Hello I,am a collector of things that catch my eye. Sometimes with no knowledge of what they are,as you can see I have a variety of items which I have collected oveHello I,am a collector of things that catch my eye. Sometimes with no knowledge of what they are,as you can see I have a variety of items which I have collected over the last few years around London England. I appreciate all help and send my thanks in advance. (Read more)


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Silver earrings 
Reverse painted snuff bottle 
Lovely hand painted vase 
Lovely old ashtray 
Earthenware?  Bowl  
Vintage tea caddy - Kitchenin Kitchen
Vintage Preserve jar - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Antique silver and stone bracelet  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique citrine faceted cut earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Onyx Berlin ironwork earrings  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Russian
  2. Thanks vet great info as well
  3. Thanks patsea that looks like it , so guess it is a snuff bottle then,
  4. Ok I guess the person that sold it as a snuff bottle must have checked, I have seen similar small bottles described as snuff also, I guess snuff is not the only powder put inside these old bottles, an...
  5. It seems to me you don't think it's a snuff bottle or a perfume bottle, can you let me know what you think it is please
  6. Now what do you think it is ?? Or don't you know either
  7. Small bottle like this seems more like something you would have perfume in rather than snuff which is a powder , just a opinion and it may be wrong
  8. No it's just a bottle
  9. Thx gum
  10. Thx kyra
  11. I appreciate all your help
  12. Thanks agh I found some of it's work , online mainly lustre ware and some cheap stuff, iam always surprised when I see how cheap some of these old quality items go for
  13. That's what I was told but even dealers don't know it all. I would have thought it could be for perfume , but hopefully someone will know for sure.
  14. It don't say how old it is
  15. Thanks again agh , it's always great to see another and good to see it's rare ,I thought 69 is good, for something rare
  16. Thanks jewels , I thought it was nice ,
  17. LOL agh I found it just as you sent info ,thank you very much,didn't think it was that old , it don't say what it went for.
  18. Found this info Rare Collectible Falcon Playtime childs feeding bowl 1945 era bowl shows two koala bears playing cricket in the bowl section with hopping kangaroos around the edge. There are no...
  19. Thanks agh I thought maybe it was antique , so thanks very much for helping,
  20. Very useful info , nice one kyra
  21. Thanks kyra ,going by what was said I think this is onyx
  22. Thx agh as always, check the length of those hooks, no chance of them falling out . LOL
  23. I think these could be agate
  24. Thx jewels I've only been collecting maybe 2 and half years, just got the bug and been learning ever since, I used to buy brooches but have stopped now,well I try not too LOL
  25. Very true tube I try to find interesting items to post from my collection as I know some like to see pictures and learning as much as I do, research is the hardest part, I like finding items
  26. You've been a great help jewels on a lot of items and I appreciate it. Your kindness will bring you luck,
  27. Thanks jewels for helping with that, yeah it's very well made and very solid and heavy ,I think it's brass but looks so much like gold, a really rich colour
  28. Or the moderator pulls it off anyway. Or you get swayed
  29. Tube you never get a appraisal on here, actually most say nothing at all , even if they know, it takes a lot of time to go to the trouble to post pics and like you say it's to learn that I do it, som...
  30. Thanks jewels I wasn't sure and because of the condition it was in ,I was thinking it was older. I didn't even think about 60s because I always thought cameos was well out of fashion by then,
  31. Thanks jewels wasn't sure
  32. Antique carved mother of pearl
  33. 1840 -1850
  34. Thanks for the great info and help, much appreciated
  35. Thanks for that great info, am going to look it up right now kath
  36. Yes jewels the little tag has avon on the other side
  37. You got some lovely bits by the way , I had a look and was very impressed jewels
  38. Ok thanks jewels , I thought it was for your finger to hold it while you use your other hand to put lippy on, LOL
  39. These seem to be small bits of glass tube with black glass Center, very unusual
  40. Stunning item jewels , looks very very old,
  41. I will have to keep looking out for more of them, I need to read up on them I think seeing that you mention repos , should be interesting . Thanks jewels
  42. Wow that's. A really pretty one jewels , thanks a lot for that as I've not really come across them before
  43. Sorry agh it's a charm I should have said,when I said little. Also I was in Brighton when the vintage car London to Brighton was on, and saw some very similar looking cars ,and some amazing ones which...
  44. Thanks tee I think your right
  45. Thanks jewels great to hear what you think it could be as I have no idea ,and was told it's antique but no idea as to age or maker and this seems unmarked.
  46. Thanks jewels I will add a pic of it when it's clean, it's very sparkly and a stunning stone
  47. Looks like H J and a U at the end
  48. This one is also sterling,and the stones seem real also. Thx frei
  49. Thx agh
  50. Thx jewels
  51. See more


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