Bard, Ca.

I have collected Vintage and Antique items for over 25 years. I have to let some go as my hubby is retiring and we will travel some.. Email:


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My Great Great Grandmothers Christening Dress - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Bugbee and Niles Amethyst Parure 1950's - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Jay Strongwater Cake Stand - Kitchenin Kitchen
Armani Animal Figurines, More of My Collection - Figurinesin Figurines
More Giuseppe Armani Women Figurines - Figurinesin Figurines
Sterling Around Glass Bowl? Dish? - Glasswarein Glassware
Imperial Juice Tumblers, Poppy Pattern With Label - Glasswarein Glassware
Madame Alexander Doll, Sugar & Spice 1990's - Dollsin Dolls
Dugan/Northwood Blue Opalescent Victor aka Jeweled Heart Master Berry - Glasswarein Glassware
Kincaide, Everets Cottage With Lights, Duck Pond 


  1. Thanks all of you for the love and comments!
  2. Thanks Virginia!
  3. Great piece!
  4. Sooooo cute!
  5. We are not allowed to sell or advertise on this site. My email is on my home page.
  6. Thanks inky!
  7. Thanks for the love!
  8. Thanks for the love!
  9. Thanks gemini3068!
  10. I have it in my storage unit but if I remember correctly it looks just like yours. I got it at an antique shop years ago and paid dearly for it because I loved it.
  11. AWWW Jim, you don't love it?
  12. I have a real one, 1972! Love them!
  13. A real beauty!
  14. Love this tin!
  15. So cute!
  16. Surely you don't have room for all these beauties! I can take some off your hands if not!
  17. Beautiful Vase!
  18. Love Murano!
  19. Fantastic!
  20. It is exquisite and it's all hand made!
  21. Yeah, my profile pic is cute since I was only 18 months old! If I posted a recent one you wouldn't think it was so cute! LOL!
  22. Not sure of age, maybe 1940's or 1950's.
  23. Thank you SEAN!
  24. Very nice!
  25. I have a figurine of Marilyn in exactly the same pose.
  26. Probably Uranium Glass. Vaseline Glass is just the color of a jar of Vaseline.
  27. In a few months I will post another picture. My son in law, whose hobby is restoration, is restoring it. Doing it with all original parts. Takes awhile, sometimes takes a few months to get one part.
  28. Yes, very odd find.
  29. Thanks kyratango!
  30. Nice! I have one also!
  31. Gorgeous!
  32. It's really a GREAT piece!
  33. Thanks Paul, Honey it is!
  34. Gorgeous Glass!
  35. Beautiful Wood!
  36. Beautiful piece!
  37. What a beautiful piece!
  38. Luv the design!
  39. Cuties!
  40. This guy is so darn cute!
  41. Very pretty!
  42. Fantastic Flamingo's!
  43. Soooo Cute!
  44. I had two of them ad sold one. The glass jewels in their Bellies were different though and the other on had yellow in the stand instead of red.
  45. One of my favorites in Art Glass!
  46. I sold it, now I wish I hadn't!
  47. Thanks Jewels!
  48. So Pretty!
  49. Vaseline and Opalescent, no better combination.
  50. Luv it!!
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