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I collect Victorian-era fairy lamps. I bought my first fairy lamp in 1971. It was $15 and it took me a couple weeks to make the decision to buy it. I still have I collect Victorian-era fairy lamps. I bought my first fairy lamp in 1971. It was $15 and it took me a couple weeks to make the decision to buy it. I still have it today and I consider it the seed that started a lifelong passion of collecting these elusive candle lamps. My fascination with fairy lamps began in the mid 1960s. The family of my bride to be had a small collection that had been in her family for many years. I was drawn to the variety of glass and the uniqueness of their purpose. Needless to say, my passion has not diminished of the years. I still enjoy the hunt for additions to my collection as much as the discovery of new information that adds real substance to my collection. Jim (Read more)


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Doulton & Slaters/Lambeth fairy lamp stand - Potteryin Pottery
Fairy Lamp - Intaglio Fern Design - Art Glassin Art Glass
Clarke's Fairy Lamps on plush bases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fairy Lamp - Clarke Model 34 - 1888 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fairy Lamp - Bretby Pottery Candle Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Fairy Lamps - Daum - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fairy lamps - Hobbs Brockunier, 1887 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bisque candle stands - D.R.G.M Germany - Lampsin Lamps
Fairy Lamp - Blumberg Rd 44546 - 1886 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fairy Lamp - Stuart and Sons, Rd 53731-33 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Great find! The notches cut in the bottom edge of the shade are to let air in. Without them, the candle would not burn very well. While very tempting, resist burning a modern candle in it. All too...
  2. Interesting assortment. The first on the left is new to me. I can recall seeing that pattern before. The Nailsea appears to be "twisted Nailsea" but I can't be sure from the photo. If so, finding ...
  3. Good job! Not all the Webb Burmese bases are acid stamped, but if they are, they are more often found by touch than by looking. If it is stamped, you will want to know. I'll watch for large lamp c...
  4. I may be way off base (no pun intended) thinking this may be a fairy lamp base. However, the glass type and the fitting at the top of the column led me in that direction. There are several examples ...
  5. Sklo52 please don't hesitate to let help you before you make a significant investment in a Victorian-era fairy lamp. I am more than willing to help you make good choices.
  6. Very possible. The screw fitting leads me in that direction. Let me poke around my files to see what I can come up with.
  7. Just to be sure.....are there any markings on the brass fitting? Great find!
  8. Congratulations! Be forewarned, fairy lamps can be addictive. One more and you will have a "collection".
  9. You may find this website on floral candle lamps interesting.
  10. Actually, the pic is a Nike Ajax. It was the Nike Hurcules that was nuclear capable.
  11. Webb's Burmese is one of the principle reasons I collect fairy lamps. Jim
  12. I have been trying to contact Ric Iorio for many years. I came close a couple times by making contact with family members. However, all my efforts were in vain. Of course, my interest was in his ...
  13. There is a series of photos at: Each thumbnail on the webpage is linked to a full-size image.
  14. paris1925 Thank you for the link. There is probably more information in the website than I have days left. It will be interesting to go through the collection.
  15. I would not burn any candle in an antique fairy lamp. The risk of cracking the shade is much too high. If you want to light them, and who wouldn't, I use GO-LED battery lights by Brinkman. However,...
  16. Earlier in this thread I mentioned that a friend of mine had the matching shade for this fairy lamp base. I am very pleased to report that he found another base to go with his shade. I have added a ...
  17. Of course. :-)
  18. Just checking......have you found the secret compartments yet?
  19. Oh my! Nice piece and a very nice price! Does it have secret compartments! I have the matching companion desk.
  20. I have put an article on-line related to S&W Matsu-no-kee fairy lamps on-line for you at: Jim.
  21. I believe the center large bowl is a base to a SW fairy lamp.
  22. All Burmese begins as glossy until treated. There are several examples of Webb and Mount Washington Burmese in both glossy and matte finish in the same shape. While there are many examples of heat...
