
Morphy Richards Hot and cold air blower heater with original banded lead in working GeodeJem
Select field findby bailey1
Single Tree Horse or Ox Yoke For Wagon or Plowingby fortapa…
Found in great-grandfather's toolboxby Mpalad
Swedish folding Irishco… Irishco…
french apothacary scaleby SEdwin
Metal objectby Catmany…
Help to Irishco…
Help to Irishco…
Insulator by Karenoke
Knife ID needed pleaseby Kirstin4
Wizard Breeze Boxby jerrycollects
Large wood Key Marked DHLG with Star and engraving  Pewter tipby SummitT
Vintage Continental Scale Works Medical Office Scaleby austinado16
post war w clauberg model 5800 knife,by whyatt
Pocket tape measure.made in canadaby Gilllw
Rodgers cutlers knifeby medicoi…
Identifying Locks age,use etc. by JDM1972
Trying to find out more about this tool cartby ukcats214
My mysterious toolby jckerwin
Shop cabinetby Rustbrother
Need help identifying by thums
What is it?by kdcrean
Old Cast Iron String/Yarn Holder ????by Champagne1964
The T. EATON Co Limited, Winnipeg Table Top Scaleby randall…
OPW t-wrenchby Bb522
unknown by OlegG
Something A Little brunswick
Please Help ID Artifact!by missmopar05
First Refurbishing Projectby CubFanMike
What is it?by Figurette
Mystery Hand Toolby surfsupgone
vintage remington and western boy scout knivesby whyatt
unknow toolby alaskang
Leather working tool?by Thoughtbuilds
odd hammerby mhanks
Helping a friendby voodoov…
 Unknown tool by Eyeforit
Miller Falls Tools N0 2100 Breast Drillby fortapa…
Deckers Hold'Em Hog Ringer Toolby fortapa…
Help with real old and interesting knifeby Sumdude
Mystery Hand Toolby jpwgaw
It appears to be an old soldering iron or leading tool. It has a copper head and a wooden handle bound by pal756
What is this?by Coolb
Going Down Under!!by brunswick
Grandpa's Toolby CubFanMike
round toitby BGM
What is this?by eightballl0
garage sale findby lorple
Vintage Well Dressed Rabbit Doorstopby jscott0…
Pres Mit Ironing Mit 1940sby fortapa…
Found kicking aroundby johnlord
Caltex Ltd., G.E. Jenssen Co. 6" Adverting Steel Ruleby jearve
Vintage Wooden Sleeve Ironing Boardby fortapa…
What are these?by MattFB
Camillus Yello-Jaket Folding Pocket Knifeby kodybalody715
Case Pocket Knife  Peanut  Mardi Grasby kodybalody715
Knife by Lukeyjamesa…
Vintage "Left Facing" Boston Bull Terrier Doorstopby jscott0…
What is it?  by paulymatic
Great gouge but what manufacturer?by flyingDutch…
Yankee No 1555 Antique Heavy Duty Breast Drillby fortapa…
Wrench identity by Poorboy
can anyone help with identificationby gcb2369
Mystery Toolby LolainSF
Tatum's Cast Iron What? Ink well holder? Caster? Pin holder? by UncleRon
Multi Tool Sportsmans knifeby Tomycod
Any idea what this is?by jsc20
antique scythe..cant make out mfr name or dateby okeeffe…
antique jig of some sort.   Door lock jig perhaps?by Ohiobob2
Antique hammer given by older farmerby Yucaipacarver
Lodi Tools Hollow Pliers Last Patent 1900by fortapa…
Occupational wood worker stereoviewby scottvez
Antique scissorsby crystalnoir
Fishing Reel or Wire Dispenser?by lydaben…
Dagger and sheathby Rydawg94
Septimus Vaughan Limited 1915 WW1 entrenching toolby jearve
Vintage ironby Lamplov…
Magazine Scissors 1871 and 1882by pedro288
Bit Brace, Bronze/Brass English ESS Co. 1917by pedro288
Vintage scissors by Tkn4grntd
Old Cast Iron Toolby JStith11
Vintage Deluxe Piston Groove Cleanerby VBrown24
Spinthariscope (circa 1960)by antique…
Henry Troemnor Bowling Ball Scaleby kev312
Any ideas on what this is?by forgege…
Vintage Wire Soap Saver - 1910 by Linda1800
Another Gentleman Rabbit Doorstopby jscott0…
Old Drill Bitsby GPag
Carved Dog Head whistleby Whistle…
Pig nose whistleby Whistle…
Whistleby Whistle…
unknown hand toolsby horsedrawn
Tool identity? by JDM1972
Acme Egg grading scale by Mrstynd…
Small bench screw press by Joosse
Old antique knifeby Randy941
Unknown partby Mirchai
vintage kissing cranes knifeby whyatt
mid century gambill solingen germany siberian skinner ?by whyatt
