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Hello, My name is Charlie and I'm an art glass and lamp collector. I prefer Victorian Era of each but have strong interest in others eras too. I'm also hooked on glHello, My name is Charlie and I'm an art glass and lamp collector. I prefer Victorian Era of each but have strong interest in others eras too. I'm also hooked on glass fairy or candle lamps and brass/glass kerosene era parlor lamps. My current topic of study (with lots of help from others) is colored glassware manufactured by Ruckl, Vcelnicka and Victorian Era Oil Lamps. Thanks to everyone who posts on CW as information is always appreciated and informative. (Read more)


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Antonin Rückl & Sons / Ruckl Bohemian Vase, Red Lined Glass with Oxblood Red & White Spatter Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antonin Ruckl & Sons Fan Vases as sold by Butler Brothers, Feb 1930 - Cherry Red with Black & Green & 2 Shimmy Pfau Decors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antonin Rückl & Sons Red Lined Oxblood and White Spatter Thorn Vase, A Previously Identified Ruckl Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antonin Rückl & Sons Rainbow Honeycomb Ewer & Previously Identified Ruckl Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antonin Rückl & Sons ca 1931 Catalog Decors: Tango Murano, Kristall Murano, & Decor 12528 - Plus a Ruckl Tango Ball Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Red Antonin Rückl & Sons / Ruckl Bohemian Vase & Green Honeycomb Spatter or Cottage Glass Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Quoizel Abigail Adams Milk Glass Table Lamp GWTW Style Electric 1973 - Lampsin Lamps
Czech Art Deco Export Red Yellow Black Cased Spatter Glass Perfume Bottle / Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antonin Rückl & Sons Bohemian Glass Vase - Red with Oxblood Red & White Spatter Glass Decor - Rim Detail - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Whale Oil Fluid Lamp ca. 1870 by Hobbs Brockunier Flint Glass with Blackberry Pattern Base - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Thank you glassiegirl and smiata for the CW Love!
  2. This is my understanding: Nizbor specialized in cut crystal: Vcelnicka specialized in colored art glass. Kamenicky Senov (near Navy Bor) spec...
  3. Thank you AnneLanders for the CW Love!
  4. Thank you AuntMolly for the CW Love!
  5. Thanks SEAN68 for the CW Love and nice comment!
  6. Thanks AnneLanders for the CW Love and nice comment!
  7. Thanks Marty! Always nice to hear from you. They are very frilly, just like the Ruckl labeled shape in the same decor.
  8. Thank you VioletOrange, Glassie, mikelv85, vetario50, kivatinitz, ozmarty, SEAN68, and Jo-Ann for the CW Love!
  9. Please follow this link to view this same shape in green honeycomb cottage glass:
  10. Thank you Alan2310 & Glassie for the CW love!
  11. Years of "solid supportable Welz research", where real documentation is replaced with sound judgement and reserved thought, is worthless if it's contradicted by another manufacturers label.
  12. Thanks Ernie, As you know our son collects the red lined oxblood and white spatter decor.
  13. welzebub, Absolutely none of these shapes or decors are found labeled Welz, sorry.
  14. Hello, Can you post the middle piece in the third photo with more detail? The vase with the red lined oxblood and white spatter decor. Thanks!
  15. Here's one that looks close to yours attributed to Fratelli Toso.
  16. Here's one with an original label:$_57.JPG
  17. The rim is WAY too thick for Czech Glass, imho.
  18. Royal Art Glass Co. was an importer of wares with a "factory" located at 243 Canal Street, New York, NY, USA. They imported a variety of products from multiple manufacturers so unfortunately their lab...
  19. There is no manufacturers documentation showing that this shape or the tri-lobed heart shaped vase is Welz.
  20. There are no related decors or related shapes labeled Welz. There is no manufacturers documentation showing this shape, this foot, or these decors as Welz.
  21. Thanks everyone!
  22. Thank you Nordicman32 for the cw love!
  23. Hey Jericho, It's always nice to hear from you. I feel the decor in picture #2 is Ruckl as follows: Here's a glass bowl shape identified as Ruckl by the tango exhibit:
  24. This shape is found in a red lined oxblood and white spatter decor identified as Antonin Ruckl & Sons, Vcelnicka
  25. The mark was not registered by nor exclusive to Kralik. (Truitt II, pg 122) The same "Kralik" semi-circle is also found on Tomschick glassware from this same era. "present the research that challen...
  26. Probably Ruckl Opalrosa Shimmy Pfau, not Kralik.
  27. Thank you IanBrighton, vetraio50, mikelv85, fixitjmc, aghcollect, smiata, VioletOrange, Alan2310, Ivonne, and Glassie for the cw love.
  28. Thank you Alan2310 for the nice comment!
  29. The Kralik line art doesn't even show pulls. :)
  30. Thank you IanBrighton for the CW Love!
  31. What color pulls does the Kralik line art drawing show?
  32. Most likely Ruckl, not Kralik.
  33. Thank you AnneLanders for the CW Love and nice comment.
  34. Thank you Glassie, smiata, valentino97, EZa, surfdub66, mikelv85, VioletOrange, Alfredo, Ivonne, and Nordicman32 for the CW Love.
  35. There's absolutely no proof that this décor was made by multiple glashüttes.
  36. Here's the same hex shaped thorn vase shape in a familiar spatter decor:
  37. Thank you lisaround2, I'd love to see it and hope to post more red lined spatter glass soon. Here's another hex tube thorn vase shape in the Rückl & Sons red lined spatter decor: http://www.worthpo...
  38. As the first link in comment 3 has been deleted, I would like to once again add that the Ruckl labeled vase shape in this decor can be seen here:
  39. Which piece in that link is labeled Welz?
  40. Thank you Sean! for the cw love and nice comment. It's always great to hear from you.
  41. Ian, Are you saying that sound judgement and reserved thought is a better glass attribution tool than primary documentation?
  42. Ian, I would love to see a Welz label on a related decor. Can you provide a link?
  43. The decor on that single labeled Ruckl piece and the decor on the "extremely similar" shape are found in other like shapes. Although the Ruckl decors are currently attributed to Welz, postings here on...
  44. That's funny, the shape labeled Ruckl in my posting is attributed to Welz too.
  45. Hello Ivonne, Can you post the illustration you mention? Here's your shape with the original Ruckl label:
  46. It's most likely Antonin Rückl & Sons, Vcelnicka.
  47. Looks like Ruckl to me.
  48. That's correct. The semi-circle providence mark is 70% Kralik / 30% others as documented by Truitt I 20 years ago. Where is it documented that the semi-circle mark is 100% Kralik?
  49. It's the "Kralik" semi-circle that's problematic & leads to incorrect attributions. It is not documented as being exclusive to Kralik or even applied by Kralik. It's a providence mark, not a manufactu...
  50. Yes, the pulls are different, but the rest of the decor is a close match!
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