  23. Jensen, Your lamp appears to be a modern reproduction of Clarke's Diamond Point design. I have seen them in several colors in both fairy and pyramid size. It has been reported to me that they are...
  24. There are many rare fairy lamps, but this may the the rarest of all. Over the years, many have been called "one of a kind" only to discover other examples in the coming years. If I was a betting man...
  25. Chandeliers and hanging fairy lamps are almost impossible to find an and hardly affordable. They do, however, exist. The following link is an example in rainbow DQMOP. Perhaps the rarest example I...
  26. Here is a better photo of the blue ribbed example. Shade and base are the same pattern. Jim
  27. Sorry my post is so confusing. I am beginning to take a real dislike to auto-correct.
  28. I don't think I would consider this piece. The broken Pontic and coloring in the Pontiac scar suggest it is Italian. Cya only, not Webb or Mt Washington. Keep looking.
  29. Although it has been some time ago, I remember my first Burmese fairy lamp quite well. I thought I had won the lottery. If you are ever uncertain about a Burmese investment, I would be happy to help...
  30. Here is a good example of shiny Burmese: Jim
  31. Actually I am a Sapp, but that's a bit off topic. The example you showed is n0t Burmese. Burmese is a homogeneous glass, that is a single mix of glass, not cased like your example. The color of...
  32. No, it starts out shiny. An acid treatment causes the matte finish. Shines Burmese is more difficult to find.
  33. Every year we purchase these hand made ornaments at a local gift shop here in Colorado. The art glass designs are really amazing. They sell for about $25. Ours are hung from ribbons in the window d...
  34. Interesting. I made a similar design at a local make your own class store "Arts of Fite". The glass is stacked as you described. Each piece is held in place with Elmers glue, then fire to fuse them...
  35. When I first received this lamp, I invited a local rock hound to my home with his professional grade UV light. The alexandrite does indeed glow. I learned a lot that day about UV spectrum. Of cours...
  36. Thank you Ian, it was Scott's post that prompted me to include this example. These decorations began showing up several years ago. For some time I thought they were modern reproductions. It wa...
  37. Thank you Alan. I had not thought of banking institutions as a possible origin.
  38. It is the third from the left. Since these bowls seem to be very similar, I found it curious that it had a snapped pontil scar and the others had a polished pontil It could suggest a different glass...
  39. You are very welcome. Keep in mind, however, there are similar bowls that are slightly smaller than will not accept the fairy lamp candle cup. And, once separated, there are many "bowls" that on...
  40. I have several of these bowls in different decors. I'll put together some pics for you. Jim
  41. I have added a few examples of the lamps for your files at: Jim
  42. Finally, someone as old as I. Gas is $1.76 here is Colorado. If it gets to $.20 again, it will be for a pint. :-) I was one happy camper when my salary reached $1 hour.
  43. Good for you! I am pleased you followed up on the tip......and, with eyes younger than mine, were able to get the Rd number right.
  44. The mark Rd 517220 is British. (Registered Design Number). It was registered in December 1907. It may apply only to the base and not the lamp. With a little more research, you may find out who make...
  45. My friend is a second generation steam engine collector. He only has one hot air engine and says it draws a crowd at shows. It seems they are hard to come by and many folks have never seen one. Eve...
  46. I sent your posting to a collector friend. He sent the following link of another similar design showing how it works. Thanks for the posting, it is a really interesting device. https://www.youtu...
  47. I agree completely. It would make a very nice night light for a child's bedroom. One they would always remember. It is a great find!!
  48. It does not ruin the value, but will have some effect on the serious collector. A beginning collector probably won't even care. A hole drilled in the candle cup is much like a hole drilled in an oil...
  49. Sorry for the double posts....stuff happens when you are my age.
  50. The lamp is indeed a "fairy lamp" to use the term loosely. It is illustrated in figure 308 in Ruf's book "Fairy Lamps". It had a 1996 book value of $150-200 and this is about right today. However, ...
  51. See more


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