Vintage Mop Bucket with Wringerby fortapa…
Hooverby Chrisev…
Old Glass Gold Paint Bottle with Dispenser Wheel & Adjustable Guide Leverby HarborB…
Czechoslovskian enameled minature knife by Jamespond
????? What is this?by Tcavanaugh
Vintage West Germanary  Barometerby antique…
Mystery Toolby llehmann
Found in Texas - about 3" longby Blangstuff
Pocket watch keyby Cooper17
Horse drench bitby srarman
What is it?by srarman
Antique insulator by jdstor
mortar pestle stone rock by clpitts
Pliersby loving
A blacksmith's tool perhaps? For bending sheet metal?by DivingDoug
Odd Hand Tool, Not Sure What to Call Itby DivingDoug
Mid 19th century pocket knife by Shanedoherty
Paraffin lamp / heaterby Waynefox
What is this, it says Blackhawk A11B  under that is says:  5 TURNS GMby JOEHUTTA
1954 Ford Trucks - 18" Ruler with two Ford Logos advertising "Triple Economy Trucks"by dougehrlich
unknown dagger by jacksauto1
What is it ??by Love2dig
Old wrench and pickby MRAYBON
What type if wrench?by GPag
Copper watering canby Canadianna
Iron Horse Head Gate Finialby between…
Is this a key?by Diem
Nail prying toolby keeno55
Antique toolboxby GaryVance
Nice vintage machinist GaryVance
OGodfrey Keeler Boiler Cast Iron Plaqueby freon
Old Wheelbarrow filled with native succulents and a rattlesnake!by ho2cult…
Large Industrial Bucket converted to a planterby ho2cult…
Stanley No.3 boxwood-brass folding rule by GaryVance
Sumitsubo by GaryVance
Improved Hand Weeder !  Marked A. Noyes Bangor Maine Pat. Sept 7, 1869by tommann35
Antique saw sharpening clampby Lamplov…
My Vintage and Antique Iron Collectionby fortapa…
Swiss Army Knife for BB2by OneGood…
Door Birds?  Anyone have any ideas what these are?  by papercollec…
Any idea what this is for?by Skas
Vintage Wooden Ironing Boardby fortapa…
Pig nose whistleby Whistle…
Punch??by KatnDawg
18th Century  .  .  .  Hand-Made Maple Scoopby Memorie…
Need help, does anyone know what this is?by Firedude8
C E Co. Lockby Catmany…
What is it?by cuttercapt
Molinillo - Mexican Hot Chocolate Mixerby UncleRon
Fleams (Veternary Bleeders)by UncleRon
What is this???by CoachMatt
Philco Model 0481 Testerby Steven_Cava…
Brass Handleby Prestonruss
Some old knives and accessories from estate sales. All that you see here was less than $15 for all. by mr_rick
Antique  wooden tall handcranked chain mechanism spring mounted cancers maybe some form of press drill or maybe ratchet by Joline
Crimper? Strapping tool?by tooley
Two Different Ted_Str…
Lufkin Glass Cutting Board?by ald
1920's National Foundry #159 Wire Haired Fox Terrier Doorstopby jscott0…
Vintage Ancient Antique Type Strange Mysterious Old Metal Key ???by Hum
Very interesting knife!by ho2cult…
smoothing planesby garryh
iron articlesby Himemiya
Hand dimpling tool ??by Theoallen59
P O Plug Wrenchby lptools
Help identify unusual brass toolby Curiousjim
Mystery Toolby lptools
Please help me identify this toolby RayStar
Mauchline ware whistleby Whistle…
Silver Owl Whistleby Whistle…
ww2 era oval hole packing knifeby whyatt
Toolhoarderlby Toolhoarder
Cutting tool of unknown originby Cathym
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad key with PRR on back. What does the PRR stand for?by Jerr
Vintage Goldblatt Brick Masons Folding Six Foot Rulerby fortapa…
Le "Posfer" Pore-Fer Ironing Trivetby fortapa…
Unknown maker, machinist 2 drawer box with metal mattk
Toledo Tool Machine Bronze Plaqueby freon
Farm Item?by tharris
purchased this at a yard sale not sure what it   SJ 600 year?by hillerik21
Navigatorby Jfas
Mystery tool!by Kacee
Can anyone identify this cutter?by mooch813
Unidentified crimp. Any ideas?by Steve2
Vintage Health-O-Meter Bathroom Scaleby fortapa…
pre ww2 eric wedemeyer german made whyatt
Old Dirty Objectby Creep
a few sommiliersby whyatt
What is this?by Hirez
Can anyone tell me what these J A Henckels are?by madeofmist
Is this a valve spring  tester?by Adolfo
Vintage Kirk  Optical Company With Zenith Timerby mssue64
