Hello I,am a collector of things that catch my eye. Sometimes with no knowledge of what they are,as you can see I have a variety of items which I have collected oveHello I,am a collector of things that catch my eye. Sometimes with no knowledge of what they are,as you can see I have a variety of items which I have collected over the last few years around London England. I appreciate all help and send my thanks in advance. (Read more)


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Vintage bracelet 
Vintage silver necklace  
Vintage silver and pearl bangle 
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Vintage silver bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
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Antique engraving  - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. Yes do you think it could be fake val ?
  2. Looks like aquamarine
  3. 925 is on the clasp
  4. Thanks moon I got lucky
  5. Thanks zowie
  6. Thanks kyra great link with loads of interesting info.
  7. When I say very old I mean older than 70s , I have seen these type described as Art Deco but I have seen malachite was most used then and Victorian times. This one I see 2 colours of metal , rose gold...
  8. Thanks kath
  9. Thanks kath it has lovely stones and will be great if someone comes along who can say more about it, this was one of my earliest finds , had to buy it soon as I saw it.
  10. Thanks and no I didn't check this but will do, I thought it was maybe some other plastic
  11. Thanks jean how interesting , I never would have thought about Kenya ,
  12. I think I have seen this clasp on a item on ruby lane, I think someone on here might know about clasps as apparently they can help to date items.
  13. Thx kyra, yes it could be a symbol of a kind, very nice work with gold leaf on what seems purple stone , immaculate carving for the stars, be good to find out more or even see similar
  14. Hi val you say new and not why, I will say why I think it's old , if you look close at the silver in the corners what are hard to get to when cleaning, you can see the black tarnish silver , things l...
  15. Thanks kath , I was just looking with a loop at the enamel work and the stones,this is very dirty and looks very old, I think I have seen something about this kind of enamel work and the colour,can't ...
  16. Am I wrong and could this be Art nouveau
  17. Thanks kyra I also know that hallmarks can also be fake too , seems like a minefield
  18. This has a feel and weight like stone
  19. Thanks for the very helpful info junk, much appreciated , it seems not marked and also not attracted to magnet at all.
  20. Thanks junk, kyra , great info and I had a look at the clasp and thought it was nice and unusual by the markings am thinking it's German but not sure, the first picture shows how reflective the pearls...
  21. Ok the oval shaped stones , I did wonder why they was missing and what the colour of them would be.
  22. Thanks kath you mention the missing navettes I have never heard of this word,but guess you mean the stones ? Please tell me more, it does look old glad you agree , not sure if this has a deco look or ...
  23. Thanks for the info , 1920s is older than I thought
  24. Hi kath from what I can see it seems intact I have not cleaned it up but can see that it's brass, looks like coloured coral or shell and not sure what the faceted beads are make of but hoping Bakelit...
  25. Looks like Bakelite but not ,what can it be,? Is there anyone on this site that knows anything about old plastic , who can help
  26. Thanks kath I was checking to see how hard they was and managed to snap it, I wasn't happy , I think I read somewhere that you could snap Bakelite and now I know for sure, pity I didn't try simi chrom...
  27. It seems that most say hand painted, the colour in this one is in the glass and not painted onto it.
  28. Thx mac I am sure that's the name I was told about the other I have, isreal? Going to google it
  29. It seems to me a lot of work has gone into making this bracelet , with the shape of the stones and making each brass section and then going to the trouble to make it look old, how much would they get ...
  30. Well if you know that for sure maybe you can tell us who made it because it has the star mark on each section on the inside, like the one I think you have seen
  31. Thx for help I am thinking the stones are real, well seem to be
  32. Thanks for info, I have had these for 3 years and they took a lot of cleaning to get it looking like this as it was totally black with tarnish as you can see on the inside,the elastic is very yellow a...
  33. Thanks for that and I would love to see the one you have got if you find it,
  34. Thanks kath I have no idea what they are made of but they look great and are both very heavy and thermoset
  35. Thanks for help, I saw something similar called rootbeer swirl
  36. It's lovely
  37. Thanks for all the help it's lovely , and am wondering who made them, is it a glass tile centerpiece ? As you can see it would bring life to any table , it does look as tho the colours are some kind o...
  38. Thx jewels I will post a pic
  39. Thanks V I have only just noticed your comment about smells , I will have to check again but have many plastics that give off smells, and this must have been very strong for me to mention it.
  40. Thanks tube I can see it now and also can see swirls and some bubbles with a loop,very nice colours , any idea about age, looks old
  41. Is it marked brute ?
  42. I will take better pic
  43. Can't see any
  44. Top left corner you can see the glass.
  45. Hi just got back it's glass with felt like backing , I guess for protection and to cover the paint or enamel which make the picture, never seen anything like it before, but it reminds me of the 60s fo...
  46. Thank you I saw it and thought the same ,it looks very old but it top condition , would be great to find out who made it, is this red clay American ?
  47. Yes it's quite long and the biggest stone ring I have zowie
  48. I had a diamond tester but it broke , I will have to get another as I do not trust jewellers after one told me a diamond was a c z. I didn't tell them I had already taken it to sotherbys and had it co...
  49. Thanks kath I've not seen a set like it before , I only went on a hunt for a little while and found some good bits I think.
  50. Thank you for the help, I will try and get that book as I have lots that need solving
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