Hello I,am a collector of things that catch my eye. Sometimes with no knowledge of what they are,as you can see I have a variety of items which I have collected oveHello I,am a collector of things that catch my eye. Sometimes with no knowledge of what they are,as you can see I have a variety of items which I have collected over the last few years around London England. I appreciate all help and send my thanks in advance. (Read more)


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Small painted jewlery box?  
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  1. Thx for the help kyra
  2. Thx surf I really like this pot and it stopped me in my tracks when I saw it,and had to buy it
  3. Thanks for the help would you call it a jardiniere??
  4. Thanks for the great info af
  5. Thx val some good info
  6. Thank you again vmode great info and it's a relief to find out from someone when they are 100 per cent sure, it will help me to I'd my bangles
  7. Thank you for the help I will have to try and find more info from what you have told me
  8. Or like val said newer than lucite and 80s like you think. Thx.
  9. Thx Sarah great info, I've been lucky to find the colours I did, I have seen a few advertised as Bakelite but think they could be lucite I guess the key is finding out who made them.
  10. Thnx for the info. I was able to find out a lot vet.
  11. Thank you Mary you have been a great help,
  12. I don't know Chico 's ? Tell me more please , thx
  13. Thanks agh I wasn't sure about how old they was especially the woods & sons, I think the sf is older because of the rd number as I know most of the stuff I have with the rd numbers are fairly old. Tha...
  14. Thx Sarah it's not marked but was in a terrible condition which made me think it was old and took a lot of cleaning to get it looking like it does now, not heard of Kenneth but will try and look at hi...
  15. Thanks for helping with info! You say the mark claims to be made in 1678 or is that 1735, ?? I would not have thought it was that old, and maybe it is a copy of a piece from that time like Dean mentio...
  16. Thank you very much belle, it was a lucky find for sure, I didn't realise how nice it was till later. I was thinking maybe the stone was jade but I have looked at loads of jade but not seen anything l...
  17. Thankyou racer for the great info it's been very helpful
  18. Thx Sara I see the coro mark I didn't know it was 40s so thank you
  19. I think you may be right they do look the same to me too.
  20. Thx zowie, they do have a kind of sixties look about them and they are translucent when you hold them up to the light
  21. Hi val I looked at your items and see your a serious collector like myself lol, nice bits you have found, I am still learning and just buy things I like, I saw you have some bangles that look the simi...
  22. Thanks moon
  23. Thx for love to all
  24. Thanks amber, have you any ideas about them and how old they are?
  25. Thankyou vin I have not seen one like it and am wondering who made it ?
  26. Checked the numbers but didn't manage to find a coffee pot like this any where. But thx
  27. Do you mean the red mark near the top?? I thought maybe that was a stamp that had worn off . I don't know at all so need lots of help vet. Thx
  28. Red bat??
  29. I need to learn a lot more about stones I didn't realise there was so many, I have a few that I have no idea what they are even after spending hours looking on the net.
  30. I've had a look at images of charoite , very nice stone but seems more swirl like than this one to me.
  31. I've been looking at purple stones but not seen anything like it so far, will try what you said next. Thanks
  32. Thanks anyway , hopefully someone will come up with some info so we can all find out more about it.
  33. Thanks for the information it's been good to learn about the pendant, I will look up Nuvo and thanks again for helping me .
  34. Thank you very much for helping with info, it's a shame I only have the one as a pair would have looked very nice.
  35. Thanks for helping with info
  36. The blue beads at the bottom are glass, which gives it a nice sound.
  37. Thank you very much Sarah I thought the same and am pleased that you like it so much, I don't wear it at all, but had to have it at the time.
  38. Wow stelios great info and a history lesson, thank you very much, I love the Greek Islands very much but have never been to mainland but have been to Rhodes and the acropolis. You said old key ring ?...
  39. Thanks for the great info deco, have only just seen info
  40. Hi. No marks and it's a candlestick holder that looks silver but I don't think it is.
  41. Thanks Sean it's unusual wish I had a pair, but it was on its own when I found it,
  42. Thanks Dave only just seen the info
  43. Thanks Amber I know the story but have not seen this picture before
  44. Thankyou very much I have various pieces of silver and have never been able to find out as much info as you have given me. I will research the info and it makes the object much more interesting now th...
  45. No fluff I have never tried that test on any of the bangles but I know I should rather just going by instinct,
  46. I think it looks kind of 70s but I don't know at all
  47. Thanks amber for helping I have cleaned them and they had a kind of yellowish look to them but have cleaned up well and look like new but did look very old before then. Do you have any idea about the...
  48. Thanks rose I have been looking at a few and it seems like the cheaper ones seem very cheaply made with a single bit of metal on the back which makes me wonder if maybe the stone is maybe also dodgy....
  49. Black stone, It looks in good condition but I don't have any idea of age Thanks
  50. Thanks moon soon as I saw it I couldn't believe my luck,it could easily hold a bottle of wine
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