Antique Troposcope What Is Itby mssue64
Help ID Bausch & Lomb Optical Eye Tester? Micoscope?by mssue64
Unknown Hand Pumpby jonsuth
Vintage Water Pumpby CAD1949
Vintage chisel set?by dmcNeb
What is this?by Grammatina
Vintage Cast Iron Fox Terrier Doorstops Resurfacedby jscott0…
Old one piece pitchforkby Oldbarngal
Can anyone identify this tool?  by Slushyfish
Brass thingie in a Qing style?by ho2cult…
Antique Pliers/Cutters? What is This?by enauta
vintage brass boat compass by crazydanmusic
Old farm equipment, a trailing hay rake from Blackstone & Coby martika
Info about knife by Stacer
Cast Iron Gentleman Rabbit Doorstopby jscott0…
Cool pocket knifeby Fatboyford
Trident forkby Jambogo
Plow bladeby n.c.digger
Antique Moroccan Hunting Knifeby americanuni…
Antique I.C.C. CO. Forward Facing Boston Bull Terrier Doorstopby jscott0…
Vintage Snap On Double Stamped Wrenchby MrSkin
Trying to identify this small wooden objectby caitifty
Tool Identification Helpby intosteam
Hanging on the wall at the feed store farm implement part, folding vintage school desk hardware or stadium theatre seating antiby Flagal67
Andries Hendrik Potgieter pocket knife by boerhard
Stone file of some capitoljeff
Weird hook with movable capitoljeff
Vintage knifeby Easytiger
Pair Of Vintage Cast Iron Fox Terrier Doorstopsby jscott0…
Metal and wood kitchen tool - any ideas?by daywalse
Old Brass hardware by Micksjunk
Would love to know what this is. by BobG
What are these? Large uncomfortable push daggers? Gardening tools? One marked w.graves and sons and the other saus Sheffieldby Mindyjean
Boan Knife, can't find any info onlineby cwilder
Redex oil pumpby Micksjunk
Cast Iron Penguin Doorstopby jscott0…
What is this tool?by ninnye
Is this split diamond barbed wire? my 1996 antique price guide is saying it is worth 150.00 per 18 inches??? by Paul_B88
Wooden Falt Belt Pulleyby collect…
Brass and Crown metal whistle  by Whistle…
Bent pin maybe some type of implement partby hbone
AE SHEARER Scissors and by Hotrodgreen…
Wrenchby hbone
Retrieving type tool ?by hbone
Large S shaped hook with round button by hbone
John Wayne Knife in Tin Boxby JImam
Jarad Dietz "American Tribute" limited edition pocket knifeby jrbacon
Thrift Store Findby RetiredOreg…
What is it?by kegger696
Unknown Small Stanley Hand Tool by jtr3953
fixed blade vitage knifeby rickjbauer
Found on the krowe600 Vandoorn99
Simmons pocket knifeby n.c.digger
What is thisby kvandera
My Swiss Army knife by Jennifer14
My favorite military lockby Gmoney
Straight handle with rotary bladeby Kimberlykae2
Little Helpby imowens
cast iron what cha na call it mailbox cover or ash door otherby crazydanmusic
Gold pocket knifeby Ryekoko
What is this?by Ranger8292
I have no idea, tell me what these are pleaseby Niara76
Mauchline ware whistleby Whistle…
World War II compass with radium dialby RadiumGuy
Vintage hay saw, acquiring at a farm auctionby Pallmall
Trade Axe or tomahawk ? Need to identify pleaseby Pallmall
1700's Cast Iron Footed Hanging Griddleby Memorie…
Bulldog brand fixed blade knifesby Wrswaldo
Property of the County and City of San Francisco - Cool Wooden Suitcaseby ho2cult…
A Vintage Fly Swatterby fortapa…
 Eyquem spark plugby fuzzmugin
Vintage Sterling Silver Pocket Knife, Not signedby bobbittsh
Ship Doorstop, looking for info on this item?by JOEinST…
Tape measurerby CCL
To make a shoe? by mowgli191
Vintage Garden Tool of Some Sort (A Hoe?)by fortapa…
Vintage Quick and Easy Bottle Openerby Anil
Keuffel & Esser Co New York by Jdh8685
Vintage Brass Curtain Holders??by Anil
Unknown tool, thought it was cool Peeweemagee
mystery object by etcher70
Unknowed Warded Key by danielssull…
The brunswick
Unknown objectby Lighthouse
Unidentifiable  iron pliers by JohnsBarn
Green Diamond Insulatorby SpiritB…
Mystery object. What is it? Craft tool?by radley
Mystery Knife - "Rob-Port" - Need to know information on it!by wtsallee1040
Bronze Stirrups from Boliviaby BCHMuseum
