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I collect Victorian-era fairy lamps. I bought my first fairy lamp in 1971. It was $15 and it took me a couple weeks to make the decision to buy it. I still have I collect Victorian-era fairy lamps. I bought my first fairy lamp in 1971. It was $15 and it took me a couple weeks to make the decision to buy it. I still have it today and I consider it the seed that started a lifelong passion of collecting these elusive candle lamps. My fascination with fairy lamps began in the mid 1960s. The family of my bride to be had a small collection that had been in her family for many years. I was drawn to the variety of glass and the uniqueness of their purpose. Needless to say, my passion has not diminished of the years. I still enjoy the hunt for additions to my collection as much as the discovery of new information that adds real substance to my collection. Jim (Read more)


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  1. When I first received this lamp, I invited a local rock hound to my home with his professional grade UV light. The alexandrite does indeed glow. I learned a lot that day about UV spectrum. Of cours...
  2. Thank you Ian, it was Scott's post that prompted me to include this example. These decorations began showing up several years ago. For some time I thought they were modern reproductions. It wa...
  3. Thank you Alan. I had not thought of banking institutions as a possible origin.
  4. It is the third from the left. Since these bowls seem to be very similar, I found it curious that it had a snapped pontil scar and the others had a polished pontil It could suggest a different glass...
  5. You are very welcome. Keep in mind, however, there are similar bowls that are slightly smaller than will not accept the fairy lamp candle cup. And, once separated, there are many "bowls" that on...
  6. I have several of these bowls in different decors. I'll put together some pics for you. Jim
  7. I have added a few examples of the lamps for your files at: Jim
  8. Finally, someone as old as I. Gas is $1.76 here is Colorado. If it gets to $.20 again, it will be for a pint. :-) I was one happy camper when my salary reached $1 hour.
  9. Good for you! I am pleased you followed up on the tip......and, with eyes younger than mine, were able to get the Rd number right.
  10. The mark Rd 517220 is British. (Registered Design Number). It was registered in December 1907. It may apply only to the base and not the lamp. With a little more research, you may find out who make...
  11. You may find this article useful Look/feel for an Rd number embossed in the glass.
  12. My friend is a second generation steam engine collector. He only has one hot air engine and says it draws a crowd at shows. It seems they are hard to come by and many folks have never seen one. Eve...
  13. I sent your posting to a collector friend. He sent the following link of another similar design showing how it works. Thanks for the posting, it is a really interesting device. https://www.youtu...
  14. I agree completely. It would make a very nice night light for a child's bedroom. One they would always remember. It is a great find!!
  15. It does not ruin the value, but will have some effect on the serious collector. A beginning collector probably won't even care. A hole drilled in the candle cup is much like a hole drilled in an oil...
  16. Sorry for the double posts....stuff happens when you are my age.
  17. The lamp is indeed a "fairy lamp" to use the term loosely. It is illustrated in figure 308 in Ruf's book "Fairy Lamps". It had a 1996 book value of $150-200 and this is about right today. However, ...
  18. The lamp is indeed a "fairy lamp" to use the term loosely. It is illustrated in figure 308 in Ruf's book "Fairy Lamps". It had a 1996 book value of $150-200 and this is about right today. However, ...
  19. Here ya go....D-74 replaces D-49. Sediment sampler. Depth-Integrating Reel Type, US D-74 and US D-74AL This is a 64-pound (28 kg) sampler for suspension by cable, reel, and crane to take suspe...
  20. You never know what may cause the air pockets to break on the inside. Could be changes in temperature or elevation. Or, could have been done in the making. Regardless, if the price was right and yo...
  21. You may find this website interesting and perhaps a little informative.
  22. A little long winded but explains how the swing arm works: The clock-barrel engine could also be used for cutting the groove in fusees for bracket clocks, except that the cutter would follow the co...
