1920's Fry Visible Pump - Petrolianain Petroliana
Goodyear Porcelain Winged Foot - Signsin Signs
Coca Cola Sled Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Lollipop Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. A CASE of beer Trey?! That must be one big picnic cooler!
  2. Three votes for 1918
  3. Isn't it something how some older coins are still or have returned to circulation? It looks in pretty good condition too being almost an octogenarian!!
  4. Great find Bus!
  5. Thanks for the reply and information! These cool things turn up everywhere and anywhere. Keeping an eye out for them is so very important!
  6. Wow! VERY cool sign! I know its been 3 years since this sign was posted but do hope that pepsiguy49 still drops in at times. IF SO.....would you be kind enough to give the history of how you acquired...
  7. ANOTHER cool find Trey!
  8. Nice sign! Uncommon and desirable to have in your collection.
  9. Gorgeous sign!
  10. Thanks Trey! And.....I do have the pump handle (not in the picture.) I think you have MANY awesome finds my friend! Dave
  11. Thanks for the comment and all the loves!! Dave
  12. Vintage, look on eBay (sold items) to get an idea what recent sold prices have been. Also if you are registered on LiveAuctioneers you can search for sold prices there too. Hope it helps you and jott...
  13. I like it "fifties"! Is it part of a larger sign or maybe the top of a bottle rack?
  14. I was just looking through some of the older postings and saw the sign with that tight grouping of holes in the middle. I have seen similar on other signs used as a basketball backboard. The holes wer...
  15. Very cool Trey! I got the white version back in January.
  16. Compare Rustoleum "Safety Red" to Coca Cola red. Tell me what you think!!
  17. You will probably need to remove ALL the paint to get off the green. It all depends on how much restoration you want to do. Found along the side of the road?! I would drive by there again!!!!
  18. I like it.....especially the story!! Thanks for sharing!
  19. I went by my favorite scrap yard a few years ago to get some plate steel. I spotted this old hand truck close by. I used it to move the steel to my truck and the guy at the yard threw in the hand truc...
  20. You KNOW I love it!!!!
  21. I just love those Shell colors!
  22. Very nice! How about posting pictures of the other ones as well please?!
  23. The 4 foot diameter buttons were also made and used in the US. But.....the Canadian Women's Ice Hockey Team did beat the Americans for Olympic gold yesterday. So the Canadians "have that going for ...
  24. Great sign in great condition!!
  25. UberCOOL!! Congratulations on a fantastic find!
  26. From this site referenced and built by the Collector's Weekly member "toolbox" Ted, I'll bet you have a Vendo Master chest cooler with...
  27. Darned if it does not look like a Westinghouse body with some different lid on it. I understand the name plate on it says Kelvinator but I too have researched that maker and have found nothing even ...
  28. I have one like this, minus the "Drink" letters. Mine was hung in the Coca Cola Bottling plant is Evansville, IN (and has Evansville, IN) in stamped letters on the back. Age wise......I guess we wil...
  29. The Shell sign is one of my very favorites! It is often referred to as the "shark's tooth" Shell sign. What you are calling embossed on that sign is referred to as "shelving" of the porcelain. Nicely...
  30. Very nice condition. And......WITH the cap catcher too!! Great find!!
  31. Sure thing SteveDeb! I found your machine in a search for an art deco looking Coke cooler. I made a trip to buy a Coke sign base yesterday and the guy showed me more of his collection. Amongst which ...
  32. This looks similar to the Canadian Kelvinator FE-S 52 don't you think? not the same but maybe this is a US version. Its a great looking cooler! Great work!
  33. Fun-tronics sells a reproduction cap catcher. At rare times you will see one pop up on eBay (pretty costly though IMHO.) These were produced in the 1930's and 40's. It surprised me to find out that t...
  34. Say Cliff! Did you ever discover any information about your Glascock cooler? I too was wondering about something from the Prohibition era. To disguise the real identity of the drink being cooled!!
  35. Thanks gargoylecollector! I find the history of an piece is ALMOST as much fun as the piece itself. And....... the history of a specific piece and how it was discovered and collected by one of us is...
  36. Thats cool! Maybe thats why its called a "cooler"! You may well have a Westinghouse Giant but may want to consider that it is a WD-22. The notch in the top, middle of the longer side would be a cov...
  37. Maybe because they are no longer functioning in the workforce, these pumps are now more seen as the works of art and craftsmanship they have always been. Thank you for sharing the treasure!!
  38. ESSO is the pronounced abbreviation for Standard Oil, "S", "O". A Canadian affiliate of ESSO (later to become EXXON then ExxonMobil) is Imperial Oil. I have seen Canadian versions of your signs "Im...
  39. Thanks for the love "blunderbuss2"!
  40. Agreed that a mint one of these signs is very valuable. A VERY cool sign indeed!! I hope to be fortunate enough to stumble across one sometime!
  41. Cities Service was to become Citgo in the 1960's. I believe the "once-always" slogan refers to a customer using it "once" and "always" thereafter due to their satisfaction with the product. These ba...
  42. It is an S&S cooler but I am not sure of the model number. They were produced around the late 30's and the signs could be charged for the different brands of soda inside. They get misidentified as Gl...
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1930's coca cola wood sign Glascock Cooler Jr.


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