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wooden painted panel persian islamic carpet prayers board  - Folk Artin Folk Art
My favourite Claret Jugs - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver


  1. i am definitely not an expert in chinese glass... and i haven´t handled it but i could imagine you are right by saying it doesn´t look 100 % bohemian !!
  2. These jugs have been made in portugal europe around 1970/80 - they are modern copies of a french claret jug made around 1900.. hope i could help - regards, tom
  3. Destinations of the trip are fantastic ! nancy great !! darmstadt ( i ve been there last year - amazing - especially the little museum - hot stuff !! architecture is a dream !! Belgium ( the beer is a...
  4. hallo aus Österreich :-) i am based in austria , near Vienna and you are absolutely right about the jug .. it must have been made around 1899/1900, agreed on French art Nouveau as well ..and last but...
  5. hi - thx a lot :-) you collecting is a hard job .. i got this one recently from an german auction house and today i found your site with definitely the same kind of glass.. possibly its french or germ...
  6. hi ozmarty .. i wander if you could tell me if got something similar .. here is the link :
  7. hi mark - please send photos !!
  8. thx a lot ! you are welcome :-)
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