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I collect Victorian-era fairy lamps. I bought my first fairy lamp in 1971. It was $15 and it took me a couple weeks to make the decision to buy it. I still have I collect Victorian-era fairy lamps. I bought my first fairy lamp in 1971. It was $15 and it took me a couple weeks to make the decision to buy it. I still have it today and I consider it the seed that started a lifelong passion of collecting these elusive candle lamps. My fascination with fairy lamps began in the mid 1960s. The family of my bride to be had a small collection that had been in her family for many years. I was drawn to the variety of glass and the uniqueness of their purpose. Needless to say, my passion has not diminished of the years. I still enjoy the hunt for additions to my collection as much as the discovery of new information that adds real substance to my collection. Jim (Read more)


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  1. Thanks Riply. You link led me to a few great medical catalogs of the period.
  2. Impressive! To say the least.
  3. The first image is an Avon Hobnail Patio Perfumed Candle Holder. The glass maker is unknown and the vintage is probably the last quarter of 1900s. The base also came in green but the shade is usuall...
  4. Really nice! I wonder if the Ford Museum has one of these.
  5. I think you are right about the crude repairs indicating a need to keep the sled functional. And, rural remote areas we have plenty of here in the mountains of Colorado.
  6. Today, while making some minor repairs on the sled I made a few discoveries. They are: The name "Cox" is stamped into the cross bar at the front. It looks like a maker's mark but it could just a...
  7. I have added a few photos showing the construction. Please let me know if other details are needed.
  8. Ripely, thanks for the information!! There are steel straps on the runners and the brake is metal cut like fingers. I will a few more pics to show some of the details of the construction. Thanks a...
  9. Good tip! I did find some articles on sledding but have not found the kit yet. I'll keep searching the magazine. I don't know anything about dog sled but a "kick sled" seems to be correct consider...
  10. On the left hand side of your posting, you should find an "Edit this Posting" link. If you click on it it will allow you to edit the posting. Jim
  11. Frances, following is a link to your rotated image. Perhaps someone can help you. Jim
  12. Thanks for sharing your vase. Agreed, this decoration decoration is rarely seen. In our research of Barbe designs we were reluctant to call it "Forget Me Not" because the more common red color of th...
  13. Since these tea warmers use a candle, many fairy lamp collectors include them in their collections. The range of designs seems endless. Here are some great examples. They are hard to find to be sur...
  14. You may find this link helpful.
  15. Before retiring and settling in Colorado, this was my "vanity plate" on my car. My brother used MESapp, which was his name Marion Emory.
  16. I can't be much help, but the three leaf design leads me to a religeos connection. Perhaps the hinges came from a church.
  17. Actually,I meant to say Google images.
  18. It is a mantle vase. The holes held glass prisms. Look up mantle vase with prisms on eBay images and you will find many examples.
  19. According to "Oil Lamps" by Thuro, the pattern is called "Queen Heart" by Findlay Glass, Ohio
  20. Scott, There were two articles written in 2001-2002. I have combined them into one document and put them on-line for you at: Plea...
  21. Scott, I had seen your collection. It is the very reason I posted these examples. While there are probably many sources of this glass type, one of my Club members wrote an article several years a...
  22. Great find! If you want to learn more about VEILLEUSES, there are a copy good books on Amazon and occasionally on eBay.
  23. idcloisonne, I put some information about Clarke's candles at: Yes, they have a distinctive smell. And, even after a...
  24. Early candles were tallow, made from animal fat. Clarke only made candles called "Fairy Lights". He commissioned numerous glass house to make "Fairy Lamps" so he could promote his candles. Kinda li...
  25. Yes, racer4foir, they are very attractive lot. However, I would never light one with a candle. The risk of cracking the shade is much too great. Instead, I use battery LED lights by GO LED. Somewh...
  26. Very nice old dry sink. Your observation of the lap joint caused me to inspect mine more closely. Indeed, the lap joint is secured with old cut nails. Mine is chestnut and have several layers of pa...
  27. I will post as often as possible at the risk of boring others of "fairy lamp talk." That said, all who love glass will enjoy the collection, regardless of the form. I will certainly let you know w...
  28. Thanks everyone for comments and links. They have been very helpful. I have several other Bohemian examples of candle lamps, some documented, not not, that I will post. Jim
  29. Thank you Scott. I am a regular visitor to the website....trying to learn what I can. It is what lead me to believe the lap is Welz. Since there are no candle lamps on the website, I think they m...
  30. Thank you Michelleb007. It sure looks like Welz to me, but I have not handled enough to be confident in the attribution. While the glass type is a good lead, I would really like some catalog evide...
  31. It is a anti-suckling device to wean calves from their mother.
  32. Inky, Did you sell your vase? Or is this a different one?
  33. I also find it interesting how the glass industry applied their talents to everyday uses. While not Czech glass, there are many examples of English fairy lamps being used for everyday purposes, incl...
  34. Well, apparently no one knows what this is, including me. But, I will guess it is a sugar breaker.
  35. I get extra credit for spelling? Sometimes my fingers are faster than my head. Well, actually, most of the time. And, besides, that's how we pronounce it in the south. :-)
  36. Interesting that you pick up on that one. The design is some kind of "transfer" design. It is not painted by hand. I have a few others using this design transfer technique and will post them for you.
  37. The crown is not too difficult to find. They show up periodically on eBay. However, the are almost always cracked. The shape traps the heat and the complex design lends it self to a crack. The b...
  38. Yes, I have. I'll post some photos for you. Yes, they are extremely rare with a price tag to match. Exactly why I don't own any. :-)
  39. It is a patented meat tenderizer.
  40. How it used is all explained in the patent document at:
  41. And, here is a link to the patent.
  42. It is a patented meat tenderizer.
  43. If you are using the framed jewel as an indicator of period, the 1915 Rindskopf catalog illustrates model 20415 as a jeweled satin glass lamp, putting it in the "Bohemian" period. But, no need to...
  44. There are several ways a candle cup could be used in this "vase". The following link will show a few examples of how candle cups can be inserted.
  45. The jeweled candle lamps in my collection all have drilled/punched and ground openings to accept the jeweled medallions. The vase in question may not have been designed to hold water, but perhaps a c...
  46. I realize this an old posting, but I just came accross it. You lamp is Italian c. 1970s. It is part of a larger design that included a matching pedestal with floral feet.
  47. I have posted additional information related to your fairy lamp base. You will find it in my account "IMASapp"
  48. Naturally, I advised my Fairy Lamp Club members of your find. To my surprise, one of my members sent me a photo of their matching shade. If you believe there is a possibility that these two pieces c...
  49. Well, I must tell you what you have. This is a base to a fairy lamp, c.1890. The The design was registered by Samuel Clarke (UK). The threaded pattern was officially called "Twisted" Verre Moiré by...
  50. Mystery Solved The patent number on the bottle is incorrect. The actual patent number is 1066337....not 1006337. The patent was issued to Louis Stockstrom (American Stove Company) on July 1, 1...
  51. See more


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