Venice, FL

Have been collecting costume jewelry for a while and have a huge collection, my kids call me a but I love it!


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Estate Jewelry piece - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Dancing Frogs - Figurinesin Figurines
Vintage Bookends - Figurinesin Figurines
Vintage SAKS mirrored compact - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sterling fish - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Diaper pig cookie jar - Kitchenin Kitchen
Kramer bracelet and earring set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Bud vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage clip on earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Regency pin and earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you paulmartin, they are so cute
  2. Thank you racer, they are different.
  3. Thank you for the comments and the correct company.
  4. Thank you is a pretty piece now just to find the missing piece.
  5. Thanks Racer...It is a beautiful piece and it was a steal.
  6. Lol...maybe I should get a tube.
  7. Thank you AGal I appreciate the info!
  8. Thank you racer4four....they are small and take up little room which is
  9. Thank you Katherine if you look close you can see they are studs.
  10. Thanks's one of the nicest Murano pieces I own, it's just big and beautiful.
  11. Your guess is as good as mine...thank you for the ideas
  12. Quirky for sure...thank you racer
  13. Thank you I love it!
  14. Like I mentioned before Venice Fl is a great area for thrift stores.....the average age in this area is 75...good chance of finding some nice vintage items.
  15. Thank you...had a great outing at the thrift All Christmas is on
  16. Thank you nutsabotas6.....
  17. Thank you's magnificant
  18. They are the pic does them no justice. They really sparkle.....just would like to know how old they are. Thank you
  19. Thank you
  20. Thank you racer...I thought they were different. I am disapointed no one knows anything about them.
  21. Thanks I said before I love these thrift shops here in Venice Fl and there is always something new.
  22. Thank you!
  23. Slowly but surely I am learning.
  24. Thank you...they are beautiful and if you know the price at the auction you would be
  25. Thank you for the comments....Most of them are in fairly good condition, had a few more that I could not fit..only 4 photos.
  26. Thank you for the info...I really appreciate it.
  27. LOL Now that you mention it does
  28. Thank you Wish the pic was better, but it is one of the nicest pieces I have.
  29. Thank you it is a beautiful piece....
  30. Thank you
  31. Thank you
  32. Thank you
  33. Thank you for the info....Do you think the condition of this doll is poor?
  34. Thank you racer!
  35. Thank you! It was love at first
  36. Thank you...
  37. If you're even in Venice Fl look me
  38. Thanks Weirdpuckett...
  39. Thank you FanciGirl
  40. Thank you! You never know what you'll find at an auction...
  41. Thank you !
  42. Thanks nice thing about being in this area are the second hand stores and auctions. The average age in the areas is 75 so I tend to find some nice older pieces.
  43. Thank you!
  44. Thank you again!
  45. I appreciate the info...saw many like it. Do you have any idea of the age of this piece? Thank you!
  46. Thank you so much for the info...this is a great site to obtain information
  47. When I saw the dish in a second hand store I just had to have it....
  48. Thank you for the help.
  49. thank you
  50. I was in Ballston Lake for many years and am now in Venice Fl...
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Murano Vase Silver Tone, Aurora Borealis, Little Cute Bug Vintage Black America shakers ct altwasser vase Lux cuckoo clock An asortment of RSPrussia