Hello I,am a collector of things that catch my eye. Sometimes with no knowledge of what they are,as you can see I have a variety of items which I have collected oveHello I,am a collector of things that catch my eye. Sometimes with no knowledge of what they are,as you can see I have a variety of items which I have collected over the last few years around London England. I appreciate all help and send my thanks in advance. (Read more)


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Vintage or antique? Pearl necklace  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage turquoise necklace and pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique / vintage ? necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Unusual stone necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage avon earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Tigers eye pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Tigers eye earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique or vintage ? Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage earrings  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Thanks for help I've only ever heard of carnelian , I will have a look
  2. Thanks for link Mary , I can see it now,
  3. Thanks vet great help, I don't come across these kind of cups without handles and thought it was chinese till I saw the marks.
  4. Thanks racer it is very unusual and I just had to buy it
  5. Thanks tube great bit of info and very helpfull
  6. I thought someone would recognise such clear markings and am thinking that these must be very rare if no one has any idea as to who made them.
  7. Thanks Id great help and have given me a good start with what they could be, it's so hard to find certain stones
  8. Thanks for help share I've never heard of that type of citrine I will try and find out more, I don't think it's glass well can't see any kind of bubbles like I think you would,
  9. Thanks share great info and very interesting,
  10. Thanks I see that Exquisite was a British firm that designed jewelry from the 1950s-1970s. I think I have a few bits
  11. It has a hook with 925 on it you can just make it out in one shot, I've been told that they are crystals lovely cut stones, I will try and take a better pic
  12. Thanks for helping I think your right,
  13. Thanks for helping, I hope the new pic can help to date it, I think it says exquisite
  14. Thanks vet I thought it was American and was also told it was german, the quality is amazing I have not come across stoneware this good before it feels silky smooth.
  15. Hi thanks for the info, they do look very alike but the one I have is a lot smaller and I think I can see a slight difference, I wonder if these was made by more than one firm ?
  16. It's not wood but some kind of plastic I think, the clasp is unusual I don't think I've got anything else with the same clasp, what about age ??
  17. Thanks nail, always great to find out what things are
  18. Thanks for the comments and help, I think this is a difficult one to identify , but it is stunning and very unusual I've never come across one before but think I've seen one in a book while browsing
  19. Thanks share I musts have missed the bigger bowl , I saw these stacked and didn't realise till I got home that they was different, they are heavy and look almost unused, very nice
  20. Thanks aim only just seen the links, great help
  21. Dalmatian jasper is what I think this is called,
  22. No kyra none at all,
  23. Thanks Anne for the great help and information I started off collecting glass and porcelain and then later started collecting vintage jewlery because I ran out of space to keep all the glass and porce...
  24. Please post more I enjoy learning from someone who knows more and is willing to share knowledge, thanks again
  25. Thx Anne I was just reading about the makers name that I can see, wasn't the Mary rose Henry the 8th's ship ?
  26. Green B & Co Limoges France mark used by Bernardaud & Co. from 1900 to 1914. I found this info online
  27. I can see the name in the pic now,
  28. Thx Anne I try to keep posting as I think it's a good way to learn not just for myself, and most things would just sit in boxes and never get seen. I am glad that some appreciate the effort that goes ...
  29. Thank you Anne I try to read up on antiques as much as I can, i have 3 platters and 2 of the casserole Taureen , what I the correct name pls ?
  30. Thx a lot for helping with info I guess it's very old if it was banned in 1897.
  31. Hi thanks for the help I have managed to find a similar item with the same pattern a round vegetable for quite serious price, which makes me think this one could be rare ?
  32. Thx tube that's great info, is Dallah the correct name for the set ?
  33. Thx vet is that different to silver plate ? Or is it a early type of mix ? Need to look it up, the other letters look very old am I right ?
  34. Thank you very much for helping me find out more about this pot,
  35. Thx vet I think your right and I think I can see 1975 as well, do you think this is one of his early pieces ?
  36. Just came back and seen the great info, vet is great at knowing stuff and I have learned a lot from you in the past and can't thank you enough for the help and I must say that as a beginner at collect...
  37. Thanks amber for the links it's a great help to see others that look similar, which those do. Great help and the stars on this one do make it stand out a lot as nuts mentioned
  38. Thanks I'd. I've seen a few and actually there was 3 together when I found this one and it is large about the size of a large chickens egg, I picked it for the colour and the fact it still had the sti...
  39. I've seen something similar described as arts and crafts
  40. Thanks Anne I've just looked at maling jugs and it definitely looks like it could well be one of theirs, I saw quite a few of a similar shape
  41. It's almost 20cm
  42. Hello I am from London England which is where I find all the items I've collected, the mark is very faint which is why it's so hard to see but you can clearly feel it,I will try to work out how I can ...
  43. Thanks rose it has a small impressed mark that you can't see in the pic but you can faintly see it and feel it. It feels like a W or a similar kind of mark maybe a crown.
  44. Thanks gra it's got me stumped, I did think that the symbols were old , but you have given me lots to consider, lol. Isn't it a lovely thing , I think the stones are real, I've not come cross anything...
  45. Thx moon now you have said that I think I did have a top years ago with that logo when Cardin was popular. Great news thx again
  46. I've just been looking closely at the brooch and wonder if the four small symbols are a sign of something.? Thx
  47. Thank you It has no other markings that I can see, it looks very old and I have cleaned it a bit, not sure if I should just leave it alone.
  48. Thank you art that's great news and have seen that you was spot on, I didn't think it was that old and it's been interesting to put a name to who made this ashtray.
  49. 26 cm
  50. Hello the one I have seems to be longer it measures 26 cm and I think the top looks a bit diff, and smaller in the middle, I guess because it's longer. Did whitefriars make ones like this as well as ...
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Huge Loetz Candia Papillon  Shell Series I, PN# 7024 Vase 12"  ca: 1898 Oriental Saucer Art Nouveau brooch 18K with small rose cut diamonds, signed by F. Rasumny ZBS CZECH Art Glass -- 1970's Wave Crest Jewelry Box - C.F Monroe Mickey Mouse Watches 1933 - 1946 Strange Old Italian Seated Figures - Bookends? JULIA DONNELLY / Siddy Langley Studio Glass Vase Signed 1997 Sean :0 Medal Commemorating the 1878 EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE of PARIS


Selection of vintage bangles  Sapphires? Lapis? Who knows?