Citizens Watch Gauge by Dallibone
Rare piece I Storagegirl
Old tool found in my friends garageby JessS
Butler moonby Butlermoon
What is this?by dawnhon
Joseph Allen & Sons Non XLL pocket knifeby Carol777
I found a key.  Can someone tell me more about it??by Luck_solis
Old Hardware Store Auction find, Can't figure out what they DivingDoug
Drag Sawby DaveGaumer
Sweet knife I came acrossby Markvgt
I could use some help identifying this knifeby papas-t…
18th Century Hand Forged Spatulaby Memorie…
Postal Insulator, Circa 1881by SpiritB…
Unkkown ??? by Kingy
Wester Bros Germany 104by fmh58
OOOH Arrrh Captain lets pipe the Admiral aboard with these Bosuns Whistles, one is marked with owners GeodeJem
insulators and friendsby sslam
A few items me and my husband would like to share by Bigeyes
Lynchburg No. 10by SpiritB…
Czechoslovakian (German) WWII Era Er Bayonetby fortapa…
Axe sharpening jtmoyles
Old Scissors or Shearsby michelleita…
Scissors/Clamping Tool?by michelleita…
Strange wrench? (Identified as clock spring let down key.)by bobbernard
Keen Kutter 66" 2-Man Sawby steveteri
Have no idea what this isby Lgibbs
Unknown oak carved stickby scm7189
hen and rooster 3 blade model 313r stockman pocket whyatt
not sure what this isby DebraS
Hammer head, Stamp, Whats-it? by rocker-sd
Just wondering some info on these by BJJ
Mauchline Ware Whistleby Whistle…
World war itemby Dakiddrich
Italian Poultry shears with original Boxby antique…
Diamond Glass Insulator CD 102 Amber Olice Colorby fortapa…
Fireplace Heater?by sbuckler54
My mother and/or grandmother's sad ironsby Emmaleerose9
jan van riebeeck knifeby bessie
Papco products H. Paulin and Co. charmso…
Some kind of wrench?by UncleHoppy
Wiper-Blade Pressure Measurerby TamiBlo…
nautical compass?by complet…
Conical hand tool with hinged bladeby ejones
Mystery "vice"by budsatawny
Nobody seems to know what this is. by jjb
Very Large Victorian Bronze Door Knockerby ho2cult…
Stanley Crowe safety saws by DaveR
1928  Black and Decker 6" worm drive circular saw by DaveR
1948 Van Dorn 7" Quick saw by DaveR
1952  Black and Decker 8" Lectro saw by DaveR
Speedway Type 700 Speedsawby DaveR
1950  W7 & W8 Stanley Safety sawsby DaveR
weight scaleby complet…
18th Century (circa 1720's) Forged Iron Candle Snuffersby Memorie…
Small Heavy Brass and Wood Level - 9" Longby jorgen07
Cast Iron Wood Stove Lid Lifterby JImam
Any Ideasby mchs
Unknown deviceby slingshot64
Elk Medical Battery Oak Boxby ho2cult…
Digging in the yard and found this. Anyone?by Dirtydig
Vintage Knifeby pastthings
wood mechanical pieceby lenbrown
A boot sale find today. Ships Sextent made by H.Hughes & Son Ltd the instrument maker of Fenchurch Street, London UKby GeodeJem
Barbed Wire Shadow Boxby gotwire
18th Century  .  .  .  Hand Forged Iron Padlockby Memorie…
Edgeco Sheffield England non locking blade knifeby Langley57
Iowa found at a tag sale by Jerrysfind
Brass (?) levelby slabtowner
West Germany Barometer - Ship's Wheel ( 1970's )by antique…
Some of my favorite colored glass insulatorsby Stephen…
malletby Pikelaker
1887 Cast Iron. What is it?by keeno55
Betwixed 18 inch Crescent Spannerby legacy92
Old Homestead Barb Wireby LP303
Sunlight Through The Glass In the Window Sillby fortapa…
camillus ny boy scout knifeby whyatt
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad key with IH on back. What does the IH stand for?by Jerr
Cast iron whatsit?by Tulacat
my hubertusby whyatt
vintage imperial boy scout knifeby whyatt
ww2  ern solingen gusstahl pocket knifeby whyatt
unknown toolby KATRAZ
Ladies manicure set?by bobbee
Hand shaped hammerby needlewitch
Antique pick ax/mattock by missymarz
What is this, I don't know. This "lid opener" Isn't popular either. THX!by jax82
Who knows what this is used for?by Fether bobbee
What is this 8" cast iron tool?by PattyL
What is it? by ParisBall
Vintage African Knife w/ Bone Handleby Dallibone
Brass Blow Torches 1930's Wall & Clayton & Lambertby DecoVoo
