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1936 Coca Cola Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
White Porcelain Coca Cola Button - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Gas Today Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Kay Displays Coca Cola Bottle Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Pilaster Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
3 Foot Diameter White Coca Cola Button Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1940's Double Sided Hanging Coca Cola Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Single Sided Porcelain Coca Cola Spigot Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1932 Robertson Coca Cola Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Two 1920's Coca Cola Signs - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Improved! You sound like me though.....probably gonna try a few more things!!
  2. Agree with my brother Trey on some after pictures!
  3. So......what did you do my friend?
  4. Yes, it is very likely from the 1930's and certainly very cool too! How to clean it? CAREFULLY! Pretty much whatever you do to clean it while removing oxidation, dirt, and rust, that will also remove...
  5. Road trip Trey!! lol
  6. Great going Trey! Careful getting the pump up on that base!!!
  7. Thanks robeo! I have it mounted on a sturdy frame that I made for behind the sign. Its screwed to the sign through holes used to mount the sign way back when. I welcome all thoughts and insights from...
  8. Exactly Signaholic! "Primum non nocere!" What is curious to me is that this sign was mounted outdoors at some point and is now more than 80 years old. How has it done so well for so long and NOW is ...
  9. I'm thinking that may be the thing to do Trey. Thanks buddy!
  10. "That's What Friends Are For" Trey! Congratulations on the sign and that good friend buddy!
  11. Wow! Great find in great condition!
  13. "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"
  14. Thank everyone for all of the love!
  15. Thank everyone for all of the love!!
  16. I found it through a friend Trey. Networking buddy!
  17. Thanks everyone!!
  18. S W E E T !!!!
  19. To find most recent pricing, try eBay and look in the "sold" category in your advanced search. Dave
  20. Wow, Trey! Such a great idea! Please finish that project and lets go pickin' in it!! Dave
  21. I will agree with Daddy. Its the main portion of a Kay Displays sign. The bottle had some major abdomenal surgery earlier in its life with its "scar."
  22. Did you buy or swap/trade? I think working out a deal is fun. Like trading baseball cards as a kid! Dave
  23. Great find in outstanding condition! That one certainly was not tacked up on the side of someone's barn!! Dave
  24. Just thinking out loud here. The Moosehead is surrounded by 3 canoe oars. The K's got me thinking about kayak but those paddles have a blade on both ends. No a blade on one and handle on the other. ...
  25. For me, the very best part of your adventures is the companionship of your wife. She obviously loves you and enjoys your company on these quests! THAT is priceless!! Dave
  26. Great sign and and even greater story! Thanks for sharing both!! Dave
  27. I had that for supper last night, Trey! Dave
  28. It appears to be a US Army button. Dave
  29. Nice work and that is a good friend! Dave
  30. Thanks vintagelamp! This IS one of my absolute favorites! Dave
  31. Great story and cool signs! The Pennzoil with Liberty Bell (from PENNsylvania) sign is from the 1920'2. Dave
  32. Look inside on the liner and find a two digit number embossed there. This would give a more specific year of production. It may well be "29" for 1929. There were two models of this cooler too. Ones w...
  33. Thanks guys! I will have to take a look at earlycoke. Thanks for the reference Daddy! Dave
  34. Apparently I am in your "Other" folder on Facebook, Trey. Add away buddy! : ) Dave
  35. Trey, there is a yellow disc on eBay now. Ending this weekend! Dave
  36. Thanks guys! Dave
  37. Will do Trey! But.....patience my son! lol Dave
  38. Thanks guys. I was pretty sure when I got the first part of the sign that EVENTUALLY I would find the rest! Dave
  39. Thanks for the Love! Cedartown is a nice, quieter town to visit. I have not been out that way for a time now. Maybe if the weather is nicer I will cruise out this weekend!
  40. Thanks guys! Dave
  41. The first name of the instructor looks like "Louis" to my eye. Dave
  42. Many thanks Daddy_Nobucks! I have a few other things I do need to get posted. The finding gives me great pleasure as does revitalizing some of them! Dave
  43. Another nice Trey! I trust that your offer did not include a horses head, "Don Trey"! Dave
  44. Very cool, Rattletrap! I have a 27a machine in my garage. Its amazing how these old machine still operate and cool. That is quality craftsmanship! Dave
  45. The inside liner is likely to have a two digit number embossed on it. That would be the year of manufacture. Dave
  46. Thanks Trey and all for the loves! I have been VERY fortunate lately!! Dave
  47. Happy Easter to you and your family Trey! Another way cool item in your collection! Where in TN is the show that you reference in May? Dave
  48. The story is more interesting for the setting Trey. I was in Senoia, GA where The Walking Dead is shot. I met a guy down there selling a variety of stuff at a yard sale. He had these on the wall of hi...
  49. Another great score Trey! Happy Easter my friend! Dave
  50. Thanks all for the love! I agree robeo4.....these are pieces of art! Dave
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RARE? 3'×6' Glascock Cooler Jr.


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