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Enjoy finding, wearing vintage apparel and costume jewelry. Small decorative items, especially wall pockets, are interesting to me. Not really a "collector", I keep Enjoy finding, wearing vintage apparel and costume jewelry. Small decorative items, especially wall pockets, are interesting to me. Not really a "collector", I keep found things for awhile, wear or use them and then pass them on to others to enjoy. Have been developing my online selling skills over the past year by selling vintage apparel and costume jewelry on eBay. DD@Phila If you'd like to contact me. (Read more)


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Vintage Spoons - No Maker Marks - What Are They? 
Silver and Turquoise Bead Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Mexican Sterling Modernist Eagle 2 Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Edward Murray Watercolor  - Folk Artin Folk Art
Small Street Scene Oil - New Flea art 
Asian Watercolor - New flea art - Asianin Asian
Hobe Modern Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Marvella Smoke and Amber Crystal Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Flea Market Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Greetings from Philadelphia. Here is a link to Sold listings on eBay for similar styled Leiber bags. You can also look on and search under Judith Leiber for other examples. Good luck. N...
  2. Greetings from Philadelphia, valentino97. Yes, I agree it is more contemporary. For some reason, the little "face" bead seemed familiar to me but can't think of why other than something filed in my m...
  3. To date watches, I've discovered, we must open the back and look for numbers or other hints on the movement - not the case. Watch cases have their own manufacturers and have their own interesting his...
  4. Hello Firefox. How funny - I just wore these sweet little earrings Saturday. One of the few clips that don't torture my ear lobes!
  5. HOB is a NYC company from @ 1965 through now. Check out which offers thousands of makers marks and manufacturers names. Fun ring.
  6. What is the mystery?
  7. Very interesting. DD@Phila
  8. Very sweet ring. Are there any marks on the band? DD@Phila
  9. Hey Bellin68 - how's it going?
  10. Oh, I like that. DD@Phila
  11. Although I am not usually a glass fan, these are very beautiful. DD@Phila
  12. Very interesting. DD@Phila
  13. They look like little sea creatures. DD@Phila
  14. Hello Newtimes. Yes, it is a curiosity, isn't it?
  15. Take a look at the closure chain which should give you some idea of when it was made. It looks a bit 1960s to me, but that is a guess. Hard to determine without seeing all parts of the necklace and ho...
  16. Greetings davyd286. Tell me what you mean by ..."tops and bottoms match..."? Not sure what you mean... DD
  17. Woof! DD@Phila
  18. Greetings from Philadelphia. Interesting items you've posted. The 3 belt buckles look (to me) like different decades. Of what material is the top left made - brass? Looks kind of Arts & Crafts at a...
  19. Greetings from Philadelphia. Agree with davyd286. The attachment holes shown in one of your pix makes me think of an embellishment sewn onto apparel - possibly a faux belt buckle or something like th...
  20. Greetings from Philadelphia. Interesting chair. Were the legs shortened or is the chair supposed to be close to the floor? Love the pull-out drawer. Thanks for sharing. DD@Phila
  21. Greetings from Philadelphia. Just love vintage handbags. Well, you got some good advice from Manikin. As for my 2cents, it is always easier to comment when you include a photo of labels or maker's...
  22. Greetings from Philadelphia. She doesn't look very happy does she? DD@Phila
  23. Greetings from Philadelphia. Pottery not usually my interest but this is very cool. Agree with Bootson - looks Japanese to me. Seems *he* was waiting for you ...enjoy and thanks for sharing. DD@Ph...
  24. Greetings from Philadelphia. Hard to determine the material or age without a closer focused photo. However, the item is called a *Jabot*. The jabot pin is used either on a hat or apparel & (possibly/...
  25. Greetings from Philadelphia. A photo in natural light and one pic of back of ring would be helpful. DD@Phila
  26. The movement is beautiful. DD@Phila
  27. Greetings from Philadelphia. Perhaps an early doctor's dual dial watch? It is very interesting. Thank you for sharing your watch photos. DD@Phila
  28. So "Jetsons". Thanks for sharing the photo. DD@Phila
  29. W.O.W. Probably the coolest watch I've seen. Thanks for sharing the photo. DD@Phila
  30. Greetings from Philadelphia. Looks either like 1930s or mid-century modernist bird sculpture - maybe pewter or base metal? My first thought was 60s or 70s in the Scandinavian style. Perhaps if you...
  31. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr DD@Phila email me -
  32. Looks as though it was the catch on a necklace. Probably a nice glass stone. DD@Phila
  33. Ah, the things you see and find while walking ... DD@Phila
  34. Greetings kustomkare. Thanks for looking. However, these are a bit better made than typical Coro. Also, can't read the maker's mark - and it is definitely not any of the Coro signatures - need more th...
  35. Hello. Here is a link to several of the company's imprints. You can find more resources online, I'm sure. DD@Phila
  36. Many years ago, I worked for Hunt Manufacturing Company which offered Osmiroid inks, pens, nibs and calligraphy sets. The gentleman in charge of that department was named Mr Rothman. He was an elegan...
  37. Definitely has "Ah" and now "ew" power! Fun find. DD@Phila
  38. Me again. My email address is listed on my profile - would love it if you would send me your eBay id. Denise (a/k/a DD@Phila)
  39. Glad you worked it out Vmad - I have fun too. Will look for you and lurk a bit. You have such good taste ... Yes, I too sell on eBay. Agree about CW - not promoting, just responding to an honest que...
  40. Nice earrings. The "Wingback" was invented by Judith McCann in the 40s. One other jewelry manufacturer used it briefly, but can't recall which it was ... Don't know why they didn't catch on - too comp...
  41. Nice. Depends upon how much restringing would cost. If you don't know a jeweler who does it, may be a costly proposition. How many strands broke? DD@Phila
  42. Hmmm. Tough call. Best of both: wear it for awhile and then let it go to a good new home. You could always price so that it could stick around until just the right new owner comes along ...Where do yo...
  43. You have such good luck in those "junk" bins! Lovely find. DD@Phila
  44. Thanks vetraio50. I thought so too. DD
  45. Well, bless my rhinestone collection! davyd286 you are a genius. Here is a same necklace but in blue stone on eBay link:
  46. Hi Kevin. Isn't it the cutest? I really like the retractable button pin that spins out a silvery chain. How to I put more lead in it so I can use it? Do you know? DD@Phila
  47. What a lovely hand - pens are fun. DD@Phila
  48. Love the screwbacks in the first pic ... sparkly. The big button earrings always remind me of my Mom in the late 50s & 60s. I'm with you - never met an earring I didn't like. Good haul, vintag...
  49. Love the little birds on their cute little heads. Thanks for sharing. DD@Phila
  50. Hi BudBaer: I'm also from Phila. Will ask my Mom and Dad who are both were in HS in the 40s. My mother will probably know better about the pins than my Dad. Welcome to Collectors Weekly - it is rea...
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