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Collecting to one degree or another for as long as I can remember. I collect, buy, sell, trade, high end Black forest clocks from the pre 1900 era. Visit my websCollecting to one degree or another for as long as I can remember. I collect, buy, sell, trade, high end Black forest clocks from the pre 1900 era. Visit my website for a closer look. Thanks. http://www.antiquecuckooclock.org/home.html (Read more)


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A pair of magnificent and exceptional Black forest automated monk and cuckoo clocks - Clocksin Clocks
Very rare,  Beha #552 quail table cuckoo clock,  Triple fusee 8 day Ca.1865  - Clocksin Clocks
Johann Baptist Beha. 1863 A rare, ornate, amazing antique cuckoo / quail clock.  - Clocksin Clocks
Another stunning  "tin plate" hand painted antique cuckoo clock "Rupert Mauer"  Ca 1855 - Clocksin Clocks
Gorgeous antique hand painted "tin plate" cuckoo clock. Ca 1860 - Clocksin Clocks
4 large magnificent antique carved cuckoo clocks,  and a trumpeter clock.  Ornate carving.  STUNNING!  - Clocksin Clocks
Gorgeous hand carved, Johann Baptist Beha 1-off Gothic wall cuckoo clock. Ca 1870.  - Clocksin Clocks
Rare & Magnificent Johann Baptiste Beha table cuckoo clock.   1864 tin plate.  Hand painted by Carl Hiene - Clocksin Clocks
Magnificent carved (spring driven) wall cuckoo clock. WHAT A CARVING!  - Clocksin Clocks
Magnificent carved floral antique cuckoo clock.  Ca 1880.  AMAZING!  - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Thanks Cindy and Sean! :)
  2. Well thank you so kindly sir. I have one like this only a bit smaller that I might consider selling. Email if you like. eatapeach78 (at) yah00 (dot) com
  3. Thank you. :)
  4. Thanks. My website shows many more. From time to time we let a few go as well. Feel free to email if interested. Thanks. Eatapeach78@yahoo.com
  5. Well thank you very much, I neglected to mention its size, Its only about 12" tall. A beautiful little thing.
  6. Well thank you kindly! I thought it was worth sharing.. Most folks i think really never get to see some of the better pieces.
  7. Thanks! and to your question: No, but this is a common thought. The Black forest is a region in southern Germany. Like our "deep south". Its very remote, and they used mostly common woods like...
  8. HEY!!!! Same to you! PROST!
  9. I can help with all of the questions here.. Feel free to drop me a message. Or see my website, There is contact information on the site too ANTIQUECUCKOOCLOCK.ORG
  10. shoot me an email.. I might know were there are a few. . :) The website has contact info
  11. thanks Sean!
  12. Many thanks Sean! Check out the site.
  13. Thanks! :)
  14. Many thanks :)
  15. If you replace the mirror, we always took the original beveled glass, and you can scrape the old flashing off the back.. .the thin coat of reflective paint, then buy a new mirror, cut to size, (a...
  16. love the buffet, I always thought "mission" spoke to its style. in that missions in the west had furniture that was very simple.. this is a bit fancy to be mission style. What nice piece though. G...
  17. Fantastic... Thanks for the kind words. you have pieces like this? I would love to have a peek! :) :)
  18. Thanks.. :) Its a favorite.
  19. I use a pin and some very light oil. a tiny drop is all you need...
  20. The entire MOVEMENT is NOT MUCH BIGGER than a book of matches... thanks a lot. :)
  21. Thanks fellas.. and no worries "Blunderbuss" ... I have no prospects of running out of clocks to share anytime soon...
  22. Thanks again. Always glad to hear it.. I have many more.. As i get time Ill break some out.. I like this format so much.. Ill likely show some that have never been seen.. Stay tuned. :)
  23. lol... thanks. :)
  24. Thanks for the kind thought.. Its my pleasure. :)
  25. Thanks for the kind words everybody. Its a pleasure to share them. Pieces like this dont usually have high profile spots, where folks can get a look. Ill enjoy sharing more like this. There is a f...
  26. Fantastic.. I have so many... as i get time Ill share them here.. I am enjoying the format and the folks are great too. :)
  27. Many thanks Bruce! :) Have you any black forest pieces?
  28. Well thank you kindly.. :)
  29. ha ha ha.... thanks fellas... I do let some go from time to time. Send me an email and ill send photos of a few im thinking of selling now. Eatapeach78@yahoo.com
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