Found in some old tools by Matty600
Wooden Tool Baskets?by paticak…
Whitall Tatum No 1 CD 154by fortapa…
Silver dog head whistleby Whistle…
Antique Industial Float Valveby gvgordon
Brookfield #16 Double Groove Insulator Greenby fortapa…
my grandfather's old small hammerby Millsey
Tebbutt and Hall foot length and toe height guage all wood cosntruction with a slider made from GeodeJem
Inox pocket knife with unknown universityp…
wooden tool identification help?by busryde
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Unknownby Lizalor
 An unkown Handleby Lannea
George Perry & Sons, Inc. Watermelon Knifeby ho2cult…
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Calibration weights? with diameter markingsby Jeth
1967 British Military electrician's bobbee
Signalling Horn Whistleby Whistle…
Brass whistleby Whistle…
Combination Whistleby Whistle…
Slide whistleby Whistle…
Fire brigade whistleby Whistle…
Hemingray No 1 Provo Type Insulator  CD283by fortapa…
Is it possibly an add on for a Anvil? Resembles a Anvil Horn   by dimond
Folding Ruler - Advertising ( German ? )by antique…
Beautiful Old Grain-painted Toolboxby ho2cult…
One of a pair of interesting, very heavy windows i foundby ho2cult…
Anyone have any info???by livesdiogenes
Knife from my fatherby Knifefantc
Broom making or??by shielc
Morro Bay Vacation and Rose Bowl Haulby fortapa…
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Lid open displayby toolbox
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Hammer head, Native Americanby abqmike
1928 scissors by Zackjack
This has been in the family for at least 70 years what is it and where does it come fromby Bigselbie
Allen & Hanbury Surgical Instrumentby jearve
Knives, Knives, and more Knivesby billret…
Seeder or plowby awmehl25
Hand Stamp of some kindby ChurlyB
Pair of Beautifully Carved, Elaborate Bracketsby ho2cult…
vintage  solingen cutlery B. svoboda boy scout whyatt
Elaborate wire trapby btdt52
Peeler? Chinker? No - a Butteris!by btdt52
Here's one for Sean!Appleton gargoyl…
Wappat Electric Hand Sawby prodgers2
Bullock wagon chain tightenerby Pops1976SS
Geerpres Mop bucket and wringerby ravage60
Suggestions?by ron66
Wedell & Boers Machinist Tool Chestby toolbox
Pilliod Lumber Co. #50by toolbox
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Union Tool Chest Works, Style Bby toolbox
Vintage folding knife with horse headby Vitasovec
some sort of hand tool?by davedi
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Cigar Drill?by dimsdap
vintage girl scout knifeby whyatt
Cast iron pan for lead shot?by rogerp1970
Star Green Glass Insulator CD 162by fortapa…
Erie Railroad Utility Lockby pajrr
T Bradburn & Sonsby BobNash
Pretty Cool Multi-Toolby Caperkid
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riders of the silver screen cowboy barlow seriesby whyatt
Oneida Victor #3 by Caperkid
laguioles sommilier pocket knifeby whyatt
Unknown type of jack or lifting deviceby Roller127
Sled runnersby nannah
Antique keyby sieb
1930s circa utica featherweight girl scout whyatt
Cobbler's Tool  .  .  .  Revolutionary War Eraby Memorie…
Old Imperial tortoise shell handle multi blade knife by lee120275
Glass Gobletby dazzler
Yardstickby ravage60
Art Deco Coat Hookby jearve
Unknown tool - What is it?by jessmac101
Miniature Coal Bucket And Weights by Caperkid
my favoriteby tam74
Gold Plate Angel"Confessional Handle"Italy,Circa Mid XIX Centuryby Alan2310
Revolutionary War Era  .  .  .  'Medical Tweezers'by Memorie…
Vintage Ontario 3-79 Fixed Blade Knife Bayonetby whitman75
Sword with whistleby Whistle…
Unique Ruler?by jobogi
WW2 Spanners / wrenchesby elanski
Oil canby elanski
Californiaby Flipper…
odd angle and level tool Germanby potterbob
Depend saynor sheffieldby Jkal89
Another Odd Ball...Sea Bean mrcolorz
Flint bobbee
Three small knivesby bobbee
Vintage Brooks Bench /Stump Vise by Caperkid