  23. Yes, the swing arm has be puzzled. The Olay thing I can think of is that limits the travel in some way. What led me to a lathe of of kind is the two square holes that hold the cutting stock. But,...
  24. Actually, I meant a watch maker's lathe.
  25. So, if we need another guess.....I think it may be a thread cutting lathe. Perhaps a watchers lathe.
  26. Excellant!!! That is the first reference I have ever seem to another one! Nice to see it also has an ax handle.
  27. A local museum tells me this is an assayer's maul. It is used in a rocking/sliding manner to crush ore samples for assaying.
  28. I'm leaning toward a window screen. The clover design and fleur-di-lis imply a religeos connection. Perhaps a church window covering. These are such great artifacts, I can't imagine how they en...
  29. I thought the same thing about the handle when I saw the screws. Now, I'm not so sure. It may not be the original handle but the hole in the iron is shaped for an axe-like handle. I looked to se...
  30. At 22 pounds, it is hard for me to imagine this thing was used like a hammer. Of course, I used to be a lot stronger a few decades ago. Seems like everything is getting heavier than it used to be. ...
  31. Thanks Riply. You link led me to a few great medical catalogs of the period.
  32. Impressive! To say the least.
  33. The first image is an Avon Hobnail Patio Perfumed Candle Holder. The glass maker is unknown and the vintage is probably the last quarter of 1900s. The base also came in green but the shade is usuall...
  34. Really nice! I wonder if the Ford Museum has one of these.
  35. I think you are right about the crude repairs indicating a need to keep the sled functional. And, rural remote areas we have plenty of here in the mountains of Colorado.
  36. Today, while making some minor repairs on the sled I made a few discoveries. They are: The name "Cox" is stamped into the cross bar at the front. It looks like a maker's mark but it could just a...
  37. I have added a few photos showing the construction. Please let me know if other details are needed.
  38. Ripely, thanks for the information!! There are steel straps on the runners and the brake is metal cut like fingers. I will a few more pics to show some of the details of the construction. Thanks a...
  39. Good tip! I did find some articles on sledding but have not found the kit yet. I'll keep searching the magazine. I don't know anything about dog sled but a "kick sled" seems to be correct consider...
  40. On the left hand side of your posting, you should find an "Edit this Posting" link. If you click on it it will allow you to edit the posting. Jim
  41. Frances, following is a link to your rotated image. Perhaps someone can help you. Jim
  42. Thanks for sharing your vase. Agreed, this decoration decoration is rarely seen. In our research of Barbe designs we were reluctant to call it "Forget Me Not" because the more common red color of th...
  43. Since these tea warmers use a candle, many fairy lamp collectors include them in their collections. The range of designs seems endless. Here are some great examples. They are hard to find to be sur...
  44. You may find this link helpful.
  45. Before retiring and settling in Colorado, this was my "vanity plate" on my car. My brother used MESapp, which was his name Marion Emory.
  46. I can't be much help, but the three leaf design leads me to a religeos connection. Perhaps the hinges came from a church.
  47. Actually,I meant to say Google images.
  48. It is a mantle vase. The holes held glass prisms. Look up mantle vase with prisms on eBay images and you will find many examples.
  49. According to "Oil Lamps" by Thuro, the pattern is called "Queen Heart" by Findlay Glass, Ohio
  50. Scott, There were two articles written in 2001-2002. I have combined them into one document and put them on-line for you at: Plea...
  51. See more


Welz quartet including candy cane and honeycomb "Snowflake" Crimp - A year long study looking for a maker - or 2 or 3? Welz & Hosch Fairy Lamps - "Heresy!" they will scream from the rooftops!! Welz Scalloped Fans - An Important DOCUMENTED Marker Shape - Factory Documentation! More Bohemian Trophy / Posy Vases My antique sewing machines (some of them) Daum Nancy French Cameo Pink Opalescent Car Vase Vase with metal mount 1902-1903. Lötz, School of Koloman Moser, posibly Antoinette Krasnik? (H:17 cm.) Bohemian Fairy Lamp late c1890 Victorian ERA Rose Bowls DOCUMENTATION, FOR SCOTT CZECH ART GLASS SHADES I


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