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  1. Made in Delft by 'De Delftse Pauw' - 'The Delft Peacock'. Founded 1954 and still in production. The 74 is the model number. The artists mark is the joined 'JB'. Send a picture to them at their website...
  2. Hi. Made in Gouda by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland (PZH). Decor is called 'Gladys'. Date is 1929. Probably painted by Cornelis Abraham Prins. Model number is 1900 which you can also see incised in...
  3. These were made in Gouda by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland (PZH). PZH closed in 1964. Known as 'serviceware' - items for household use. They are part of a larger set. The date is mid to late 1930's. Reg...
  4. Hi. The date of this is post WW2 - say 1950/1970's. Impossible to date with accuracy as the painter is (at present) unknown. The decor name is the L.O. and model number is 1199. Hope that helps.
  5. Hi. Made by Swinnertons Ltd of Hanley, England. One of the many Staffordshire Potteries. Date is 1930's/1940's.
  6. Hello 'artislove'. It would have been very difficult for Breetvelt to have painted this! It was painted in 1927 and Breetvelt died in 1923. This is a 'Decor Breetvelt', which means a Breetvelt style ...
  7. Hello. Painted by H.J.A. Weinberg. He was a painter at Porceleyne Fles from 1938 to 1971.
  8. Probably painted by B.J. Vogelezang. He worked for Porceleyne Fles from 1957 to 1981.
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