Hi everyone, I'm a collector and also a professional Artist & Illustrator. I love collecting Victorian writing and drawing equipment, but in the end anything collecHi everyone, I'm a collector and also a professional Artist & Illustrator. I love collecting Victorian writing and drawing equipment, but in the end anything collectable is fair game for me!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have Museum & Art Gallery research & conservation experience. ~~~~ eMail: hems303@gmail.com For a brief introduction to my artwork; see:~~~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/hems303~~~~~~~ A good intro to collecting Victorian pencils:~ http://www.hintsandthings.com/office/pencils.htm (Read more)


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Lawrence of Arabia's Silver Pen & Pencil - Pensin Pens
New Display Cabinets for my silver Pencils etc. - Officein Office
Silver pencil (Champagne Bottle) by Sampson Mordan. - Pensin Pens
Daimler Ferret Restoration (Mills Grenades) - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Silver Case for Gold Sovereign - Silverin Silver
Silver overlaid glass Decanter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Queen Victoria Silver Dish #2 - Silverin Silver
Daimler Ferret Restoration No.10 (Final) - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Dip Pen Stand - Pensin Pens
Vases ? (Unidentified) - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Here's the link for "No.9" http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/75662-daimler-ferret-restoration-no-9#comment-939782
  2. Here's the link for the final "episode": http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/76500-daimler-ferret-restoration-no-10-final?in=user You will see the links for all the previous "blogs" at the botto...
  3. Hi Dakota I think Blunderbuss is referring to me, I get little chance to frequent CW as much as I'd like these days. The box is certainly an interesting item. From the forms of the crown marking and ...
  4. Merry Christmas Bro and a prosperous new year
  5. Anyway BB2 I'm logging off now it's 02:02 Hrs here in the UK TTFN
  6. Hi Blunderbuss Save me writing it all again, see my reply on your very nice post: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/171138-gorget-der-stahlhelm?in=activity Steve
  7. Hi BB2 you old reprobate! I would love to come and house sit, but rather meet and mingle with you, not an empty house bless you! Trouble is.... wifey don't travel too well at the moment (got Bi-Polar...
  8. Been busy in getting "retired"...don't know how I ever found the time to go to work I've been that busy. Glad you are great, I'm just dandy, even treated myself to a new Harley (FXSB Breakout)... "ret...
  9. Thanks SEAN68 for the "love it"..... long time since I've been on CW... is SEAN68 the old Sean we used to love as in a.k.a Bellin68????
  10. Yo Blunderbuss I'm retired now, so free to do as I please, might just head in your direction one of these days, stranger things have happened!
  11. Bring back the beard... you know it makes sense mate! Hems
  12. Hey Blunderbuss!!! Heads-up...guess what: Recently obtained a Czechoslovakian Wehrmacht MG42 (I see in your book post above, on the last photo; is the MG tripod...well I couldn't get a genuine WW2 ...
  13. Hi floridapicker1955 Thanks for your kind comment, go for it! Collect as many of these lovely items as you can, before others really catch on to how rare they are becoming!
  14. Hi chinablue Yes, doesn't time fly! I only have the time to pop back here to CW occasionally to catch up with what is current and more importantly the people. Blunderbuss2 still sends me emails so ...
  15. Hi Blunderbuss & Rattletrap Thanks for your recent comments (above), MUCH appreciated!
  16. Hi Blunderbuss You know that I've got a Sten Mk II, but I notice you have a box of live "Winchie's" alongside yours. Do you get chance to live fire it on the island? (I'd love to fire mine again, bu...
  17. Hi Blunderbuss Long-time no hear! (but still getting your regular email "humour digests")
  18. Hi vickianne Francis Webb is a very well known and respected silversmith in England. He worked out of the English midlands city of Birmingham (which is why most of his work bears the "anchor" assay m...
  19. Sorry should have given you a link or two: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/user/Hems303 http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/69693-1825-sampson-mordan-dip-pen-and-pencil http://www.collect...
  20. Matt1980. WOW! You have a really rare and beautiful item here. Blunderbuss2 put me onto this post as I rarely visit CW nowadays. Please see some of my posts for deep background onto both Sampson Morda...
  21. Hi Lucas & Penny. Thanks for the kind words, and you have encouraged me to revisit more often! And special thanks to you BlunderB for repeating your kind offer, if ever I'm in your neck of the woods,...
  22. Hi Blunderbuss... Just passing thru... times and things have changed on this site too much .. too many departures of good folk. Really don't have the desire to hang about like I did. I no longer have...