1924 Sheffield Wilkinson sword Butlers non stain & William Needham Sheffield Silver penkinvesby lee120275
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Unknown German toolby Apohahco
Early Nepalese 20c Gurkha Kukri military knife silver inlaidby lee120275
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Vets Tongue Gripper ??by KIERON-R
Old Plug Key, Car Maybe, Not Sureby shea37
1880 English Oak Aneroid Banjo Barometerby lee120275
F.Dick Cutlery Pocket Watch Fobby pw-coll…
Brass implementsby OLBob
Military whistleby Whistle…
For cattle?by OLBob
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ran across this gem, haven't been able to find any information about it. any ideas?by bladesa…
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12 Gauge shotgun cartridge extractor/whistleby Whistle…
Pewter Whistleby Whistle…
edge brand model 053by whyatt
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 old printing press .. what is it?by lrr
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Remington cirrcle pocket knifeby Gjaime123
circa 1890`s cast iron scale ( I think)by wendalan
KEZ'L HOOKby buysell51
LF&C Picnic Set - One-armed-man's knife - ca. 1900by UncleRon
hand tool something to do with leather??????? but sharp bladeby rosie58
jewellry tool or sanding block?????by rosie58
Mystery Tongsby ESwaney
My Grandfather's Jewelry Scale - Circa 1910-1940by a1detective
14 Inch cutter charmso…
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South Dakotaby SNF
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 leather creasing tool by bobbee
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Japanese old Axe Head from Hokkaido with the blacksmith's Zenpura
Any help with dating this ace head?by IowaHaze
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  saw-like hand tool with extremely blunt teethby m13579mc
Socket set (mixed)by ravage60
colonial proverbs camp knifeby whyatt
HElP, what is this tool, picked it up for 45 centsby Musicmatt96
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Tosa Mituboshi (three stars) Axeby Zenpura
Old Pulleyby Missdam…
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S.copeland Pat. May 24 1887by mydanny…
Mahogany and plate glass swinging doors from old bankby Shanedoherty
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SURE & GRIP,SCREW & NUT HOLDER, OCT 24 1922by mydanny…
Railroad Locksby pajrr
vintage rake unknown type or manufacturerby withmygoodeye
hen and rooster knifeby whyatt
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MIKOV Czechoslovakian lock knifeby bobbee
Boker Barlow style, and Valley Forge bobbee
Unknown, brand new, bone bobbee
Iron and wood creeperby ravage60
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Insulators with bracketsby ravage60
Humphrey Bogart . . . Personal Pocket Knifeby Memorie…
Revolutionary War Era 'Dagger and Scabbard'by Memorie…
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Wep brand 5 lever lockby Skiddleybob
Gas station giveawayby ravage60
CD 120 in Light Greenby SpiritB…
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Old Timerby dwalker03
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Age of lockby Chelle7313
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Please help identify this tippyxxx
Can anyone Identify this tool please!by tippyxxx
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'40s Fanby SpiritB…
stand aloneeeeeeee or part of what?by What_the
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1930's Super Clamp Antique Hargrave Cincinnati tool.Co C-Clamp Super Clamp 8 IN.No.44 pat.1918469by SpizyCh…
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Antique Celiene
Color Contrast Microscopy  Apparatusby justpeachy
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162 Inky/sapphire with yellow streaks by DrSignal
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Mixed horse gear!by untiqued
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