  23. Hi Machiavelli_Sun_Tzu Thanks for your kind words, and yes; obtaining the genuine item is always the route I maintain in buying for the collection. ;)
  24. Love it! Hate to admit it but the Americans do have style...I know.... it was originally meant to be hard wearing work-wear..... but what the hell. P.s You say it keeps you warm (73F!!!!!).... what...
  25. As an professional artist involved in commercial art and design as well as fine art, I have always been interested in corporate identity, branding and company logo's etc. This is what first attracted ...
  26. I have been in touch with the great grandson of the founder of this company (now defunct). He has collated a lot of the family/company history and is preserving it for the future. This box would have ...
  27. LaniPai, I'm just so sorry it took me so long to answer your question. I'm afraid I seldom visit the site nowadays, "Collectors Weekly" has changed so much, and coupled with an increasingly busy lifes...
  28. Hi MiKKo I too, like you nowadays seldom visit Collectors Weekly, I too am sorry for not thanking you, for thanking me, in a timely fashion! ;) I think the "update" (at 13. above) makes this item...
  29. Hi LaniPai Book dealers all give different values. The ultimate test is to put it to auction and let the market decide. The different covers on the first and early editions came about because it was ...
  30. Hi Mark Anyone out there, reading this and having any hard copy/original printed material put out by Sampson Mordan & Co. should realise that the value of this printed matter, can be more valuable ...
  31. Good one! Look forward to seeing another Maker's work! I could always post the articles and write-up myself on CW...... it's not MY work!
  32. Thanks, I'll go take a look right now! :) Steve
  33. Cheers L From your description of the topography, it is easy to guess the reason for "why" the cannons (?plural? thought it was a lonesome) are there in the first place. Guess the vessel was running ...
  34. For anyone wondering why specifically "1898" for this catalogue....it is the ONLY known existing copy of ANY catalogue or any other printed ephemera from The Sampson Mordan Company, that is in the pub...
  35. Hi MarkRSalt Sorry, I was wrong in my last claim, the catalogue is NOT very easy to get at present....all copies seem to have been snapped up! Here is the only currently available source for the ...
  36. Blunderbuss2...bless... sounds good...and we could try for that sunken treasure...very tempting and thank you! I would also like to meet you in the flesh, I think it would be a "blast"!!! Trouble is, ...
  37. Petey...many thanks Blunder.....ah...well yes.....I was joking (I know.... very dangerous with your good self..LOL). Steve
  38. Solowhat, just a quick apology, we have used your item and branched off on a conversation with little to do with your lovely pen. We are a very friendly group of users and sometimes we just "blather" ...
  39. It's a pleasure Solowhat, welcome to CW, keep posting great items like this. Steve
  40. Thanks for all the "love it's" guy's n gal's, Much appreciated. The old Norton hasn't been out on the road this year .. missing all the fine weather too! Steve
  41. Blunderbuss, that's what I admire about you......always thinking "outside the box". If you have any tips for my business and our dealings with HMRC* just let me know asap! *"Her Majesty's Revenue &...
  42. Thanks MiKKO and Sean! Blunderbuss2..yep you are still mentioned in my will as an EXECUTOR, which means you'll have to make you merry way to England to discharge your duties..LOL MiKKo; Lawrence w...
  43. err...Blunderbuss... Your "Wayward Isles" are screwed by the French/Dutch..no? The McKinley Act was purely a US of A affair (that did of course impinge heavily on all countries around the world....not...
  44. Well Thank You very much, and one I don't have in my collection. NICE!!!!! I wonder if this is the pen (from) illustrated in The 1898 Sampson Mordan Catalogue as the Porcupine Quill Pen & Pencil Set ...
  45. Cheers Petey! Now the Rocket 3, the bike every Norton Commando owner "feared", along with the Triumph Trident! But you can't beat the sound of a Harley in fine fettle! Steve
  46. Sounds like progress. If the sand is deep, do you have access to suction rig? How will you lift it....air bags? Steve
  47. Blunderbuss2, Hi! One year on: What's the state of play with the sunken cannon you are trying to salvage from off your sunny shores?
  48. Thanks Kerry Good to be back! For anyone interested in the Lawrence/Brough Superior angle of this story, go see RonM's fantastic post: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/81651-brough-superior...
  49. Hi RonM Thanks for dropping in and commenting on my "Lawrence of Arabia" post which I promised so many months ago! For anyone interested; A picture of Lawrence sitting on one of his eight Brough Supe...
  50. Many thanks walksoftly, vetraio50, Mani, RonM and scottvez It's nice to be back! An email from blunderbuss2 reminded me of my long absence from CW. Kevin; I WILL post another write-up on this Lawr...
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